Joslex Studios – Case Study

How Cloudways’ Agency-friendly hosting platform solves Joslex Studios’ biggest problem

Jeff Weese

In Conversation With

Jeff Weese
Founder at Joslex Studios

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Having our client sites load quickly is essential to doing our best for our clients
– Jeff Weese, Joslex Studios
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Joslex Studios is an American digital creative agency that serves a diversified clientele. They specialize in WordPress custom website design, online marketing and managed web services.Managing and running multiple websites for an ever expanding client base – and that too without compromising on the page load speed – was always going to be a challenging task. That’s when Cloudways provided them with exactly what they wanted: a fast and optimized platform to host their WordPress websites quickly, reducing page load time from 5 seconds to mere 1 second, while taking care of all the server management complexities for Joslex Studio. As a result, the agency is serving its clients in a much better way.

Happy Clients = Happy Joslex Studios = Happy Cloudways

Things you will learn:

  • How slow page load speed was hampering Joslex Studios’ performance
  • What Joslex Studios’ owner, Jeff Weese was looking for
  • How Cloudways helped the agency reduce page load time, thus improving speed and performance with optimized stack

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