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How to Install Prestashop on DigitalOcean Server

Updated on February 17, 2018

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Prestashop, one of the top listed ecommerce software solution, is used by many for their online stores. Some of the reasons for its popularity is that it is written using PHP, the world’s most used language, is Open Source and has over 300 built-in plugins helping you with everything from managing the products to dealing with the customers. Few other features of Prestashop are:

  • Easy customization according to your needs
  • 5,000+ plugins and extensions to select from
  • Mobile-responsive design
  • 2,000+ professional ecommerce website templates

prestashop on digitalocean

However, we cannot do anything with PrestaShop alone as we need a server to host our store. So let’s talk a bit about DigitalOcean on which we will be hosting our Prestashop based ecommerce shop. DigitalOcean’s reliability, affordability, and decent server locations make it an excellent choice for this project.

However, hosting directly on an infrastructure and dealing with all those server side hassles is a tedious task for anyone, let alone a person who is new to hosting and is eager to see their website go live as soon as possible. Well, Cloudways is here to help you with that. It is a platform that provides you with a well-maintained cloud console and 1-click operations. Plus, their 24×7 support is always there for your queries. Some features of Cloudways worth mentioning are:

  • Optimized servers with specially optimized caching recipe
  • Unlimited Servers
  • Dedicated SSL protection for multiple websites + FREE SSL From LetsEncrypt
  • Real-time monitoring of your server performance
  • Vast staging environments for testing
  • Clone servers and applications
  • Automated offsite backups
  • SSL, SSH, and Cron Job Managers
  • Real-time insight provider: CloudwaysBot
  • Cloudways API
  • Addons for email, DNS, load testing, etc.

Experience The Power of True Hosting With Cloudways

You are not far from the fastest and the most user-friendly experience. What you need to do is signup on Cloudways and get your account verified.

With that behind you now, follow this step by step guide on how you can host your dream Prestashop ecommerce shop on DigitalOcean using Cloudways.

Let’s get started! Shall we?

Steps To Deploy Prestashop on DigitalOcean

Server & App Details

Server & App Details

After signing up, you will be redirected to the Cloudway server creation page. Here, you need to input the server and app details first. So select your app (Prestashop in this case) and write down the details.

Select Cloud and Server size

Select Cloud and Server size

Now, just select DigitalOcean Cloud service and select your server size.

Select Location

Select Location

Select the best-suited location for your website. You can choose from any of the 8 locations to host your applications on DigitalOcean


Launch Prestashop on DigitalOcean

Click the “Launch” button.

In just a few minutes, your fully functional, speedy, and optimized Managed Cloud Server with Prestashop will be ready in just a few minutes. However, always keep a check on the price that you will be paying as it is also important.

Closing Thoughts

So why are you still thinking? Cloudways offers a 14 days FREE TRIAL on DigitalOcean, so you don’t have to worry about your wallet just yet. Give Cloudways Managed Prestashop Hosting a shot and test all these claims for FREE and we are sure you won’t be disappointed by the Cloudways performance and features.

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Fayyaz Khattak

Fayyaz is a Magento Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed Magento Hosting Platform. His objective is to learn & share about PHP & Magento Development in Community. Fayyaz is a food lover and enjoys driving. You can email him at

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