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2023’s Most Influential Digital Agency Coaches

Updated on October 4, 2023

31 Min Read
Top Agency Coaches and Consultants

Successful agency leaders often learn from others. In 2023, if you’re an agency owner with big goals, our list of 70+ digital agency coaches can help you reach your goals.

Growing your agency can be tough. Whether you want to change your agency, focus on a certain area, offer more services, build a great team, or increase your recurring revenue, the digital agency landscape offers vast opportunities.

However, it’s a realm where knowledge is often confined to those who have painstakingly built agencies from scratch.

This is where digital agency coaches and consultants become invaluable. They enable you to tap into the successes and failures of others and provide guidance on how to grow without encountering the same stumbling blocks along the way.

If you’re an agency owner with ambitious goals in 2023, our curated list of 70+ digital agency coaches can be your compass on this exciting journey of agency growth and success.

Understanding the Role of Digital Agency Coaches

Agency Consultants specialize in enhancing various aspects of agency performance.

Think of Agency Consultants as experienced coaches for your business. Just like a sports coach helps athletes improve their performance, Agency consultants and coaches assist your agency in getting better at what it does.

For instance, an agency consultant can provide strategies and solutions if you’re struggling to attract new clients or have trouble managing your crew and resources efficiently (scaling operations). They’re like having a seasoned sailor on board to ensure your journey is smooth and your ship stays afloat.

So, just as athletes have coaches to improve their game, agencies have agency consultants to enhance their performance and help them reach new horizons.

Benefits of Onboarding a Digital Agency Coach or Consultant

Here are the top 5 benefits of onboarding a Digital Agency Coach or Consultant:

  1. Expert Guidance: Consultants bring extensive industry knowledge and expertise to provide specialized guidance tailored to your agency’s needs.
  2. Efficiency Boost: Consultants can streamline your agency’s processes, making it more efficient and saving you time and resources.
  3. Strategic Planning: Coaches and consultants assist in developing clear and effective strategic plans, guiding your agency toward growth and success.
  4. Objective Perspective: They offer an unbiased viewpoint, identifying areas for improvement without internal biases, leading to more effective solutions.
  5. Skill Enhancement: Consultants can train your team, improving their skills and capabilities, ultimately enhancing client service and results.

Assessing Your Agency’s Need for a Digital Agency Coach or Consultant

Determining if your digital agency requires a coach involves assessing your current challenges and goals.

Take a moment to reflect on whether you’re facing any of the following issues:

  • Dealing with bottlenecks in scaling your agency
  • Grappling with project scope, budgeting, and timelines
  • Facing challenges in retaining employees
  • Struggling with client retention
  • Struggling to maintain a consistently full project pipeline
  • Seeking improved overall profitability
  • Unsure about the profitability of certain projects

If any of these challenges resonate with you, it might be time to consider the benefits of working with a digital agency coach. By doing so, you can gain valuable insights and solutions without the need for trial and error.

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List of Top 70+ Digital Agency Coaches to Follow

Having discussed the reasons why you might be considering bringing a digital agency coach or consultant on board in 2023, it’s time to delve into our compilation of the leading digital agency coaches to keep an eye on.

We have segregated our list based on different countries like the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Ireland, Spain, and Mexico.

Digital Agency Coaches in the United States

1. Brent Weaver

Brent Weaver.

Brent Weaver is a dynamic leader and serial entrepreneur with a deep background in the digital agency market. As the CEO and Co-Founder of UGURUS, he spearheads a renowned business accelerator that provides training, mentorship, coaching, and a thriving community for digital agency owners worldwide.

Brent’s impressive journey also includes serving as the Business Unit Leader at Cloudways, a SAAS cloud web hosting company that was acquired by DigitalOcean in September 2022 for $350 million. Today, he leads the same business unit at DigitalOcean, achieving remarkable growth rates of over 10% per month and 100%+ year-over-year revenue growth.

With a knack for creating value in the digital agency sector, Brent has a proven track record as a sales and marketing practitioner, manager, teacher, and influencer. He excels in team building and leadership, consistently attracting and nurturing top talent to build high-performing teams.

Check out Brent Weaver’s Webinar.

2. Karl Sakas

Karl Sakas

Karl Sakas helps digital agency owners regain control of their businesses, conquer growth challenges, and boost profitability. As a seasoned management consultant and executive coach, Karl has guided agency owners on six continents.

With a wealth of experience dating back to the dial-up era of digital, Karl specializes in advising agencies, particularly those with 20-100 employees facing scaling challenges of at least 30% annual growth. He offers project-based or ongoing support, emphasizing strategy, operations, and leadership.

3. Tim Kilroy

Tim Kilroy

Tim Kilroy has more than 20 years of experience in digital marketing. He’s started, grown, bought, and sold multiple agencies, learning from both his successes and setbacks.

In his role as a marketing agency coach, Tim Kilroy leverages his expertise to assist agency owners in growing their sales, profits, and overall satisfaction, all without the need to work harder or longer.

4. Chip Griffin

Chip Griffin

Chip Griffin specializes in aiding small PR, marketing, and digital agencies with under 50 employees in navigating challenges and seizing opportunities.

With over two decades of entrepreneurial and agency ownership experience, Chip shares insights from his successes and failures.

As a leader in PR, public affairs, and digital marketing, he provides guidance on overcoming economic challenges, breaking barriers, and achieving business goals.

