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Say Hello To Redesigned Cloudways

Updated on July 24, 2019

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Redesigned Cloudways 2018

Cloudways with a fresh new look, a caring and nurturing Startup Program, enhanced Staging, a new Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL feature, and more.

We are pleased to announce the official launch of our redesigned website and blog. After months of hard work, multiple design iterations, and improving UI of all our assets, we are ready to unveil our new look.

Simultaneously, based on valuable customer feedback, we rolled out improvements to the Platform’s UI, an enhanced Staging Environment, a new Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificate feature, and launched the Cloudways Startup Program.

Cloudways Gets a New Look

Over the years, we were bootstrapping our way to success and our prime focus remained on hardcore growth metrics. We evolved our Platform, introduced new features, improved existing capabilities, scaled our caring and expert 24/7 support team and added new partnerships.

However, there was a company-wide consensus that Cloudways needed a new look and a fresh take on the Cloudways brand.

  • We wanted to resonate more with our audience and better express our key value propositions.
  • Since we were growing rapidly there were inconsistencies in various Cloudways assets and we realized that our website was a bit old-fashioned.

But before we started working on the website, we decided to influence our brand personality first. We followed a structured approach, because our co-founders really dislike fluff and vague ideas, (they’re often heard saying “what the fluff”). Hence, we took inspiration from The Three-Hour Brand Sprint, thanks to Jake Knapp for his contribution in the initial phase of Cloudways brand sprint.

A significant portion of the brand sprint was devoted to revisiting and visualizing our Audience Profile, Core Values, Personality, Brand Promise, Key Value Proposition, and most importantly our Why, How, What, based on Simon Sinek’s “The Golden Circle.”

Once we brainstormed, revisited and agreed on several aspects of how we can better navigate and influence our brand personality, we found a common ground and agreed on a lean roadmap which included a new and fresh UI along with several other organizational measures.

Guided by our brand concept and armed with all the valuable data, we started working on UI/UX of the new Cloudways theme.

With the right people onboard, we consulted seasoned UI/UX and brand experts to ensure perfect implementation of our redefined brand personality. Most importantly, in doing all this, we made sure that we fully understood the requirements of our global audience and reflected them in our new look.

All these efforts helped us ensure consistency across the board with a modern design that resonates more with our audience and gave Cloudways a new look, expressing our key value proposition and brand concept more eloquently.

Launching the Startup Program

We have always wanted to give back to the community as we strive to help innovators and disruptors realize their dreams. Based on our experience with the startup community, customers, and industry stakeholders, we uncovered several challenges that startups face during their initial and growing stages.

With our history of bootstrapping and our experience of helping startups, we are well aware of the challenges that often cause startups to sink. Hence, we launched Cloudways Startup Program in an attempt to facilitate startups with managed hosting, the best mix of tools and personalized mentorship. The Cloudways Startup Program aims to help startups navigate successfully to the growth stage and beyond.

Staging Environment and Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL

With our “Customer Always Comes First” approach, we prioritized two of the most requested features; enhancement of the Staging Environment and the addition of Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL.

The scope of the existing Staging feature was limited, a point that was frequently highlighted in customer feedback. Considering all the pain points and suggestions, we improved the Staging Environment feature that further optimizes the workflows for our customers.

Our customers now have the option to create Staging environments where they can test alterations and improvements without affecting their live application. Once everything is working as desired on the Staging application, customers can “push” the changes to the live application.

Another important request from our users was the availability of Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificates on the Cloudways Platform. Using this feature, our users can protect multiple subdomains through a single certificate.

Following our approach of Simplicity In Everything, this easy-to-manage feature allows simple installation and management, removing all the complexities in using Wildcard SSL certificates.

Revamped Affiliate Program – Bigger, Better and Flexible Structures

In line with our approach of winning as a team, we discovered our affiliates’ inclination towards certain commission structures, and decided to revamp our Affiliate Program. We came up with a solution that helps our affiliate partners earn more commissions for their efforts, and gives them an edge over the competition through bigger, better, and more flexible commission structures.

Our Not-Too-Distant Future Plans

We want to align all our commitments and improvements with the Cloudways brand concept. In our 2017 year-in-review, we mentioned that we are working on a few amazing features to improve the Cloudways experience. This year, we have already introduced several exciting features and plan to make the rest of the year and beyond even more interesting.

Currently, we are developing an Agency Partner Program that will further facilitate emerging digital design, development, and marketing agencies grow and scale faster with additional perks and benefits.

As announced earlier, we are working on the improvements to our Cluster solution. Right now running as a Private Beta, this solution is undergoing stability and performance enhancements and will soon be available to all our users.

Security is always our core priority and our upcoming plans include enhancements and introduction of new features that will improve platform security for all customers.

So stay tuned! There’s something for everyone.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the redesigned Cloudways, recent improvements, and product roadmap. Reach us on Twitter or comment below to share your valuable feedback.

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Owais Khan

Owais works as a Marketing Manager at Cloudways (managed hosting platform) where he focuses on growth, demand generation, and strategic partnerships. With more than a decade of experience in digital marketing and B2B, Owais prefers to build systems that help teams achieve their full potential.


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