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IdeaBox – Case Study

How Cloudways Helped A WordPress Agency Build Better Products?

In Conversation With

Puneet Sahalot
Founder at IdeaBox

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Founded in 2012, IdeaBox is a WordPress design and development agency that makes complex tasks simple for its clients. Puneet Sahalot is the CEO, who started this agency from zero and created a team of great minds that includes designers, developers, writers, and marketers. They have built 4 WordPress-focused products, worked on 10+ open-source projects, and contributed to 10+ WordPress Core.

IdeaBox was previously using a shared hosting environment and it was quite difficult for them to share access and keep track of the user activity. They tried to use cloud servers but they came up with Command Line Interface (CLI) and most of the users were not familiar with it. IdeaBox’s search ended with Cloudways. This case study is all about how IdeaBox transformed its website management process with Cloudways.

Things you will learn:

  • WordPress development workflow
  • Website management for clients
  • Hassle-free server management

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