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5. Lee Goff

Lee Goff

Lee Goff, a seasoned Marketing Agency Coach, and Digital Marketing expert, brings a wealth of experience to the table. He founded his first agency in 2003, achieving a successful exit in 2016. Today, his primary focus is coaching and empowering digital agency owners to achieve growth, scale, and genuine enjoyment in running their digital marketing agencies.

Lee is passionately dedicated to assisting digital agency owners in navigating the challenges of growth and providing them with the necessary tools and guidance to thrive in the competitive digital marketing landscape.

Check out our interview with Lee Goff.

6. Chris Rudolph

Chris Rudolph

Chris Rudolph serves as a business coach for digital agencies, specializing in accelerating growth and eliminating hustle. He’s also a sought-after national speaker at digital marketing conferences, having presented for renowned companies such as AgoraPulse, Foxwell Founders, Sendible, Verblio, RepStack, and Cloud Campaign.

Originally from Madison, Wisconsin, Chris and his family now call Kona, Hawaii home. He operates his business coaching practice remotely and dedicates part of his time to volunteering and assisting needy families.

7. Kyle Van Deusen

kyle van deusen

Kyle Van Deusen is a dedicated owner of OGAL Web Design.

In his role as an agency owner, Kyle takes pleasure in educating clients to empower them to make informed decisions. Furthermore, as a leader in The Admin Bar, a community of over 7,000 web agency owners, he aspires to inspire, educate, and provide support to fellow agency owners, helping them improve their work quality and business growth.

Kyle’s extensive experience in building websites spans various industries, but he has found his true passion working with tech companies, particularly those serving the WordPress user community.

8. Gray Mackenzie

Gray Mackenzie

Gray MacKenzie, the CEO and Co-Founder of ZenPilot leads agencies on a transformative journey by revolutionizing project management. Gray boasts a substantial following, so he is definitely the person you can learn a thing or two from to run a successful agency.

With a keen focus on resolving core issues in technical setup, integrations, process development, templates, and fostering effective habits, Gray has deep expertise in agency project management.

ZenPilot has successfully served over 2,700 agencies, earning its reputation as the Seal Team 6 for agency project management and process development.

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9. Nicholas Petroski

Nicholas Petroski
Nicholas Petroski is the Founder of Promethean Research and an accomplished entrepreneur with a strong analytical background. His expertise spans various industries, including enterprise software, semiconductor, and commercial real estate. Nicholas excels in strategy formation, financial analysis, market research, startup operations, and data visualization.

He is dedicated to assisting digital agencies specializing in web development, design, and marketing, enabling them to achieve sustainable and profitable growth through cutting-edge, data-driven strategies.

10. Jeff Meade

Jeff Meade
Jeff Meade is a highly trusted advisor to marketing agency leaders, renowned for his 23 years of expertise in helping multiple agencies achieve scalable growth without compromising on profit or sanity. His impressive track record includes growing agencies beyond the $20,000,000 mark and successfully scaling one of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation.

Jeff’s work has been recognized and featured in prestigious publications such as Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, Ad Age, and Entrepreneur. Furthermore, his agency has consistently secured a spot on the Ad Week Fastest Growing 100 list for the past two years, solidifying his reputation as a go-to expert in the field.

11. Debra Murphy

Debra Murphy

Debra Murphy is a seasoned professional in the field of Small Business Marketing. She serves as an Agency, Coach, Consultant, and Mentor specializing in Inbound Marketing strategies. As a certified 90-day Year® Partner, Debra is dedicated to assisting businesses in achieving optimal performance by focusing on the most critical tasks at hand.

In her role, Debra harnesses the power of the 90 Day Year® Peak Performance System, a key component of her Masterful Marketing® Game Plan services.

Debra’s passion lies in sharing her wealth of knowledge, inspiring success, and motivating business owners.

12. Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt is a Co-Founder and Coach at Agency Coach, LLC. He is dedicated to empowering small business owners on their journey to business growth, specializing in the realm of Digital Marketing.

Mike’s expertise encompasses a wide range of digital strategies, including web design, usability optimization, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), review and reputation management, and Facebook advertising, among other forms of digital marketing.

In his role, Mike employs a unique approach. He leads a talented team of 20 individuals, each specializing in a specific aspect of the digital landscape.

Mike Schmidt is the right professional for achieving digital marketing success and enhancing your online presence as a small business owner.

13. Derric Haynie

Derric Haynie

Derric Haynie is a distinguished Commerce Enablement Leader with an unwavering passion for Marketing, Growth, Technology, and Ecommerce. His expertise lies at the intersection of these domains, making him the ideal Agency Coach and Consultant to follow.

Derric is relentless in pursuing opportunities to deliver value to Ecommerce teams. Whether through innovative technology solutions, impactful events, or insightful content, he consistently seeks avenues to empower Ecommerce professionals and drive their success.

Derric’s exceptional strength in blending human behavioral psychology with cutting-edge analytics sets him apart.

For anyone seeking guidance and mentorship in the realms of Commerce and Ecommerce, Derric Haynie is your guy.

14. Andy Crestodina

Andy Crestodina

Andy Crestodina is the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Founder of Orbit Media Studios, Inc., where he also serves as the Strategic Director. With a wealth of experience spanning over 22 years, Andy has been instrumental in providing digital strategy to more than 1000 businesses.

Andy’s contributions extend to a vast body of work, including authoring over 500 articles on topics ranging from content strategy and search engine optimization to social media and analytics. His expertise and insights make him an invaluable resource for businesses seeking to excel in the digital landscape.

For anyone looking to navigate the complexities of digital marketing and strategy, Andy Crestodina is a trusted leader whose knowledge and guidance can lead to remarkable success.

