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Add Social Login and Sharing to WordPress Using miniOrange

June 9, 2016

4 Min Read
Social Login and Social Sharing by miniOrange Into WordPress
Reading Time: 4 minutes

In this article, i will show you how to integrate Social Login & Social Sharing plugin into your WordPress websites. Before we start, I will elaborate a bit about the plugin and then I will deal with the integration and usage of the plugin.

Social Login

This plugin allows the users of the website to login, share and comment quickly, and auto register on your website’s blog. The user could login to the social media platform they prefer in just one click without providing a username/password. The only caveat is that they must be already login to the platform.

Social Sharing

Social Sharing allows any user to share the content of the blog at the social media of their choice. Popular platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Reddit, Vkontakte, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, Pocket, Digg, Delicious, Odnoklassniki.

How To Integrate Social Login & Social Sharing Into WordPress

Installing the plugin is a simple process.

  • First login to the WordPress Dashboard using admin credentials.
  • Next. goto Plugin tab and select Add New. Search for the plugin and install it.
  • Finally, activate the plugin.

Please refer to the following screenshots for guidance.

Login to Dashboard

WordPress Login

Plugin >> Add New

Click Add New plugin

Install and Activate Social Login & Social Sharing.

Social Login & Social Sharing

Now that Social Login and Social Sharing is installed and active, it will appear in the site menu of the admin panel. Click the plugin and fill the form for registration.

Fill Registration Form

You will receive a passcode in email. It is always a good idea to copy-paste the passcode into the field.


Your account has been created successfully.

Account Successfully created

Now you need to set Social Login settings. Select applications to enable login for the users. You could easily customize the login icons with a range of shapes, themes and sizes. You can choose several locations for displaying the images. The users could also be directed to specific URL after they have logged in.

Select Apps

I have selected Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and you could see the various options for displaying the social icons and related settings.

miniOrange settings

It is now time to check the functionality of the plugin. Log out of the dashboard and you will be returned to the login screen. As usual, the first option is to login through the username/password. Below this, you will be presented with the choice to log in with the social media platforms that you have set above.

Social Login in WordPress

Setting the Social Sharing Icons

You could easily set the Social Sharing options for the platforms that form part of your social media strategy. Setting the options to ensure that users will see icons of all the social media platforms. These icons could be customized using a range of shapes, themes, and sizes to suit the theme of the website. You can also choose several locations for displaying these icons. Additionally, you could also place vertical floating icons on your pages.

Social Sharing Settings
Under the Social Sharing tab, you will see the display options. Select the checkboxes for the options you wish to enable for the social icons.

Display Options

NOTE: The icons on the pages will be placed horizontally. For vertical icons, add miniOrange Sharing – Vertical widget from Appearance->Widgets.

This is how the social icons look like on the website. Just one click and the users could share the content on their favorite social media websites.

Social Share Icons


Easy Integration

You can easily integrate Social Sharing options on your website. Option to integrate these icons includes login page, registration pages, and comments section.

Just add miniOrange – Social Login widget to add social login in a widget area. Add shortcode [miniorange_social_login] to add social login in any location. Add social sharing options to the home page, posts, content pages, WooCommerce product page, bbPress forums, bbPress topics, bbPress replies and anywhere on your site with widgets.

For Social Sharing, use miniOrange Sharing – Vertical for floating vertical widget and miniOrange Sharing – Horizontal for a horizontal widget to add social sharing in a widget area. Add shortcode [miniorange_social_sharing] for horizontal sharing icons and [miniorange_social_sharing_vertical] for vertical sharing icons.


That is all there is to it. I hope you will have no issues in installation and integration of the plugin and that this tutorial has proved to be of help. If you have any query or suggestion about this tutorial, I would appreciate if you could leave a comment.

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