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Turbo-Charged Multisite Hosting

Easy Git Integration
Optimal Security
Unlimited Staging URLs
Create Unlimited Website
Firewall Protected Cloud Servers
24/7/365 Online Support

Let Your Clicking Do the Talking!

2,245+ Multisites Launched

We aim to gain customer loyalty and satisfaction by offering you an unblemished service in a single reasonable price package. Therefore, we provide convenient features, like:

  • Automated Security & Backups
  • 24/7 Online Support
  • Easy to Install and Launch
  • FREE Migration

Managed Multisite Hosting on Steroids!

Because life’s complicated enough, Cloudways simplifies your life with Managed Multisite Cloud Hosting. All websites are hosting on Thunderstack, an amalgamation of Nginx, Apache, Memcached and Varnish. This optimized stack cuts the loading time by half.

No More WordPress Hosting Headaches

User Friendly Console

Cloudways has made cloud administration easy. Through the Cloud Console, you can perform 50+ functions without any hassle. Everything works on mouse clicks!

Managed Backups

All our servers have integrated managed backups. This means all your Managed Multisite Hosting data is safe and secure at an offsite location for added data redundancy. Plus, you can download copies at your will.


Website cloning is a quick way of assuring online success. So, create a copy of your website or an entire server within minutes. The feature is available inside the Console. No expertise needed!

Managed Security:

You do not have to worry! The experts at Cloudways apply security hardening techniques that fortify your Multisite Hosting servers to avoid cyber security threats looming on the horizons.

1-Click Scaling:

Scaling becomes easy with Cloudways. Grow your Multisite Hosting setup by keeping an eye on the amount of network traffic of your website. Select a suitable server size yourself through the Console. With Cloudways, you get this freedom.

Multiple Data Centres:

On Cloudways Multisite Hosting Platform, datacentres are located in different regions of the world. This means you can host on a location that is nearest to your target marketing. This will help you in SEO too!

24x7 Always Available Support by Cloud Professionals

The Cloudways Customer Success Team will assist you at any time through Live Chat and Ticketing System

How Cloudways Helped Atheist Berlin Attain Business Success

“Life’s too short, and…” said a very reflective David. “I would much rather spend it thinking about shoe designs. With Cloudways, I’m optimistic they’ll be the last hosting platform we’ll ever need”--- David Bonney, CEO Atheist Berlin

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