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15. Shama Hyder

Shama Hyder

Shama Hyder, simply known as Shama, is the Founder and CEO of Zen Media, a leading marketing and communications consultancy specializing in B2B brands.

Zen Media boasts a unique distinction as the sole marketing and PR firm to receive recognition from both the White House and the United Nations as a Top 100 company in North America.

Shama’s illustrious career has allowed her to collaborate with some of the world’s most prestigious brands, including Chase Business, The US Navy, Forbes, NASA, COX Communications, TATA, McKinsey, Bain, and many others.

Her expertise and track record establish her as a trusted partner for businesses seeking unparalleled marketing and communication solutions.

16. Kathleen (O’Malley) Celmins

Kathleen (O’Malley) Celmins

Kathleen (O’Malley) Celmins is a seasoned B2B Coach with over 15 years of experience, specializing in Quiz-Driven Email Growth and Revenue Enhancement for digital entrepreneurs and service providers.

Kathleen’s expertise lies in assisting content creators in crafting captivating quizzes that engage and convert audiences effectively. Her impressive portfolio boasts the creation of over 100 highly successful quizzes spanning various industries and target demographics.

Through her innovative strategies and guidance, Kathleen’s clients have achieved remarkable results, with an average email subscription list growth of an astounding 200%. Her track record makes her perfect for those seeking to leverage the power of quizzes to boost their digital presence and revenue.

17. David Meerman

David Meerman

David Meerman Scott is a distinguished figure in the world of marketing and business growth. He’s not only the author of 12 books, but he’s also an engaging speaker and advisor to emerging companies.

David’s extensive experience in delivering marketing and business growth presentations spans over 40 countries, including all seven continents.

David is an independent advisor and investor in emerging companies at the forefront of industry transformation, delivering disruptive products and services. Furthermore, he plays a crucial role as a Go-to-Market LP at Stage 2 Capital, contributing to the sustainable revenue scaling of software companies.

For those seeking practical wisdom and strategic guidance in the realm of marketing and business growth, David Meerman Scott is the right expert and thought leader who delivers results.

18. Karen Hite

Karen Hite

Karen Hite is a Growth Consultant specializing in supporting Digital Marketing Agencies by translating strategies into actionable steps. Her extensive experience includes being a proficient Salesforce Administrator with a track record in the marketing and advertising sector.

Karen’s skill set encompasses a range of systems, including High Level, Hubspot, Ontraport, Vanilla Soft, and more. She is not only a native speaker of both Spanish and English but is also deeply passionate about facilitating business growth.

Karen is the right person for agencies seeking to transform plans into tangible results and expand their digital marketing endeavors.

19. Rahul Alim

Rahul Alim

Rahul Alim is a Digital Marketing Agency Growth Consultant who takes the helm at Custom Creatives. With an impressive tenure of over 16 years in the digital marketing arena, Rahul’s passion lies in acquiring more customers for his clients.

Rahul specializes in transforming clicks into customers. He believes that, in this era, small to mid-sized companies and advertising agencies can achieve growth by capitalizing on digital marketing channels such as Facebook, Google, review sites, and websites.

If you’re seeking to scale your business and acquire qualified leads, Rahul Alim is the person to turn to.

20. Andrew Dymski

Andrew Dymski

Andrew, a Co-Founder at ZenPilot with a decade of experience running the agency, is a seasoned expert in operations and project management software implementation for marketing agencies.

Specializing in ClickUp, a rapidly growing Project Management tool, ZenPilot offers comprehensive services spanning discovery, benchmarking, implementation, and ongoing elite support.

Andrew has worked with businesses across six continents. His extensive experience is distilled into a streamlined process to help you succeed without reinventing the wheel.

21. John Meyer

John Meyer

John Meyer has the unique ability to inspire individuals to surpass their expectations. As the founder of Leadmore, he is dedicated to assisting leaders and their teams reach new heights.

Through personalized 1-on-1 coaching and group workshops, Leadmore challenges individuals to step out of their comfort zones, fostering rapid and intentional growth. John’s superpower lies in motivating teams, customers, and individuals to continually strive to improve their daily endeavors.

22. Robert Patin

Robert Patin

Meet Robert Patin, a leading Creative Agency Business Coach with a substantial following. Robert and his team at Creative Agency Success specialize in helping creative service agencies achieve maximum scalability and profitability.

They optimize business processes and sales operations, enabling clients to make informed decisions through improved record-keeping and cash flow management.

For a limited time, Robert offers a complimentary call where you’ll gain insights into three actionable steps to grow your agency in 90 days and discover strategic areas for enhancing business scalability.

23. Alyson Caffrey

Alyson Caffrey

Alyson Caffrey is a renowned Operations Strategist, Bestselling Author, and the founder of Operations Agency. With over a hundred agencies in their portfolio, Alyson and her team specialize in making agency output predictable, enhancing team efficiency, and boosting the bottom line.

Often referred to as ‘The Wolf’ by clients for her no-nonsense approach, Alyson is known for streamlining back-end operations and harnessing the power of small teams through her Operations Simplified™ framework. Alyson and Operations Agency are dedicated to helping businesses thrive profitably, expand their client base, and build high-performing teams.

24. Greg Hickman

Greg Hickman

Greg Hickman is the Owner and Founder of AltAgency. Greg and his team excel at coaching agency owners, having guided over 500 of them.

Their expertise lies in helping agencies productize their services, enabling them to scale beyond custom projects and one-on-one fulfillment. Their approach includes expanding revenue streams by monetizing knowledge and expertise.

