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How to Install Magento on Google Cloud

Updated on April 26, 2022

5 Min Read

When it comes to cloud hosting, Google Cloud Engine (GCE) is a reliable and highly scalable cloud hosting solution for Magento and other PHP-based applications. PHP developers use Google cloud for building, testing, and deploying web apps because of its high uptime, robust performance, and simple UX.

Google Cloud was officially launched in July 2012 to cater to the rising demand for reliable cloud hosting. To hint at the power of GCE, note that all popular Google products, including Gmail, YouTube, and Google Play, are hosted on GCE.

With almost 99.99% guaranteed uptime, GCE is rapidly becoming a favorite choice among Magento Ecommerce store owners and developers.

Advantages of Hosting Your Magento Store on Google Cloud Engine

Here are a few good reasons to use Magento Google Cloud Hosting:


One of the most popular reasons for using Magento Cloud hosting is the uptime it provides. The GCE servers rarely go down, giving you a 99.99% uptime without hiccups.


Speed is one of the basic requirements for successful Magento-powered web stores. Magento stores hosted on GCE cloud servers are extremely fast and are fully optimized for peak performance. Here are some of the network performance statistics reported by ServerDensity.

google networking performance speed


The GCE is the backbone of various services and products offered by Google. By hosting your Magento on Google Cloud, you get a very reliable and modern infrastructure for your ecommerce store.


With GCE, you can easily handle unanticipated traffic hikes easily. When you feel that the server resources are getting low, you can quickly scale your GCE server by using the scaling features available on the cloud platform. It’s a 1-click operation; you don’t have to worry about the IP addresses as they will remain intact.

Now that I have discussed the benefits of hosting Magento on Google Cloud, let’s discuss the challenges.

Secure and Migrate your Magento 1 Store using Cloudways without breaking anything

Challenges in Hosting Magento on Google Cloud Server

Installing Magento on Google Cloud can be a challenge for novice users. You have to take care of many things before deploying Magento on GCE.

You must purchase a GCE license if you go for the manual deployment. After that, you need to create an SSH connection. The installation process takes considerable time, and if something goes wrong, you will have to restart the entire process.

On top of that, to launch a Magento store on Google cloud, you will need expertise and experience in system administration. If you are unfamiliar with server configuration and integration of Magento on GCE, the installation will waste a lot of your time and effort.

So, is there a better solution?

Enters Cloudways!

Cloudways is a managed hosting solution that simplifies hosting Magento on Google Cloud in just a few clicks. This means that Magento store owners and developers can focus on their business and development efforts rather than worrying about server management.

Let’s see how it makes that possible.

Why Choose Cloudways?

Cloudways saves you precious time by installing Magento with a single click. In addition, the platform comes with:

  • Five IaaS providers
  • Multiple Datacenters
  • Optimized Server Stack for Magento 2.x stores
  • 24/7/365 Security
  • FREE SSL Certificates powered by Let’s Encrypt
  • SSH/SFTP Access
  • Cloudways Magento Full Page Cache for Magento 1.x
  • Varnish Cache for Magento 2.x
  • CloudwaysCDN
  • Access to CLI within Platform
  • Push code via GIT
  • Remote SQL connections
  • Unlimited Applications on a server
  • Unlimited Staging Domains
  • Server Transfer
  • Server and Application Cloning
  • Application Staging Environment
  • Cron Job Manager
  • CloudwaysBot
  • Elasticsearch
  • Server and App Resource Monitoring
  • Backups Scheduling
  • Pay-as-you-Go billing
  • Team Collaboration Features
  • Free Migration
  • Add-ons for Email, DNS, etc.

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Launch Magento on Google Cloud Engine (GCE) with Cloudways

You can launch your GCE server in just a few clicks without any complicated calculations. You can also enjoy the friendly UI design, feature-rich console, and numerous other built-in features.

Follow these steps to get started with your Magento Store on Google Cloud.

Select Magento from the drop-down menu, and give a name to your server, application, and project.

Magento Server Details

Select GCE from the available cloud infrastructure options.

Magento Server Providers GCE

Choose your server size based on your store traffic. Next, select Bandwidth and storage size for your database and application files.

Select the server location nearest to your audience. Once done, hit the launch now button to deploy the Magento on Google Cloud.

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Final Thoughts

Cloudways provides the most convenient Magento hosting platform for GCE cloud servers. For those who are interested in hosting their sites on the cloud with the blazing-fast speed and top-notch optimized performance, Cloudways-managed GCE is a viable solution.

You can also test and deploy your apps on Cloudways’ preconfigured testing environments and experience the best possible results for your Magento-based ecommerce stores.

Q: What are the benefits of Magento Google Cloud?

One of the great reasons to choose Magento Google cloud due to its simplicity which also empowers the search engine. Hosting your Magento on Google cloud offers many features that ensure your online stores’ stability.

Q: What is the easiest way to host on Magento Google Cloud?

Hosting your Magento on Google Cloud isn’t a piece of cake. However, on Cloudways, it’s very easy to host Magento on Google Cloud even if you’re not tech-savvy because it offers a 1-click Magento installation.

Q: How much does Magento 2 Google Cloud cost with Cloudways?

As Magento 2 is a powerful ecommerce platform to maintain its performance, we recommend you start with at least a 3.75GB server that will cost you $ 73.62 per month.

Q: How can Magento on Google Cloud benefit ecommerce stores compare to other infrastructure providers available on the Cloudways platform?

The following are the points that make the GCP more compatible among different cloud infrastructure providers:

  • GCP is cheaper than Amazon.
  • The biggest and most powerful contender for Amazon.
  • GCP Backup/restore processes are a bit slower in comparison to Amazon.
  • AWS offers Quick backup/restore processes
  • While hosting your Magento on Google Cloud, your bandwidth’s allocated budget may exceed as compared to other cloud infrastructure providers.
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Abdur Rahman

Abdur Rahman is the Magento whizz at Cloudways. He is growth ambitious, and aims to learn & share information about Ecommerce & Magento Development through practice and experimentation. He loves to travel and explore new ideas whenever he finds time. Get in touch with him at [email protected]


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