How to Install Prestashop on Vultr Cloud in Few Minutes

by Ashad Ubaid ur Rehman  January 3, 2017

The ecommerce industry is gaining rapid momentum all around the world, and the reason is simple; without even stepping out of the door, one can get anything of his choice delivered at his place. According to a report, ecommerce industry is seen valuing at $523 billion till 2020, with a growth rate of 9.50% annually. This fact alone is a sign of how big the ecommerce industry will be in coming years.

No matter if it is a website or a social network, ecommerce is trending everywhere on the internet, and website owners have their interests inclined in becoming an ecommerce store owner. Many ecommerce web applications are available in the market, but PrestaShop stands out in this category. PrestaShop is not just a PHP application but it is also a complete ecommerce solution for people looking to build their online stores. However, PrestaShop needs a dedicated server infrastructure to perform optimally and smoothly.

prestashop on vultr

If you are looking for a Managed Cloud Hosting Platform for your PrestaShop online store, Cloudways must be your first choice. Why? Because Cloudways offers market leading cloud server infrastructure, integrated on a user-friendly Platform with an interface that can be understandable even by a newbie. Let me take you through the installation process of launching PrestaShop on managed VULTR cloud.

First, You Need to Sign Up

Initiate the installation process by signing up for free on Cloudways. Signing up on Cloudways will hardly take a minute, and it gets you a free trial of 3 days on the Vultr cloud.

Signup at Cloudways

Identify Your Application

Select your desired application and give it an identity by naming your application, server, and by choosing a project folder. I have selected PrestaShop for the purpose of this article.

Prestashop on Vultr

Choose Your Cloud Infrastructure

Pick the cloud infrastructure you want from the market leading server infrastructures. For the purpose of this article, I am choosing VULTR.

Size Up Your Server

Your server size depends on the traffic your website receives. Choose it accordingly or else no worries; you can always scale up your server size on VULTR at Cloudways.


Set Your Server’s Location

Select your server’s location keeping in mind that your server needs to be located near your target audience.


Launch Your Cloud

Keep an eye on the price and click on LAUNCH SERVER, and wait for a few minutes as the system sets up your cloud server. In a few minutes, you will experience a managed cloud hosting platform that is easy to use and packed with various exciting features.


You’re Done

Now that you are done with launching your managed cloud server with the PrestaShop application on it, you have ample time to explore the amazing Cloudways ThunderStack. Moreover, you can always roam around the platform to explore other power packed features offered by Cloudways: 24x7x365 support, Free SSL Certificate by Let’s Encrypt, along with CloudwaysBot, which is designed to solve all your queries on priority and a multitude of other features. You can now focus on managing your PrestaShop based ecommerce store and let Cloudways Managed Prestashop Hosting take care of your server management hassles.

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