Greg and his team are dedicated to helping agency owners, freelancers, and service providers achieve growth and scalability without sacrificing their nights and weekends.

25. Melanie Chandruang

Melanie Chandruang

Melanie Chandruang, the Founder and Lead Ops Consultant at WeConsult, is a must-have on any list of ops experts. WeConsult offers consulting and operations support for creative agencies, focusing on streamlining agency finances, operations, HR, and service offerings for enhanced profitability.

With 10 years of experience in business administration for agencies, startups, and tech companies, Melanie specializes in setting up day-to-day operations to ensure profitable outcomes for creative agencies.

26. Josh Nelson

Josh Nelson

Josh Nelson, Mentor and Coach at Seven Figure Agency, is here to help you succeed. With a proven track record, Josh transformed a struggling two-person “online marketing agency” into a $4 million per year agency with 30 employees, earning a spot on the INC 5000 list of fastest-growing companies for four consecutive years.

Whether you specialize in websites, SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Funnels, Facebook Ads, or more, Josh has coached numerous digital marketing agencies to success.

27. Mandi Ellefson

Mandi Ellefson

Mandi Ellefson, the powerhouse behind, is the go-to expert for CEOs of 7-figure consulting agencies. Mandi specializes in helping CEOs triple their fees, scale their businesses profitably, and attract high-value clients willing to pay double or more than their current retainers.

28. Jody Sutter

Jody Sutter

Jody Sutter is a growth strategist for small agencies, offering coaching, mentoring, training, and “do it for you” programs. Her expertise lies in helping small agencies master the mindset, tools, and routines required to excel in winning new business.

With a global reach, Jody has worked with agencies worldwide to cultivate a culture of new business, positioning them for consistent lead generation, revenue conversion, and scalable business systems. She’s a sought-after speaker at major marketing events, sharing her insights and ideas with agency owners around the world.

29. Dan Englander

Dan Englander

Dan, the founder of Sales Schema since 2014, specializes in assisting mid-to-large marketing agencies in acquiring new business. Sales Schema executes turnkey “done-for-you” programs, ensuring a continuous flow of client opportunities.

Dan’s mission is to help agencies break free from the Feast and Famine Rut by offering programs that deliver a remarkable 5-10x ROI through targeted deal-flow generation campaigns.

Check out our talk with agency guru Dan Englander of Sales Schema.

30. Jason M. Blumer

Jason M. Blumer

Jason M. Blumer is a seasoned guide for creative entrepreneurs, offering expertise in finance, scaling, and team structuring garnered over decades of experience.

As the CEO and Founder of multiple companies, he provides personalized 1-on-1 consulting services. Jason is also a prominent podcast host, featuring the Thrivecast and the Businessology Show, where he shares invaluable insights and knowledge with his audience.

31. Christian Banach

Christian Banach

Christian Banach is a seasoned expert in guiding agencies and martech companies to secure 6- and 7-figure opportunities with predictability. With a remarkable background, Christian began his journey by founding a concert promotion and experiential marketing agency while still in high school, eventually scaling it to over $10 million in sales.

His agency worked with Grammy award-winning artists like Lady Gaga and Pitbull and went on to launch an experiential marketing division, executing successful programs for renowned brands like Disney and Toyota.

If you want expert consultation, Christian is the guy to contact.

32. Kelly L. Campbell

Kelly L. Campbell

Kelly L. Campbell is a Trauma-Informed Leadership Coach, Speaker, and Founder of Consciousness Leaders. She specializes in 1-on-1 coaching for creative, media, and technology agencies, emphasizing conscious leadership and holistic growth strategies for better self-awareness, company culture, client relationships, and profitability.

Check out our talk with agency guru Kelly Campbell.

33. John Heenan

John Heenan

John is an experienced New Business Leader who has successfully created and managed advertising agency business development programs, generating millions in new revenue.

He is also a valuable source of expert consultation for your agency. John specializes in helping ad/marketing agencies reset their sales approach and prospect more aggressively. Whether you need outsourced business development, agency positioning, new business strategy, list building, marketing automation, or training, John can assist your agency in acquiring more clients and better clients more quickly.

34. David C. Baker

David C. Baker

David C. Baker owned a marketing communications firm for 6 years before founding a management consulting firm. His focus is aiding entrepreneurial experts in making better business decisions through his writing, speaking, and advising.

David is a renowned author with five well-received books and a frequent speaker at approximately 30-35 conferences annually. He has provided in-depth consulting services to over 900 small independent firms.

With David’s level of experience, he is the kind of person who can guide your agency in the right direction.

35. Russell Benaroya

Russell Benaroya

Russell Benaroya is a Co-Founder and Partner at Stride Services. Stride Services offers outsourced bookkeeping, accounting, and CFO services, primarily catering to service-based firms.

They specialize in providing access to crucial financial data to facilitate informed decision-making. With 15 years of experience in the industry, they currently serve over 100 clients across the United States.

Russell is recognized as a dedicated and dynamic leader, renowned for inspiring and guiding teams to achieve beyond their perceived limits.

36. Corey Quinn

Corey Quinn

Corey Quinn assists agencies in transitioning from founder-led sales to becoming vertical market specialists. He hosts the “Vertical Go-To-Market” podcast and is the author of “Focus Vertical” (Q3, 2023).

Corey’s impressive 25-year career spans entrepreneurship, agency sales leadership, and agency marketing executive roles.

