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Introducing The All-New Cloudways Click&Go

Updated on December 10, 2021

5 Min Read

It seemed nearly impossible at times, but we are finally here: our new Click&Go is born!


Over the past few months, my team and I were extremely busy in implementing our vision of how a customer-centric platform should work. We have built it based on the last couple of years’ accumulated experience working with hundreds of real world clients for several cloud infrastructure providers and with a variety of environments, applications, and sizes. Surely, it is quite an experimental take on Platform-as-a-Service as it began only with an idea, to provide faster and more transparent web deployments.

I am really proud of how my team has executed on this idea and I think we have built the foundations of what will be a great success. This Platform provides bare-bone functionality at the moment, but we have the tools to easily extend it in the direction our real customers demand. We didn’t want to make too many assumptions.

Before we introduce this new platform in detail, let’s have a look at the events leading up to this launch.

How did we start?

Past October, I shared the vision behind our new platform. In my post, I detailed what we call “the 5 pillars of the Click&Go vision”:

  • Performance: To provide a blazing fast, highly optimized experience on the Cloud.
  • Convenience: To provide choices to our users according to their needs.
  • Simplicity: To provide a simple environment with a small learning curve.
  • Manageability: To provide transparency and manageability by implementing the popular Linux philosophy of “the right tool for the right job”.
  • Scalability: To provide a path for progressive upgrades and required downgrades.

We built and we tested, day in and day out. At the start of this year, the platform was open for private testing. We invited key customers and well-known players from the Cloud community for this purpose. You will soon see them on our “Board of Contributors” page. The private testing got us great feedback that really helped us in fine-tuning of our platform.

Click&Go: A New (And More Convenient) Way Of Hosting On Cloud

Today, I am excited to announce the availability of the all-new Click&Go platform in Public Beta.

Our new platform presents an exciting way of deploying secure and scalable cloud servers with an optimized application—all in a matter of minutes. When it comes to applications, you can choose from WordPress, Magento, Drupal, or Joomla (and, we will be adding more soon.) Furthermore, the server supports multi-app deployment which means you can deploy Magento and WordPress (or any other app combinations) on the same server.

The Platform currently works on Amazon Web Services (AWS), again, we will add more cloud infrastructure providers soon. We are focused on delivering robust and swift web experiences. At the same time, we have tried to make it affordable and transparent. In the following section, I am going to explain the relation between the 5 pillars of our vision and the new Click&Go platform.

How is Cloudways Click&Go different from others?

Since we started with Cloudways, convenience has been at the core of what we do. We want to make things easy for our customers. We have built the platform not from the blackboard but from the real users’ feedback and that makes us a bit special.

We have engineered our product on a vision where factors like convenience, simplicity, and manageability are considered as important as performance and scalability. Hopefully, potential customers will value this approach!


No amount of marketing budget can save a product if it has bad performance.

We have made sure to invest a great deal of our efforts to ensure that the new Click&Go platform performs the best. Choosing AWS, the leading IaaS provider, as our first supported cloud follows the same logic.

Furthermore, all deployments are done on a highly optimized stack, built on Nginx, Varnish, Memcached, and Apache. This truly amazing stack ensures blazing fast speed with a high degree of compatibility with existing applications.


What do we mean by the term “convenience”? The answer is simple. Basically, the idea is to provide you with the tools that you need to fully run your online business without having to shop around and lose time in the process.

We have built our console in a way that is easily expandable with a long list of feature requests which is very likely to come during first few weeks of Public Beta. Moreover, the backbone of the platform—our orchestration system—offers an extremely flexible foundation to grow upon. The video below shows how easy it is to launch a server on Cloudways Click&Go.

Finally, we complement this with a sound add-on offering that is geared to fulfill your needs with the right tools from the best vendors—all under Cloudways’ roof. We will shortly integrate email services from Rackspace, SMTP gateways from Sendgrid, DNS services from DNSMadeEasy, and more to come.


While developing the Click&Go console, we ensured that it has a minute curve of learning—all with a delightful design and nimble operations.

Coming to its functionality, the console is based on 1-click operations. You can also run, stop, or restart critical services like Apache, Nginx, Varnish, MySQL, and Memcached by just clicking a few action buttons. The same is done with server operations.

Manage Services Section


For good manageability, you need to have data. This is why the new Click&Go console provides the capability to monitor 15 important metrics of your server like Idle CPU, Incoming Network Traffic, Free Memory, etc.

Monitoring Section

The console also provides you with the option to manage your CNAME/Alias and set your backup frequency. You can take a backup manually and restore them too. On a related note, all of the backups are stored on an off-site location.


The best thing about cloud hosting is that you can scale whenever you want. Through our Click&Go console, you can scale your bandwidth and server requirements up or down whenever required. You can also increase the storage sizes for your web files and database. More options (like horizontal scalability) will follow.

How secure is this?

We take security very seriously. If Click&Go is based on 5 pillars, then security is its foundations. In fact, security is the real bedrock of this platform. Everything is protected on secured servers with OS-level firewall protection. Furthermore, we will manage the security updates and patches for OS and servers. Plus, as you already know, the backups are stored on off-site location.

For whom did we build this?

Basically, it is for anyone who is seeking affordable and convenient hosting with unbeatable performance. Simply put, it will be useful for:

  • Startups that are looking for a good foundation on the web
  • Developers that are looking forward to deploy cutting-edge websites without hosting troubles
  • Web development agencies that are seeking a reliable hosting service
  • Small businesses that want to stay online all the time.

What you should do?

Well, we simply ask you to check our platform out.

By clicking the Free Trial banner below, you get a glimpse of our Click&Go platform where you will get access to all the features (apart from a few which are cost-related, like vertical scaling, etc.).

We hope that during this period, you will be impressed by the performance and ease-of-use we are trying to provide.

We also hope that this will convince you to start your journey with Cloudways where we promise to keep on providing more helpful Cloud hosting features with each passing day.

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Pere Hospital

Pere Hospital (CISSP & OSCP) is the CTO and co-founder of Cloudways Ltd. He has over two decades of experience in IT Security, Risk Analysis and Virtualization Technologies. You can follow Pere on Twitter at @phospital and read his blog at


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