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Cloudways Now Supports Three New Datacenter Locations for Amazon Web Services

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When it comes to managed cloud hosting, Cloudways always has focused on providing limitless opportunities to developers, agencies, online store owners, SaaS vendors and anyone looking for a streamlined web hosting solution.

In continuing this noble quest, the Cloudways Managed Cloud Platform gives users the option to deploy cloud servers in 45 distinct data center locations.

Wait, 45 locations?

Yeah! You read that right!

After adding more than 150 improvements to the Platform, Cloudways have started off 2017 with the integration of three new data center locations for one of the most favoured infrastructure providers: Amazon Web Services (or AWS, as it is known in the industry jargon!)

Ohio, USA

Ohio, officially known as the us-east-2 region, is now available for all customers. The USA is home to some of the best-known technology giants. Heck, it is the place where Silicon Valley is situated! This new integration will open up new opportunities for the East Coast businesses to use the optimized hosting solution for targeting local audiences.

London, The United Kingdom

London is home to some of the most exciting business opportunities in the whole of Europe. With the integration of this new data center location, users will be able to deploy their managed web applications nearer to their target audience in the region. Moreover, customers can use the Cloudways UK hosting servers to improve security by keeping the data in a safe nearby location.

Montreal, Canada

In addition to the two new data center locations, Cloudways have also integrated another datacenter location in Montreal, Canada.  The Montreal region opens up a whole new array of possibilities for organizations to stay close to their audiences and customers. Additionally, with Montreal being the first region for Amazon Web Services in Canada,  the users of Cloudways Canadian hosting l can now host their web applications without fearing data localization and latency lags.

Start Deploying Your Servers

With the addition of these three new data center locations,  the total tally for Cloudways data centres has now reached to 45 regions. These new integrations will enable businesses and organisations in Canada, the USA, and the United Kingdom to host their web applications on
one of the most preferred cloud infrastructure, Amazon Web Services.

What more do you get from the Cloudways Platform?

A whole host of features!

To name a few, you get Cloudways API, CloudwaysBot, Team Management, Project Features, 24×7 live chat support, globally available data center locations, and much, much, more. In total, you get more than 150 features when you host your web application with Cloudways.

Visit the Cloudways features page to get the full list of the features.

The three new Amazon regions are now live on Cloudways. You can start deploying or moving your servers to your preferred locations today.

Owais Khan :Owais works as Strategic Partnership Manager at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.