Corey is currently dedicated to a mission: helping 1,000 agency owners transform their businesses from generalists to vertical market specialists, unlocking sales, enhancing customer loyalty, and achieving greater time freedom.

37. Rob Harr

Rob Harr

Rob, a co-founder of Sparkbox, a web design and development agency based in Dayton, Ohio, brings his extensive experience to the forefront as an operations coach. His focus is on helping clients achieve smoother operations that ultimately lead to increased profitability.

Throughout his career, Rob has collaborated with clients of various sizes, consistently finding ways to enhance their business outcomes. He strongly believes that relationships—with clients, partners, and employees—should be mutually beneficial. Rob is deeply passionate about nurturing Sparkbox’s growth and extending a helping hand to others in their pursuit of business success.

38. Joey Gilkey

Joey Gilkey

Joey, the founder of Sales Driven Agency, specializes in quarterbacking sales operations for businesses. In partnership with CEOs, CROs, and VPs, Joey’s team focuses on creating top-tier outbound sales departments.

Their approach includes not only devising effective strategies but also providing comprehensive support through dedicated sales enablement teams. This support encompasses recruiting and training sales personnel, setting up technology solutions, and managing data to ensure a holistic approach to sales excellence.

39. Carl Smith

Carl Smith

Carl Smith is an integral part of The Bureau of Digital, a vibrant community comprising digital professionals with diverse roles in digital agencies, including product owners, design leaders, and project managers, among others. This expansive community boasts over 8,000 members.

Carl stands out as a unique individual, captivating people with his remarkable energy and endearing them with his thoughtful, generous, and authentic approach in all interactions.

40. Joe DiSanto

Joe DiSanto

Joe DiSanto, Owner and Consultant at Play Louder, is a finance expert and advisor with a wealth of fiscal knowledge. Through Play Louder, he extends his lifetime of financial expertise to assist agency owners in enhancing their net worth, preparing for their future, and achieving more financial success.

Joe also brings considerable experience in real estate and the development of multi-million dollar production companies to the table.

41. Emily Meekins

Emily Meekins

Emily Meekins is a trusted people-operations consultant specializing in marketing agencies. As the CEO/Founder of WorkStrat, Emily is the perfect advisor, fractional ace, and strategic consultant all rolled into one.

Her company, WorkStrat, is dedicated to helping agencies establish robust people operation structures. If your agency is grappling with HR, compensation, or culture issues, Emily can shine a light on the path forward.

With a passion for partnering with businesses that understand the importance of their people’s success, Emily is here to help you stack those wins together.

42. Jason Swenk

Jason Swenk

Jason Swenk is a seasoned expert in the digital agency world, known for his passion for assisting agency owners. With a background of successfully running his own agency for 12 years before selling it, he has a deep understanding of the industry.

Jason is dedicated to helping high-performing digital agency owners achieve predictability, wealth, and freedom. His focus is on sharing proven strategies for scaling agencies efficiently, allowing owners to work smarter, attract ideal clients, and charge their true worth.

Check out tips from Jason Swenk to grow your agency.

43. Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan, the CEO of Agency Management Institute, boasts over 30 years of marketing expertise. He specializes in assisting clients in cultivating genuine connections with their customers and guiding fellow agency owners toward achieving higher business goals.

His influence extends beyond his clients and peers as he engages audiences with his unique approach.

Recognized as one of the world’s leading marketing and branding bloggers, Drew McLellan ranks among AdAge’s Top 150 index, solidifying his authority in the industry.

Check out our quick interview with agency guru Drew Mclellan.

44. John Jantsch

John Jantsch

John is a renowned agency marketing speaker, consultant, and bestselling author of books like ‘Duct Tape Marketing.’ With a passion for empowering independent marketing consultants and agency owners, he specializes in helping them scale both their business and personal lives.

His agency marketing firm provides a range of services tailored to individual needs. This includes comprehensive programs designed to train, manage, and activate marketing teams, as well as access to a network of marketing consultants who can connect you with the resources and answers required for success.

Digital Agency Coaches in the United Kingdom

45. Ian Harris

Ian Harris

Ian Harris is a dynamic and accomplished leader in the agency industry. As the driving force behind Agency Hackers, the UK’s largest agency community, he is dedicated to helping agency leaders and their teams excel in their endeavors.

With a wealth of experience and expertise, Ian Harris empowers agencies to run more effectively through interactive online events, case studies, and training sessions. His commitment to elevating the agency world makes him a prominent figure in the field, guiding professionals toward success and innovation.

46. Nicole Osborne

Nicole Osborne

Nicole Osborne is an acclaimed BrightonSEO Speaker and a highly sought-after agency coach to follow. With her extensive experience, she specializes in guiding growth-focused digital agency owners and entrepreneurs to elevate their marketing strategies and outreach efforts.

Through her Wunderstars coaching program, Nicole brings an infectious enthusiasm, structured support, and an unwaveringly positive energy to the world of business development and marketing. She is the go-to coach for those looking to make significant strides in their agency’s growth journey.

47. Dan Archer

Dan Archer
Dan Archer is a seasoned B2B marketing leader with a focus on agency growth and lead generation. Drawing from his extensive experience on both the brand side and media owner side, as well as within agencies across digital, retail, and broadcast sectors, he possesses a wealth of knowledge.

Dan’s remarkable achievements include being named in the prestigious BIMA Top 100 in 2021 and the BD Top 100 in both 2020 and 2021. With over a decade of agency marketing expertise, he is now dedicated to assisting other agencies in achieving growth and scalability in their marketing endeavors.

