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How To Install Magento On Google Cloud

Updated on February 13, 2015

5 Min Read
Reading Time: 5 minutes

Google Cloud Engine (GCE) offers reliability and highly scalable infrastructure for Magento, WordPress, Prestashop, and core PHP developers for building, testing and deploying web apps. Especially, developers can create applications for backend, mobile and web solutions.

Magento Cloud

To launch and integrate of a sophisticated Content Management System (CMS) and cloud infrastructure like Magento, Google Cloud, you should have a vast experience of system administration. In case you are not familiar with system administration or you need to deploy Magento on Google Cloud, it will take a significant amount of effort and time.

Magento On Google Cloud

Don’t worry! Cloudways offers the most convenient cloud hosting platform, making it much easier for Magento developers who want to host Magento on Google Cloud Engine. Developers can now launch Magento on Google Cloud server using Cloudways in just a few clicks and minutes.

4 Best Advantages of Hosting Your Magento on Google Cloud Engine

The question remains though why you should host your Magento store on GCE. I have four good reasons for you.


One of the most enticing reasons for hosting your Magento on GCE is the uptime it provides. The GCE servers rarely go down, giving you 99.99% uptime without any hiccups.


For Magento-powered web stores, speed matters the most. You get the server speeds that you desire on GCE infrastructure. Backed by Google, your Magento stores on GCE cloud servers are extremely fast and fully optimized for peak performance. Check out some of the network performance statistics reported by ServerDensity.

google networking performance speedSource: ServerDensity

Cloudways Magento Hosting For Developers


The GCE is the backbone of various services and products offered by Google. Gmail and Youtube are some of the examples powered by GCE. By hosting your Magento web stores on GCE, you get the most reliable and the most up-to-date infrastructure.


With GCE, you can handle the unprecedented traffic hike without any frills. Whenever you feel like going out of resources, you can easily scale up your GCE server by using the scaling feature via the Cloud Console. It’s a 1-click operation. You don’t have to worry about the IP address. It will remain intact.

Why Choose Cloudways To Host Magento Store On GCE

If you choose Google Cloud Engine directly from Google, you might find it challenging. Hosting Magento on Google Cloud Engine is not easy for novice users.There is a lot to do before deploying Magento on Google Cloud servers. If you go for manual deployment, you would need to purchase a GCE license. After that, you need to create an SSH connection. The installation process takes too much time, and if something goes wrong, you will have to restart the whole procedure.

Alternatively, on Cloudways Platform, deploying Magento websites on GCE infrastructure is easy. It really saves your precious time. There are a lot of others benefits too, including but not limited to:

  1. 24×7 tech support and server management
  2. Optimized Servers with Cloudways’ ThunderStack
  3. Dedicated IPs
  4. 1-click installers (for, Magento with advance caching)
  5. 1-click CDN integration with Magento using CloudwaysCDN
  6. Easy UI to control servers and applications
  7. Real-time server performance monitoring
  8. Unlimited staging URLs and unlimited websites on a single server
  9. Clone servers and applications
  10. Server Scaling
  11. Automated Backups
  12. Git client, SSL, SSH, Cron Job Managers
  13. Built-in Cloudways Magento Full Page Cache Extension for Magento 1.x stores
  14. Varnish Integration with Magento 2.x stores
  15. Add-ons for email, DNS, and migration (With ONE FREE MIGRATION)

Launch Your Magento Website On Google Cloud Engine Using Cloudways

Launching GCE server on Cloudways is easy. You can start your GCE server in few clicks, with no complicated code and lengthy calculations involved.

Cloudways offers you a 3-day FREE trial on GCE Cloud server to test your web apps giving you the opportunity to become familiar with the Cloudways Platform, the friendly UI design, feature-rich console, and the built-in features available.

Developing A Mobile Friendly Magento Website

Follow these steps to get started with your Magento Store on Google Cloud.

Select Magento

Select Magento from the drop-down menu, give a name to your server, application, and project.

Cloudways Apps

Select GCE

Select GCE from the available Cloud infrastructure options.

Cloudways GCE

Select Server Size, Bandwidth, and Storage

Choose your server size based on your website traffic. Additionally, on GCE, you can select your Bandwidth and Storage size for your database and application files.

select server size

Select Server Size, Bandwidth and Storage

Select Your Server Location

You can select your server location which is nearest to your audience. For GCE you have the option to host your Magento website in 3 regions: USA, Europe, Asia.

Select Server Location

That’s it!

Click on “Launch” button and wait for few minutes. Your fully-functional Magento website on GCE is ready for action.

Final Thoughts

Cloudways provides the most convenient Magento hosting platform for GCE cloud servers. For those who are interested in hosting their sites on dedicated servers with blazing fast speed and top-notch optimized performance, Cloudways-powered GCE cloud servers are now one of the choicest entities.

Cheer up, dear developers! Now, you can deploy web servers on GCE, Amazon, Digital Ocean and install multiple applications including Magento in just a few minutes. You can also test and deploy your apps on Cloudways’ preconfigured testing environments and reap out the best possible results for your Magento based ecommerce websites.


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