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Fastest PrestaShop Experience on Cloud with Click&Go

Updated on  16th May

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First Moodle, then SugarCRM, then DigitalOcean, and now we have got another big one on board, and it’s none other than PrestaShop, one of the leading open source e-commerce solution providers.

It seems like Cloudways is determined to make unprecedented progress. With each passing day, we are constantly engaged in making Click&Go – the premier cloud platform – better than ever. This is the reason why Cloudways continues to add more applications with a mission to provide optimum convenience to our valued clients.

Why you need to deploy PrestaShop on cloud?                                         

With the ever-increasing number of online customers looking for convenient ecommerce solution, PrestaShop has become their premier choice. At present, PrestaShop is being used by 165,000 shops globally, with more than 600,000 active members. It also provides more than 310 features to facilitate online business experience. PrestaShop supports various payment gateways including DirecPay, Google Checkout, Authorize.Net, Skrill, PayPal, PayPal Payments Pro (Direct) and EBANX Checkout etc. And you can shop from anywhere in the world.

Hosting PrestaShop on Click&Go, a unique cloud platform from Cloudways, gives you the ultimate satisfaction that you desire, providing you the options to deploy multiple applications with just 1-click, such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, MediaWiki, etc.

The combination of Click&Go and PrestaShop provides you with incredibly fast speed and unmatched performance. The magical recipe of Varnish-Memcached-Apache-Nginx has done the trick here, helping you load your websites 50% faster than any other cloud platform.

The powerful and feature-rich console gives you the liberty to keep a close eye on more than 15 vital metrics related to server and application management. Through this user-friendly console you can also map your domain name and get SSL certificates installed within minutes to secure your website via encryption. You can also scale your server as per your requirements.

With an iron-clad and foolproof security regime in place, we have got you covered. Our team of dedicated cloud engineers keeps your PrestaShop servers maintained all the year round, to ensure that your website remains safe and sound from unwarranted security threats. Also, you get automated backup and restore facility with auto-heal mechanism to ensure that your server and website never get down.

Get a whole new ecommerce solution with Click&Go

We all love shopping online. Click&Go, the niche Platform-as-a-Service cloud from Cloudways, has been in the limelight since its inception. With robust speed, reliability, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness, Click&Go provides you with speed and performance par excellence coupled with affordable hosting and incredible features second to none. Moreover, now you have the choice to host your servers either on Amazon Web Services, Google Compute Engine or DigitalOcean. The choice is yours.

Truly, Click&Go makes a perfect match for your PrestaShop website. Sign up to take a 3-day free trial now!


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Salman Mehdi

Salman Mehdi worked as Digital Content Producer for Cloudways. In his spare time, he reads books, blog posts, or anything that catches his fancy.

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