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How Cloudways Helps Bigfork in the Flexibility of the Cloud With a Managed Tech Stack


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Colin Richardson
Co-Founder of Bigfork

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About Bigfork

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Founded in 2010, Bigfork focuses on designing websites and creating digital products to help its client’s businesses perform better. Bigfork is well-known for offering bespoke, personalized services to B2B sectors and providing solutions that fit their users’ needs.

Cloudways helps Bigfork deliver its services on a flexible budget to its users and get a better ROI. Whether it’s a lead generation website, a transactional platform, or a customer service tool, Bigfork uses Cloudways to make things easy for its clients.

Let’s see what Colin Richardson, Co-Founder at Bigfork, has to say about their website and strategy:

Cloudways: What’s the main subject of your Bigfork website, and what are your core responsibilities as a Co-Founder?

Colin: Our focus is on B2B website development. I am a co-founder of Bigfork and oversee the development team and day-to-day running of the business. Digital products are expensive, and people often end up paying for features they don’t want or need. Bigfork provides services that fit the users’ needs and provides a return on investment by helping your organization perform better.

Cloudways: Which framework or CMS do you use for your business? Why did you opt for that particular CMS?

Colin: Silverstripe. It’s robust, secure, and extensible. Also, it is well suited to data-driven projects, hence ideal for digital products.

Cloudways: How did you first hear about Cloudways? How did Cloudways help you fix problems you were facing before, and what made you switch to Cloudways?

Colin: After some research, a freelancer recommended Cloudways and found other recommendations from the Silverstripe community. The main appeal was the flexibility of the cloud with a managed tech stack.

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Cloudways: Which hosting solution were you using before Cloudways? Are you currently using any other hosting service? If yes, then why?

Colin: We previously had cPanel hosting, dedicated servers, and cloud instances with various providers. These served us well in the past but lack flexibility, so we’re working towards migrating all of our hosting to Cloudways in future.

Cloudways: What was your first impression of Cloudways when you signed up?

Colin: It was very slick and easy. And even when we had some problems, the 24/7 active support was a standout feature, along with flexibility and other factors that helped us get more out of the managed hosting solution.

Cloudways: What makes Cloudways standout when compared to other hosting providers?

Colin: Ease of setup, peace of mind, and flexibility that allows developers and agencies to focus on their workflows and business. Also, the performance and the choice of hosting on 5 different cloud infrastructures, competitive pricing, and great support make it way better than other hosting providers.

Cloudways: How has our in-built support for PHP-based apps, like Custom PHP, Laravel, and Symfony, made things easier for you?

Colin: Yes. 🙂

Cloudways: How do you use Cloudways to help your customers have a smooth online experience?

Colin: It’s a reliable and secure hosting, so I rest assured that my customers enjoy a seamless hosting experience.

Cloudways: How has Cloudways contributed to your business’ success? We would love to know how Cloudways’ features align with your business needs.

Colin: It has allowed us to improve our hosting offering and reduce setup time when commissioning new hosting instances.

Cloudways: Out of the five cloud providers available on Cloudways, which one(s) do you prefer to use and why?

Colin: DigitalOcean. We’ve even used them before (without Cloudways) and have always been happy with them.

Cloudways: Were you able to free up resources at your end after switching to Cloudways? If yes, how did you utilize those resources?

Colin: It reduces the setup time for new hosting compared to configuring a stack ourselves, which frees up developer’s time.

Cloudways: What are your plans for 2022, and where do you see the ecommerce industry heading this year?

Colin: We’re focused more on B2B and how we can help solve business challenges using digital technologies. And quality hosting is an integral part of that goal.

Cloudways: Please share a few images of your team/office space for our readers.

bigfork-team bigfork-office-team colin-bigfork

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