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How to Use Oxygen Page Builder With WordPress in 2022 [Easy Guide]

Updated on January 19, 2022

8 Min Read
oxygen page builder

While website editing used to be inseparably associated with coding and technical minds, tools like Oxygen page builder have transformed the game. Oxygen lets the user edit their whole website with smart functionalities, without dealing with a single line of code. 

With Oxygen, non-programmers can develop and create websites by eliminating all the designing hurdles. The process is easy and seamless even for a beginner, and its designs are creative and clever. No wonder the Oxygen page builder has already become the first choice of many designers worldwide. 

What is Oxygen Page Builder?

The Oxygen builder is not limited to the definition of either a page builder or a theme builder. It should be considered a hybrid tool that allows the user to exact maximum creative control over their website.

oxygen page builder

Any user with limited technical knowledge can use the Oxygen builder to customize their websites fully. It is a popular option among users who abstain from coding and page-building complexities. 

Why Should You Use Oxygen Page Builder?

The Oxygen builder is a trusted tool that eases the website creation process and single-handedly brings customized changes to the websites via easy drag and drop editing techniques. It combines flexibility with accessibility to allow users to create complex websites without using tens of plugins

use oxygen page builder

People use Oxygen page builder because it gives them full control over their WooCommerce store and WordPress website. You can go through our WooCommerce tutorial for further control. Sites created with this page builder offer an editable backend and fast-loading front end, a dreamy combination for any developer or website creator. 

Without further ado, let’s jump in to uncover the Oxygen page builder’s astounding features, go through its easy installation steps, check its pricing plans, and put a final word on its usage and functionalities. 

6 Standout Features – Oxygen Page Builder

The Oxygen page builder offers revolutionary features that allow users to customize their website design and display a true reflection of their brand. Let’s take a look at its most notable features in the next section.

Visual Editing

The Oxygen page builder provides unmatched visual editing capabilities. The visual site builder interface can be accessed by clicking the Edit with Oxygen button inside the Templates menu. 

The page builder allows the users to either choose the blank installation or start with a pre-made design. Users can edit any design elements on their page that belong to the same CSS class at once, a rare feature among other site builders. 

The structure panel that appears in the right sidebar panel lets the user see their HTML elements’ structure at any point, and allows real-time editing by dragging and dropping the elements in the visual editor.

Powerful Layout Controls

Oxygen offers easy-to-use layout controls to its users. Unlike other page builders, you don’t have to use any columns; just use the flexbox layout engine to easily align elements and switch between the vertical and horizontal layouts. 

Also, Oxygen provides easy adjustment of the spacing and sizing by simply dragging the sides of an element for the user’s convenience.

Gutenberg Integration

Gutenberg transforms the editing experience by adding flexibility and media to your site pages. Oxygen makes Gutenberg integration possible. You can create Gutenberg blocks without coding complexities, using an easy drag and drop solution. 

Whatever you design on Oxygen may be used as a Gutenberg block. So you can add blocks, customize images, text, and link URLs. The ability to create a customized Gutenberg block layout separates Oxygen from its competitors. You can also re-use those blocks on other websites via the import/export tool.

Code Cleanliness

Code cleanliness is yet another feature that sets Oxygen apart from its competitors. Since Oxygen overtakes your existing WordPress theme, its code complexity also decreases and ensures code cleanliness for easy management. 

Compared to its biggest competitor, Elementor, (a big name in the world of WordPress page builders) Oxygen provides a very precise HTML coding output. Oxygen has the ability to show a single line of code that Elementor may show in a code block. Decreased lines of code ensure fast loading times, easy indexation, and better results overall.

Header Builder

Oxygen’s Header Builder lets you create attractive eye-catching headers. You can put the designing elements to your headers via drag-and-drop, and beautify these using special effects and layouts. 

With the responsive controls, you can customize the headers to look good on all devices. You can also use the Oxygen builder to use sticky headers and use them as CTAs for your site pages. 

Dynamic Data Functionality

The Oxygen Dynamic Data feature allows the users to link the design elements to your WordPress database’s data. Anything present in your WordPress database can be put in your design. It also allows you to import and export your design settings and CSS created via Oxygen. 

The major benefit of the Dynamic Data feature is that you can import the data directly without downloading the archives. Dynamic data includes the following:

  • Post content 
  • Descriptions 
  • Media files
  • Post title, author, etc

How to Install the Oxygen Page Builder

Oxygen is a premium page builder that comes with powerful features and extensive functions. It’s not available in the WordPress repository; therefore, you need to purchase its license first and then manually upload it to the WordPress plugin list. 

For this tutorial, I’m assuming that you already have an Oxygen page builder license. If you don’t, you can visit their official page and buy it right away.

So without any further ado, let’s get started!

