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14 Top Agency Podcasts You Need to Hear Right Now

Updated on February 13, 2023

8 Min Read
Agency Podcast

If you didn’t already know, Agency podcasts offer the most informative conversations about the digital era. If you’re on the front lines of a marketing team, you already know how important that morning coffee machine talks about yesterday’s social buzz.

The podcasts also offer news about the latest happenings, expert opinions, and trends of what’s happening within digital agencies. So if you’re a business or agency owner, developer, designer, or marketer, fret no more! I’ve compiled a listicle of podcasts that you can choose from and follow!

  1. Build A Better Agency
  2. The Digital Agency Show
  3. Smart Agency Masterclass
  4. The Digital Agency Growth Podcast
  5. Agency Journey
  6. Agency Dealmasters
  7. THRIVE: Your Agency Resource
  8. The Agency Hour
  9. WP Builds
  10. Trailblazer FM
  11. UX Podcast
  12. How I Built It
  13. Shop Talk Show
  14. Agency Leadership Podcast

Before diving into the blog, watch the video below, in which Lee Matthew explores the benefits of starting a podcast for your agency and provides tips on getting started. From establishing a clear brand identity to finding the right equipment and hosting platform, this video covers everything you need to know to get your agency podcast up and running.

But why stop there? This blog post also showcases 14 top agency podcasts you need to hear right now. Whether you’re looking for inspiration, tips, and tricks, or just a great listen, these podcasts offer a wealth of information and insights that will help you take your agency to the next level.

1. Build A Better Agency

Host: Drew McLellan

Drew McLellan leads the Agency Management Institute that facilitates hundreds of mid-sized agencies on how to grow their agency. He also helps improve profitability through agency owner peer groups, consulting, coaching, and workshops.

The White Label IQ hosts ‘Build A Better Agency Podcast’, inviting influencers in digital, traditional, media buying, public relations, and even web development agencies. They want to help agency owners build a sustainable business model.

In this podcast, you’ll learn about some of the core concepts behind ‘Sell with Authority.’ If you want to learn about building authority in your industry, achieving rapid growth, realigning your agency’s focus, this is the best podcast to listen to.

2. The Digital Agency Show


Host: Brent Weaver

Brent Weaver is the founder and CEO of UGURUS that offers elite training and mentorship for digital agency owners and growing freelancers. The UGURUS programs helps agency owners scale through proven systems around attracting prospects, winning deals, and delighting clients.

In weekly episodes on The Digital Agency Show you’ll hear from agency owners throughout their journeys to learn from their mistakes, find out what actually works, and apply it to your own agency. Not only do we dive into agency life, we talk about habits, tools, and other personal contributions to their successes.

3. Smart Agency Masterclass with Jason Swenk

SMART Agency Podcast

Host: Jason Swenk

Jason Swenk hosts two shows; Smart Agency Masterclass and Swenk Today. He runs a consultancy firm that helps marketing agency owners to grow their agencies faster.

If you want to listen to an agency podcast to help yourself outdo your competitors, this podcast is an excellent addition to the list. Jason talks about ways to grow and scale your agency through his Smart Agency Masterclass weekly podcasts. This podcast also provides information about the right tools to help your agency grow.

4. The Digital Agency Growth Podcast

The Digital Agency Growth Podcast

Host: Dan Englander

Dan Englander is the founder of Sales Schema and packs expertise in mastering account management. He is an advocate of brand sales. He has also published the book, “Mastering Account Management.”

In one of the episodes of The Digital Agency Growth Podcast, he invited Kelly Campbell to share her expert view on strategy consulting, business development, website design, SEO, CRO, and website technology consulting. She also founded a digital marketing agency in 2003 through which she gained international recognition.

If you want to listen to people who work right at the forefront of agencies, this should be a podcast you should listen to often. In this specific episode, Kelly talks about selling and scaling agencies, the process of acquisition, why resource roasters matter, scale-ability, and a practical approach to outsourcing.

5. Agency Journey

Agency Journey Podcast

Hosts: Andrew Dymski and Gray MacKenzie

Andrew Dymski is the founder of ZenPilot, where he helps marketing agencies develop processes and systems to scale up. He co-hosts the ‘Agency Journey Podcast’ with Gray MacKenzie, the co-founder of ZenPilot.

In this podcast, Andrew Dymski and Gray MacKenzie talk in detail about a problem that processes and systems can’t solve. The documentation of processes helps scale your agency and what can be rerun.

6. Agency Dealmasters Podcast

Agency Dealmasters podcast

Hosts: Nathan Anibaba

Nathan Anibaba is the founder and managing director at Agency Dealmasters. He conducts interviews with smart and influential marketing agency leaders who have made an impact on businesses and agencies.

You’ll get to hear from influencers including, Jeanette Pritchard, Rory Sutherland, Jim Hawker, Andrew Nicholson, Guy Wieynk, and Paul Allen.