48. Janusz Stabik

Janusz Stabik

Janusz Stabik is a seasoned consultant, coach, and mentor who assists digital agency owners worldwide. He’s renowned for guiding agency leaders to run more sustainable, predictable, and autonomous businesses.

Janusz is a trusted advisor to organizations like Google and The Directors’ Centre, dedicated to helping clients reclaim their valuable time while achieving scalable and autonomous agencies.

49. Roland Gurney

Roland Gurney

Roland Gurney is a specialist in Agency Positioning and serves as a key figure at Treacle, an agency dedicated to helping other agencies carve out a unique and compelling identity in a crowded market.

In the competitive agency landscape, Roland understands the importance of a strategic narrative that sets businesses apart. His mission is to transform agencies into confident, cohesive brands that resonate with their audience.

Roland and the Treacle team provide businesses with structured processes, constructive challenges, and the kind of messaging that commands attention. If you’re an agency looking to break free from the mold and make a lasting impact, Roland Gurney is your trusted guide to agency positioning success.

50. David Winterbourne

David Winterbourne

David Winterbourne is a seasoned Business Consultant at Winterbourne Worldwide with over 25 years of expertise in the creative industry. He specializes in seamlessly integrating various disciplines, departments, agency networks, and third-party supply chains.

Leveraging his extensive background in Operations, Creative Services, Integrated Project Direction, and Delivery, David excels in launching and managing innovative, highly interconnected experiences, campaigns, products, and brands.

His portfolio spans startups, global brands, and award-winning creative agencies, making him an experienced consultant for businesses seeking comprehensive and effective solutions.

51. Tom Wardman

Tom Wardman

Tom Wardman is a Certified Coach primarily focusing on guiding businesses toward content-driven sales success. His deep-rooted passion for content marketing is not just a hobby; it’s his area of expertise.

Tom excels as a forward-thinking leader in the realm of digital marketing. He has a remarkable ability to orchestrate in-house teams and collaborate with partners to optimize campaigns. His adaptability shines in the ever-evolving digital landscape, where he consistently delivers exceptional results.

If you’re seeking a guide to content-driven sales success, Tom Wardman is the expert you can trust.

52. Laura West

Laura West

Laura West is the Founder and Advisor at Agencywise, whose mission is to develop stronger and more successful agencies. With a rich background spanning over two decades in the PR and marketing industry, Laura brings a wealth of experience to the table.

Her primary focus lies in assisting agency founders in the journey of growth and scalability. Laura holds certifications in Agile and Change Management, and she adeptly applies these frameworks to guide her clients through the diverse challenges and opportunities that arise in the ever-evolving and fiercely competitive agency landscape.

Laura West is the right resource for those seeking to build stronger agencies in the PR and marketing industry.

53. Matt Saunders

Matt Saunders

Matt Saunders is a dedicated Coach specializing in helping freelancers bring more clients into their businesses. His expertise is grounded in personal experience, having successfully achieved this feat multiple times throughout his career.

Matt has honed a systematic approach for identifying and attracting enthusiastic, highly engaged clients who are not hesitant to make substantial investments. With his guidance, you can tap into this process and elevate your freelance business to new heights, securing clients who are eager to work with you.

54. Andy Bargery

Andy Bargery

Andy Bargery is a dedicated professional who specializes in empowering marketers and agency leaders to make informed decisions regarding marketing strategy and communications. With a rich and diverse career, Andy has amassed extensive experience as a marketer, marketing consultant, agency advisor, and educator.

His expertise spans both B2B and consumer marketing in various sectors, including technology, property, energy, pharmaceuticals, logistics, and the public sector.

Andy commits his efforts to guiding marketers and agency executives in making informed decisions regarding marketing strategies through consultations, education, and mentorship.

He is a trusted resource for those seeking guidance and expertise in the world of marketing strategy and communications.

55. Peter Wootton

Peter Wootton

Meet Peter Wootton, the Founder of The SEO Consultant Agency. With expertise spanning technical SEO, web development, conversion rate optimization, outreach, and various facets of digital marketing, Peter is an experienced consultant who can help you achieve sustainable, long-term results. He currently oversees digital marketing client retainers exceeding ÂŁ150k per month.

56. Paul Boag

Paul Boag

Paul Boag, a highly experienced User Experience Consultant with 27 years in the digital industry, is known for enhancing customer experiences to drive conversions, brand awareness, and customer lifetime value.

Paul offers coaching services to digital agencies, including team mentorship, Chief Digital Officer support, and motivational presentations. Paul’s expertise spans customer experience, conversion optimization, and user experience prototyping, making him a sought-after international speaker and author of six books.

He helps organizations optimize customer touchpoints to create exceptional experiences that yield positive business results.

57. Chris Bantock

Chris Bantock

Chris Bantock is your trusted Agency Business Guide, dedicated to helping Marketing Agency owners navigate the challenges and triumphs of running their businesses.

As the Founder of Agency Local, a development community committed to improving agencies and their leadership, Chris serves as your expert guide to enhancing your agency’s performance.

With a deep understanding of where you want to go, he offers coaching, training, mentoring, advice, and education tailored to your needs and desires.

58. Robert Da Costa

Robert Da Costa

Robert Da Costa is a seasoned expert dedicated to assisting agencies in achieving profitable, sustainable, and enjoyable growth. With the experience of successfully selling his own agency for ÂŁ1 million, Robert understands the unique challenges that agency owners face.