Installing the Oxygen page builder is a piece of cake. All you need to do is navigate to the WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin > Choose File and select the Oxygen page builder zip file you’ve downloaded from their official page. Once you upload the plugin, click Install Now and Activate Plugin.

oxygen builder installation

After activating the plugin, a pop-up Welcome screen will prompt you to choose your Oxygen installation type. 

The Oxygen page builder offers pre-made websites where you can simply import demo content and designs from its library. Moreover, it also offers a blank installation with a plain website layout and design.

oxygen WordPress page builder installation

Oxygen Page Builder Prerequisites

Getting started with the Oxygen page builder requires some prerequisites for a smooth page building experience:

Name Requirement
WordPress version 5.0 or greater
PHP Version 7.0 or greater except PHP 8 (since PHP 8 is not yet supported)
MySQL / MariaDB Version 5.6 / 10.1 or greater
Browser Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and all modern browsers

Note that PHP 8 isn’t yet supported by Oxygen Page Builder. The above requirements depend on your hosting provider, so make sure they have the latest versions on their servers and platforms. Cloudways offers the latest and stable WordPress, PHP, and MariaDB versions for a seamless Oxygen page editing experience.

Oxygen Page Builder Performance Benchmarks

The Oxygen page builder performed well throughout the speed testing process, proving itself one of the fastest page builders available out there. 

The benchmark results are shared as follows:

Cloudways Server Configurations

Name Specification
Cloudways Server Vultr – High Frequency
Datacenter location Seattle
SSD Disk 64GB
Bandwidth Transfer 2TB
Processor 1 Core
Operating System: Debian 9
NGINX 1.19
Varnish 6.0.7
Apache 2.4.25
Database MariaDB 10.4
PHP 7.3

Application Configurations

Name Specification
WordPress Version 5.7.2
Theme Twenty-Twenty One

Installed Plugins

Plugin Name Version
Breeze Version 1.2.3
Cloudways Bot Protection Version 4.63
Oxygen Page Builder Oxygen Page Builder

On top of all that, we have created site demo content and added numerous images to emulate real-life scenarios.

GTmetrix Performance Analysis:

Oxygen builder gtmetrix performance

  • Performance: 100%
  • Structure: 95%
  • LCP: 323ms
  • TBT: 0ms
  • CLS: 0

Pingdom Performance Analysis:

oxygen builder pingdom performance

  • Performance Grade: 92
  • Page Size: 2.0 MB
  • Load Time: 277ms
  • Requests: 32

PageSpeed Insight Performance Analysis:

oxygen builder pagespeed insight performance

  • Overall Grade: 92
  • FCP: 0.8s
  • Speed Index: 1.4s
  • LCP: 1.6s
  • TTI: 0.8s
  • TBT: 0ms
  • CLS: 0.015

Oxygen Pricing

oxygen builder pricing

Unlike other page builders, Oxygen does not require a monthly or yearly subscription but rather a one-time payment and lets you enjoy its perks for a lifetime. Oxygen has divided its pricing plan into four packages that are further described below:

1) Basic

  • Costs a one-time payment of $129
  • Flexible and powerful visual builder for WordPress
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

2) WooCommerce

  • Costs a one-time payment of $169
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Use it for visually building websites and WooCommerce stores
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

3) Agency

  • Costs a one-time payment of $199
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Gutenberg block builder
  • Simplified client UI
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

4) Ultimate

  • Costs a one-time payment of $229
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Gutenberg block builder
  • Simplified client UI
  • Composite elements
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Oxygen Review: Is It Worth a Try?

Oxygen is a smart option for creative individuals, rising brands, and established businesses to mark their presence in the digital world. Easy customization options, a smart visual editor, and user-friendly design elements make this tool an excellent choice that frees you from dealing with the technicalities of coding.

People who like to abstain from monthly or yearly payments can take advantage of Oxygen, as it only requires a one-time payment and offers its services for a lifetime. It allows novice users to incorporate their ideas into reality without dealing with any sort of coding. 

All things considered, Oxygen is a solid contender in the list of the best WordPress page builders, one that’s only going to get more popular with time.

Q. Is Oxygen builder better than Elementor?

Oxygen builder has its own perks, but Elementor being the key player in the list of the page builder, is quite versatile and offers a free version as well. However, in terms of speed, Oxygen is quite an impressive page builder.

Q. How do I update my Oxygen builder?

Follow the steps below to update your Oxygen builder: 

  • Go to Oxygen > Settings > License
  • Enter your license key and click “Submit.” 
  • Go to Dashboard > Updates
  • See if the Oxygen update is visible; if not, then click “Check Again.” 
  • When the update is available, tick the box in the plugin update. 
  • Click “Update Plugins” to update your Oxygen builder.

Q. What is Oxygen WooCommerce?

Oxygen is a page builder and WooCommerce theme used to build WooCommerce sites with drag & drop control for all parts of your website. It offers a good choice of options to customize the look of your site.

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