The Top Marketing Agencies Around the World

7. THRIVE: Your Agency Resource

THRIVE Your Agency Podcast

Host: Kelly Campbell

Kelly Campbell hosts a video podcast called ‘THRIVE: Your Agency Resource’. In this podcast series, Kelly Campbell invites multiple industry experts to help businesses improve creative and tech agencies. She focuses on people during her discussions with influencers and also highlights issues related to positioning, pipeline, and profitability.

8. The Agency Hour

The Agency Hour Podcast

Host: Troy Dean

The Agency Mavericks Podcast offers insightful information on how to measure the health of a business by Simon Kelly, or Content Marketing 101 with Jeff Bullas. These podcasts present information about balancing the mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical well being of successful entrepreneurs.

These podcasts also cater to growth, processes, recurring revenue, and technological tips.

9. WP Builds

WP Builds Podcast

Hosts: Nathan Wrigley & Nathan Wrigley

WP Builds is a weekly web agency podcast series that covers news and webinars related to WordPress. The main focus of this podcast is WordPress Core, themes, plugins, and hosting. Both the co-hosts share their workings behind building a website on WordPress and how to tackle its complications.

For people who want to know what it is that you do, this episode is all about trying to make some kind of impact. You’ll be able to create an impact and get more clients through traction of your recent marketing activities.

10. Trailblazer FM

Trailblazer FM

Host: Lee Jackson

Lee Jackson helps the web agencies realign their focus on their goals.

He explores the ways of improving business and overall life inside the agency.

The following episode of Trailblazer FM Podcast presents Lee talking about the impact of poor management, simplifying the finance process, setting responsibilities, and recommending management tools.

Lee Jackson on “How to create content that actually grows your business”

11. UX Podcast

UX Podcast Podcast

Host: James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom

James Royal-Lawson and Per Axbom co-host the ‘UX Podcast’ series and conduct interviews of designers, writers, and influencers about what are the leading trends in the marketing industry, and how the marketing principles are influencing the decisions in the business world. In the highlighted podcast, the hosts talk to Andy Welfe and Michael Metts about how design methodology works when it comes to words.

In this podcast episode, Andy Welfle and Micheal Metts have a conversation with the co-hosts about the content of their book ‘Writing is Designing’. They explore ideas about writing with intention, ask the right questions, and share tips on common mistakes.

12. How I Built It

Host: Joe Casabona

Joe Casabona is an online course creator at ‘Creator Courses’ and LinkedIn Learning. He has a passion for teaching, so much so that he’s been teaching at a college level for the last decade. His passion translates in podcasts as he’s able to tell stories through this medium to his target audience.

How I Built It covers how business owners and developers build products from the process of ideation to the final execution. This will help you understand how different businesses have built their processes and what adaptations to integrate with time.

In the current episode, Joe explains his recent shift from MailChimp to ConvertKit to gain a better understanding of his audience. He continues to explain how ConvertKit functions for his business.

13. Shop Talk Show

Shop Talk Show

Host: Dave Rupert and Chris Coyier

Chris Coyier is the founder of CSS-Tricks where he blogs about front end development. He’s also the co-founder of CodePen. Dave Rupert is a lead developer for Paravel – a front end webshop. He hosts ATX Web Show and also contributes by writing jquery plugins.

Shop Talk Show is an excellent podcast for agencies and tech geeks who want to learn about future-tech and how it integrates with current businesses. In the podcast episode, these co-hosts talk about foldable phones, HTML adaptations, and using RSS feed features.

14. Agency Leadership Podcast

Agency Leadership Podcast

Host: Chip Griffin and Gini Dietrich

Chip Griffin is a serial entrepreneur who focuses on communication and technology. He advises PR agencies on how to improve efficiency by integrating innovation and improving operations.

Gini Dietrich is the founder and CEO of Arment Dietrich – an integrated marketing communications firm. She’s an author and co-hosts the ‘Agency Leadership Podcast’ with Chip.

The Agency Leadership Podcast is an excellent source of information for owners and executives – working in an agency – who wish to gain knowledge on improving public relations and becoming marketing agency leaders.

How to Select a Podcast to Listen to?

To pick the right podcast to listen to, it’s important to zero-in on what you’re looking for. Before you start browsing for the podcasts, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Are there specific people in the industry I wish to follow?
  • What is the preferred genre that I should explore?
  • What’s a more convenient format; solo shows, multi-/hosts, round-ups, or panel podcast.
  • What podcasts do people on my network recommend?

These questions will help you pick out a mix of agency podcasts that work best for you and your business. Since podcasts are usually 45 minutes to an hour-long, it’s essential to mix and match various podcasts to listen to roundups, featured interviews, subject matter experts, tips and tricks to get the perfect mix of information.

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Arsalan Sajid

Arsalan, a Digital Marketer by profession, works as a Startups and Digital Agencies Community Manager at Cloudways. He loves all things entrepreneurial and wakes up every day with the desire to enable the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs through his work!


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