He offers coaching services aimed at helping agency owners realize their goals while ensuring an enjoyable and fulfilling journey, all with minimal stress. Da Costa Coaching specializes in facilitating marketing agency growth.

59. Robert Craven

Robert Craven

Robert is the Director of (Grow Your Digital Agency) and is renowned as the UK’s leading keynote speaker on growing digital agencies.

He is also an expert in customer acquisition, satisfaction, and retention. Robert’s insights into marketing and growth strategy have been widely embraced by various businesses and agencies, including notable names like BlackBerry, Barclays, Nando’s, and Airbus, as well as Google Partners and Uberall.

60. Robin Waite

Robin Waite

Robin Waite, a dedicated Business Coach at Fearless Business, specializes in supporting agency owners. His mission is to help agency owners double their income while reducing their client load, all while achieving a harmonious balance.

Robin’s approach is centered on eliminating burnout and enabling agency owners to deliver exceptional services to their clients. Drawing from years of experience and rigorous testing of business growth strategies, he is committed to sharing valuable insights and guidance tailored specifically to agency owners on their business journey.

61. AJ Saunders

AJ Saunders

AJ Saunders is a seasoned professional dedicated to assisting ecommerce brands in scaling to 8-figure success through a tried-and-true marketing system. With a background as a former ecommerce brand owner, including a customer base spanning 14 countries, AJ brings invaluable real-world experience to the table.

As a self-professed digital marketing enthusiast, AJ possesses the expertise to guide businesses in constructing the essential foundations for rapid growth.

AJ offers a range of services, including 1-to-1 and group ecommerce coaching, making him the ideal coach for brands seeking to elevate their ecommerce ventures and achieve substantial growth.

Digital Agency Coaches & Consultants in Spain

62. Rachel J.

Rachel J.

Rachel J. is a trusted advisor for ecommerce agencies, dedicated to helping agency owners transition out of day-to-day operations and elevate their agencies to the next level.

With a wealth of experience as the former COO of a leading ecommerce agency, Rachel has provided support to over 100 ecommerce agencies worldwide in roles such as fractional-COO, non-executive director, and board advisor.

She is renowned as the foremost authority in implementing best practices for operations, systems, and processes to facilitate profitable and efficient scaling of ecommerce agencies.

Rachel specializes in building scalable retainer models and coaching high-performing leadership teams, simplifying the path to success for ecommerce agencies aiming to scale.

63. Sean Butcher

Sean Butcher

Sean Butcher is a People and Culture Consultant who heads his own consultancy. His true passion lies in helping agencies and small to medium-sized businesses build strong people and culture foundations.

Sean has collaborated with organizations to shape long-term people strategies, offering coaching and training to empower leaders in their roles. He has also developed processes that promote fairness and clarity in previously confounding situations.

Sean Butcher’s consultancy, Reflect, is the perfect resource for businesses aiming to enhance their people and culture offerings and foster growth and success.

Digital Agency Coaches & Consultants in Canada

64. Cammi Pham

Cammi Pham

Cammi Pham is an eCommerce marketing expert specializing in data-driven strategies. With a focus on Klaviyo Email and SMS Marketing and advertising on various platforms, she crafts conversion-focused campaigns that leverage your target demographic’s data for high-quality prospects.

Cammi’s team is dedicated to maximizing exposure, minimizing costs, and boosting on-site conversions through technology and data. They handle all aspects of creative strategy and integrations, offering full transparency in their services.

For eCommerce businesses seeking to maximize their marketing potential and drive revenue growth, Cammi Pham is the trusted partner to turn to.

65. Marcel Petitpas

Marcel Petitpas

Marcel Petitpas is the driving force behind Parakeeto, an agency profitability consultancy. Parakeeto specializes in helping agencies optimize their metrics and enhance profitability.

They focus on agencies that have mastered client acquisition but need assistance in consistently achieving an annual net profit of 25%+. He’s the kind of person who can help you grow your agency to new heights.

66. Rachel Gertz

Rachel Gertz is the Co-Founder and CEO of Louder Than Ten, an agency specializing in digital project management training for digital agencies, departments, and product studios. Rachel’s expertise lies in training project managers and teams to save money and boost revenue.

Clients working with Rachel’s team have witnessed remarkable productivity increases of up to 40% and a significant reduction in project inefficiencies by 27%. Whether you aim to elevate your existing team or train new project managers, Rachel is the expert to turn to.

67. Blair Enns

Blair Enns

Blair Enns, a 20-year veteran of the marketing industry, is the founder of Win Without Pitching, established in 2002.

He is also the author of two influential books, “The Win Without Pitching Manifesto” and “Pricing Creativity: A Guide to Profit Beyond the Billable Hour.”

Blair even co-hosts the podcast “2Bobs: Conversations on the Art of Creative Entrepreneurship” alongside David C. Baker.

Win Without Pitching (WWP) offers sales and new business development training programs tailored for owners and employees of design firms, advertising agencies, and other creative businesses.

These programs equip individuals with the tools and confidence needed to surpass the competition in the industry.

68. Ben Aston

Ben Aston

Ben boasts 15+ years of experience at top digital agencies, including TAG, FCV, Dare, Wunderman, DLKW Lowe, and DDB. His expertise spans diverse industries like transit, utilities, FMCG, consumer electronics, eCommerce, automotive, financial services, public sector, and retail.

Ben excels in merging strategic thinking with hands-on implementation, emphasizing design and strategy to help businesses deliver innovative, customer-centric products and services. His passion lies in understanding customer needs through design research, identifying opportunities, and empowering teams to create valuable solutions.

