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Fast Joomla Hosting For Matchless Performance

Performance Focused Installation
Hourly Managed Backups
Team Management Feature
Install Unlimited Websites
Dedicated Servers with Firewall Protection
Easy Git and SSL Management

100% Faster Managed Joomla Cloud Hosting. Guaranteed!

Based on Industry Average

7,489+ Joomla Websites Hosted

The rich content on Joomla websites needs to load fast, and this increases traffic to your site. Among other factors, here are the reasons why Joomla site owners love Cloudways:

  • 99.999% uptime
  • Hardened security
  • Dedicated server
  • SSD based storage

Joomla Hosting With The Best Load Time

Our ThunderStack formula is the secret behind the superior performance of hosting Joomla on Cloudways Platform. Never again suffer from high latency and poor speed or downtime, we’ve got your back!

Secure & Scalable Joomla Hosting

We’ve built this platform keeping in mind the evolving security needs of online business owners.

User Friendly Console

Our super-efficient cloud Console allows you to manage and scale your Joomla cloud server easily. Plus, you can monitor 15+ important metrics related to your servers and applications.

Server Management

You never have to worry about your Joomla cloud server! We’ll manage it for you by taking care of all the updates and patches for your server and its OS.

Application Freedom

Dedicated server! Multiple applications! These are two of most important features that Cloudways platform offers to you. Now, you can deploy various applications on a single Joomla hosting server with just a click.

Auto Healing

Now, you don’t have to fear about your website crashing. Auto healing monitors your website’s uptime from the back-end, thus helping you to automatically restore your website in case of unforeseen issues.

Restore & Rollback

On our Cloudways managed Joomla hosting platform, you can automatically restore and rollback your website backups in one-click with ultimate convenience.

Staging Area & URLs

Cloudways provides you with the ultimate ease of testing your Joomla websites on our built-in staging area. All the test environments are hosted on our sub-domains.

24x7 Always Available Support by Cloud Professionals

The Cloudways Customer Success Team will assist you at any time through Live Chat and Ticketing System

Frequently Asked Questions

No! Our Joomla cloud plans come with hosting included in them. So, there is no need to pay extra.

Well, vertical scaling is currently available for all Joomla cloud servers.

While our Joomla cloud platform can handle Joomla websites of all sizes, we won’t be able to provide you with Joomla multisite hosting under Click&Go.

Click&Go Joomla cloud platform comes with a simple, yet sophisticated console which allows you to do many complicated actions in a few clicks.

Moreover, the console provides you with 15+ server and application metrics to monitor the state of your Joomla cloud server.

Security is taken very seriously when it comes to our Joomla cloud hosting platform. Platform-level firewalls are deployed on all Joomla cloud servers. Plus, our robust security hardening techniques ensures your servers stay protected.

The secret lies in our VMAN technology. The beneficial powers of Varnish, Memcached, Apache, and Nginx make our managed Joomla cloud hosting 40% to 50% faster than other providers.

Yes! Our experts would love to help you out in migrating your Joomla website to our Joomla cloud hosting platform.

First managed migration for each account is free. If you want us to do additional migrations for you, then there is a per migration fee depending on the application. You can check it out here.

How Cloudways Helped Atheist Berlin Attain Business Success

“Life’s too short, and…” said a very reflective David. “I would much rather spend it thinking about shoe designs. With Cloudways, I’m optimistic they’ll be the last hosting platform we’ll ever need”--- David Bonney, CEO Atheist Berlin

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