Get Real-Time Performance Insights

Your Very Own Smart Assistant for Servers and Applications Hosted With Cloudways

Introducing CloudwaysBot

What Is CloudwaysBot?

Designed using the powers of artificial intelligence, the CloudwaysBot assists users in optimizing their servers and applications on Cloudways.



Get notified about alerts, receive recommendations, and tips for your servers, applications and accounts.

  • Servers NotificationGet notified about the health of your server, the web stack, and updates about your backups.
  • Applications AlertsStay updated about application version upgrades and when changes to settings are required.
  • Account Level AlertsGet instant alerts, recommendations, tips, and updates to keep your billing and account updated.


Subscribe to notifications of different selected events via your favorite collaboration channels, such as Slack, Email, API and HipChat.

  • Easy to SubscribeReceive your preferred notifications on your favorite channels by subscribing in just a few clicks.
  • Real-Time AlertsGet real-time alerts, recommendations, and tips on your selected channels across your team.
  • EventsGet updates about events you are more concerned of, like Application Version and Patch upgrades.

Why You Will Fall In Love With CloudwaysBot

Helpful Tips

CloudwaysBot will be vigilantly working to provide tips and recommendations to help you optimize your servers and applications.

Real-Time Alerts

Once integrated, CloudwaysBot will be providing alerts and notifications about your servers and applications in real-time.

Collaboration Channels

You have the freedom to choose which popular collaboration channel you would want to subscribe to for receiving event alerts.

Custom API

Besides the available collaboration channels, you can connect any Custom API, for e.g. Social Channels, for receiving alerts.

Easy to Integrate

Keeping up with the 1-click tradition, you can activate or deactivate notifications and recommendations with just a click.


With CloudwaysBot, users can take control of their servers by keeping track of the notifications they receive.


Use Cases


Developers love integrations. With CloudwaysBot, developers can integrate their preferred channels besides the ones already available using Custom API.


Speed and Security are foremost to ecommerce stores. With the CloudwaysBot, ecommerce owners will get real-time updates about their application upgrades and the overall health of the server.


Getting alerts about servers and applications across the team would make it collaborate in a better way. CloudwaysBot makes it easier to keep team members work cohesively together by sending out notifications to each member.