69. Marquis Murray

Marquis Murray

Marquis is a seasoned Business Process Consultant driven by a mission to eradicate team burnout and empower seamless work processes. With a career spanning over 15 years and diverse roles such as Digital Marketing Manager, Founder & CEO, and VP of Efficiency, Marquis brings a wealth of experience in streamlining operations and driving revenue growth.

Notably, he recently established a consultancy firm, which he efficiently scaled and successfully sold to a competitor within a mere two years of its inception. Marquis is your trusted partner in optimizing efficiency and ensuring your team can focus on their work without the complexities of workflow ambiguity.

70. Dev Basu

Dev Basu

Dev Basu, CEO of Powered by Search, specializes in helping B2B SaaS companies expand their demand generation efforts to drive demos and trials and boost monthly recurring revenue (MRR). Dev has collaborated with various B2B SaaS and technology companies, spanning both large and small brands and teams.

Dev also provides coaching to digital agency owners through, assisting them in achieving their first or next million dollars in recurring revenue.

71. Mike Reid

Mike Reid

Mike Reid is an accomplished Scale Advisor known for guiding 6-7 Figure Founders. With co-authorship of ‘Key Person of Influence’ under his belt, he’s an Investor and enthusiastic Biohacker. Mike’s expertise shines through Dent Global, where he offers a rich array of opportunities.

Mike specializes in elevating leadership and turbocharging agencies through accelerator courses like StartUp, Becoming a Key Person of Influence, and Entrepreneur 21-day sprints.

With over 12 years of experience, Mike and his team have assisted more than 3,500 founders in building ‘Key Person of Influence’ brands within their industries.

Digital Agency Coaches & Consultants in Ireland

72. Michael MacGinty

Michael MacGinty

Michael MacGinty is a prominent figure when it comes to helping businesses foster the web for growth. Michael not only shares his insights as a regular speaker and author on this subject but also serves as a dedicated business coach for his clients.

In his role, Michael and his team engage in a comprehensive range of services. They meticulously plan, design, and develop business websites, providing ongoing support and management.

Michael inspires and guides Professional Services Businesses in achieving online effectiveness, ultimately helping them secure the clients they truly desire.

73. Clodagh Higgins

Clodagh Higgins

Clodagh Higgins is a Business and Performance Coach, owner of the Thrive Agency Community, and founder of Sligo Hub & Sligo Life. She is also a Certified Reinvention Practitioner, reachable at [email protected].

Clodagh specializes in consulting and coaching owners of Digital Marketing and Sales Agencies worldwide, assisting them in marketing, selling, servicing, and scaling their businesses.

Since 2013, Clodagh has provided consultancy and coaching services to numerous agencies in the HubSpot Agency Partner Program, spanning APAC and EMEA, helping them navigate the realm of Inbound Marketing & Sales while optimizing their ROI on marketing automation software.

Digital Agency Coaches in Australia

74. Victoria Brennan

Victoria Brennan

Victoria Brennan serves as the Agency Lead at TikTok. Her exceptional skills extend beyond her current role, as she is also recognized as an outstanding recruitment consultant. Victoria is known for her professionalism, remarkable interpersonal skills, and expert knowledge that has aided individuals in securing their dream jobs.

As a highly adept communicator, Victoria is an invaluable presence in crucial client meetings. Her dedication to her profession and her ability to facilitate successful career transitions make her an exceptional recruitment consultant and an asset in any professional endeavor.

75. Troy Dean

Troy Dean

Meet Troy Dean, the visionary founder of Agency Mavericks. With a proven record of transforming agencies worldwide, Troy has helped thousands of agency owners and freelancers achieve growth, gain time, and even successfully exit their businesses.

Over the past decade, his blog posts, podcasts, videos, and free templates have impacted countless individuals globally. What sets Troy apart is his commitment to paying it forward, irrespective of whether you become a paying customer.

If you’re serious about growing your agency and ready to seek guidance, follow Troy Dean for access to his valuable industry secrets.

Digital Agency Coaches in Mexico

76. Peter Levitan

Peter Levitan

Peter Levitan is the leading advertising agency business development and agency management consultant. His mission is to make clients unignorable in the world of Advertising, Digital, and smart B2B companies across the globe.

With 30 years of digital/advertising agency new business development experience, including owning his own agency and leading business development at Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising Worldwide in New York and London, Peter brings a unique perspective to the table. He excels at advising, coaching, and providing actionable business development strategies that position agencies as unignorable, delivering more leads and improving sales programs.

Criteria for Choosing a Digital Agency Coach for Your Agency

You see, running a successful agency can be quite challenging. There are so many moving parts, from client management to team coordination, marketing, and financials. That’s where digital agency coaches and consultants come into play.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when picking the right coach or consultant for your agency:

Expertise and Specialization: Ensure the coach or consultant has expertise and specialization relevant to your agency’s industry or specific challenges.

Track Record: Review their past performance and client success stories to gauge their ability to deliver results.

Approach and Methodology: Assess their coaching or consulting approach and confirm that it aligns with your agency’s values and working style.

Cost and ROI: Evaluate the cost of their services in relation to the potential return on investment (ROI) for your agency.

Compatibility: Consider the compatibility between your team and the coach or consultant, as a positive working relationship is essential for effective collaboration.


This concludes our compilation of the top 70+ digital agency coaches and consultants to follow in 2023. Connecting with the right consultant can unlock your agency’s true potential. If you believe we’ve missed any agency consultants or coaches, please let us know, and we’ll ensure to include them in this blog.

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