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Liquid Medium Media Sees Huge Improvement in Revenue with Cloudways


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Jonas Bell
Owner & President

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Liquid Medium Media & Marketing LLC is a website design and development agency run by Jonas Bell. The agency specializes in offering a range of services, including web design, development, hosting, migration, marketing, and a lot more.

Jonas has grown the agency by working extremely hard over the past four years. However, Jonas soon came to the realization that their growth was hampered considerably due to the exorbitant hosting fees they were being charged.

We sat down with Jonas to talk about the many challenges he faced, and how he overcame them. Here’s what he had to say.

Cloudways: Tell us about yourself. What is your designation at the agency? What are your core responsibilities?

Jonas: My name is Jonas Bell. I am the owner and President at Liquid Medium Media & Marketing, LLC. I have been working to build my business for 4 years now and I have seen pretty steady growth; at least as much growth as a one man team can achieve. I handle lead generation, customer retention, contracting, outreach, web dev, web design, marketing, PPC, SEO, copy creation, server provisioning, and finances, etc.

Cloudways: What services does your agency provide and how many clients do you currently have? Please tell us a bit about your agency here, like what you guys do? Your team size, which market do you serve? Your USP, etc.

Jonas: My agency currently offers… Website Design, Web Development, Website Redesign, Website Migration, Website Hosting, E-Commerce Solutions (Sell products online.), E-Learning Systems (Sell courses, training staff internally, etc.), Retargeting Website & Marketplace Sales, Paid Search (Pay Per Click Advertising), Facebook Ads, Social Media Marketing and more.

We currently have 16 active clients and are growing every day. Our team is composed of 2 people and contractors. We serve the digital services market in general. We have clients that do millions a year and we support their business and we have clients that are individuals who are trying to break into the ecommerce market.

Cloudways: How did you first hear about Cloudways? Name one major problem that you were facing that made you switch to Cloudways. Something that was the tipping point, and how Cloudways fixed that for you.

Jonas: I heard about Cloudways when searching for a different hosting provider. We were being killed on hosting fees and that was eating into our revenue. Our biggest problem was performance and security. Since we have moved to Cloudways we have seen a huge improvement in cost, website performance, security issues, as well as way better customer support. It is literally night and day, the difference. ​

Cloudways: Before Cloudways, which hosting solution did you use? Are you using any other hosting service currently? If “Yes,” Why?

Jonas: We were using IONOS and had been for years. We are currently in the process of migrating all websites from IONOS to Cloudways. Cloudways will be our sole hosting platform while still using IONOS to manage domains and AWS Buckets for secondary website backup storage. ​


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Cloudways: What was your experience like with Cloudways when you first signed up? Please tell us about first impressions.

Jonas: When I first set up a server and then added an application I was amazed at how simple and intuitive the setup process was. On top of that, the provisioning time was VERY quick. Everything was and is sub 5 minutes and that is fantastic.

Cloudways: In your opinion, what sets us apart from other hosting providers? How has our in-built support for E-commerce apps such as WooCommerce and Magento made matters easier for you?

Jonas: I’d have to say what sets Cloudways apart would have to be the optimization and customization options that are made easily available in the dashboard. I also love the integrated cron-job functionality, the lets encrypt SSL options, and of course the ability to customize the servers php settings and even tailor that on an app to app basis. When it comes to E-Commerce and being able to pick what provider I want my server spun up with, Cloudways can’t be beat. Not to mention there is no limit on the number of apps per server and the cloudways bot will let you know if your server starts to get over worked and if you should vertically scale the virtual machine.

Cloudways: How do you use Cloudways to solve your client’s problem(s)?

Jonas: My clients’ problems are my problems. Cloudways solves ALL of my problems and therefore all of my clients’ problems. If any new problems arise, the customer support team are INCREDIBLY helpful and go above and beyond to assist in diagnosing issues. For example, I am working on a print on demand apparel website and my customizer page for editing apparel wasn’t working. I kept getting 403 forbidden errors. I contacted customer support and the agent worked with me for 30+ minutes to diagnose the error and we figured it out together. I’ve never experienced better support.

Cloudways: How has Cloudways contributed to the success of your agency? Tell us about how Cloudways’ features align with your needs.

Jonas: Cloudways’ ability to scale on demand and not limit us in any way, while still keeping their products and services incredibly affordable will make it so my agency thrives for the foreseeable future.

Cloudways: Out of five cloud providers available on Cloudways which one(s) do you prefer to use and why?

Jonas: I prefer Digital Ocean to any of the others based on the fact that they seem to have the best performance to cost ratio for my agency’s needs.

Cloudways: If you could briefly describe the values you perceive from Cloudways?

Jonas: The top 3 Cloudways values as perceived by me are as follows… 1) Affordability 2) Performance 3) Quality Service

Cloudways: How do you feel about being a part of the Cloudways Agency Partnership Program? What additional value does the program provide you? Do you think this program is going to help your agency grow in the long run?

Jonas: Being a part of the agency partnership program has already added more value than any other partnership program out there that I have experienced. Between the discounts, higher tier support, and free seminars from industry experts I know that I have found where I will be hosting all of my client projects for the foreseeable future. I know this will help my agency grow at a rapid pace.

Cloudways: Do you think that by switching to Cloudways, you were able to free up resources at your end? If yes, how were you able to utilize those?

Jonas: 100%, Cloudways has made it so much easier, secure, and affordable.

Cloudways: What features or improvements do you want to see in the future at Cloudways?

Jonas: I currently can’t think of any features that I would need as an agency owner that Cloudways doesn’t already provide.


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