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7 Essential Tools for Web Dev & Design Teams

October 6, 2015

4 Min Read
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A week ago, I was in conversation with Meisam Ebrahimi, Technical Director of Passion Digital (Partner Agency of Cloudways).

Passion Digital is a London-based Digital Marketing Agency which specializes in developing amazing websites for their customers along with providing digital marketing services, such as SEO, SEM, and Social Media Services among others.

We were conversing about different ideas on how to improve the customer experience and during the discussion, a question popped up in my mind: “What are the most essential tools that help the web team in developing awesomely creative websites to the customers? Are there any specific tools used by your team?”

Meisam was right down to point out some tools. I thought to myself that “sharing is caring” and decided to go public with the tools so that other digital agencies and developers can learn from it.


These are some basic tools, and I am sure there would be several other tools as well that agencies and developers can use for making great websites. Use these tools to make your life easier and add a new dimension to your websites.

The web team at Passion Digital have shared seven of their favorite free tools with us. Read on to find out why they matter.

The team of Passion Digital



Creating a color scheme for your next project just got easier. Simply visit the website and hit the spacebar to generate color schemes. You can adjust each of the five colors on screen using sliders for HSB, RGB, or CMYK. Along with the numerical values, you also see the Hex value displayed at the bottom of the screen. Once you’re happy with each individual color you can ‘lock’ it in place and randomly generate other colors to go with it.

The Noun Project

the noun project

Need a set of icons? With 150,000 icons uploaded by a huge range of creators and designers, the Noun Project is the place to go to. With a standard free membership you can use your chosen icons at no cost, provided that you credit the creator, or get them royalty free for just $1.99.

Type Genius

type genius font selector

Fed up of matching fonts? Type Genius helps you discover and pair great fonts to create a nice visual consistency throughout your project. Simply select a starter font and then scroll through a series of matches, accompanied by screenshots of websites using the same combinations. Each font links to a website where you can purchase or download it.


tinypng tool

Big images can drastically slow load times, which in turn effects usability and user experience. TinyPNG is an advanced image compression tool that offers the holy grail of lower file sizes with barely a loss in quality. The site now has added support for JPEG files, a Photoshop plug-in, and WordPress and Magneto extensions.


Getting hold of high quality images can be hard, especially if budget is a concern. Unsplash is a veritable goldmine of high quality, free images which you can download and use without giving any attribution. The site is updated with 10 new high-res photos every 10 days.



This nifty little Chrome extension allows you to muck about with the CSS of any website and save your results for later. You can even share your changes with other users. With live previews and the ability to quickly shift between alternate stylesheets, Stylebot is a great tool for previewing changes on existing builds or just having some fun with your favorite sites.

PageSpeed Insights

google pagespeed insights

Type in the URL of one of your web projects and see a list of suggestions and fixes for ways to improve the page load speed. You get a separate tab with results for both mobile and desktop configurations, with suggestions separated into ‘Should Fix’ and ‘Consider Fixing’. It can even provide you with a zip file of optimized resources for your page, such as JavaScript and stylesheets.

Bonus: Typosaurus


A simple spelling mistake can wreck your professional image. That’s why Passion Digital have created Typosaurus, a tool with the aim of making spelling errors extinct. Enter up to 100 URLs at once and Typosaurus will let you know if there are any errors and where they are located. Simple!

While they all do different things, these fantastic tools all help you to do traditional web development tasks in a much simpler way. Bookmark this post and give these tools a try on your next project for faster, better, and simpler web development.

Are you a developer or an agency? You have more tools like these that can help developers build out of the box websites? Then feel free to tell us in the Comments section below.

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