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How Anna Grunduls Design Improved Its WooCommerce Performance by 4x With Cloudways

Updated on April 20, 2021

5 Min Read
anna grunduls designs case study

Anna Grunduls Design is a Poland-based ecommerce store for creative products like coloring posters, notebooks, maps, postcards, stickers, etc. Anna, the Owner and Creative Director, was facing performance issues with her store, which eventually brings fewer sales and more abandon carts. Let’s read what she says after migrating her store to Cloudways!

Mansoor: Could you please tell us about your background? What does your company do what was the biggest challenge you were facing before moving to Clouwdays?

Anna: I’m Anna and I illustrate adult coloring pages. My company, Anna Grunduls Design, manufactures stationery that can be colored in posters, stickers, even adhesive tapes. My mission is to help people celebrate their creativity and surround themselves with their art.

anna grunduls artwork

I absolutely love running my shop online! it’s amazing that my products have traveled to the furthest parts of the Earth. Unfortunately, an illustration business also means a very visual, image-heavy website.

My previous hosting company couldn’t support my complex ecommerce shop. The loading times were terrible and quite frankly. I even stopped updating my website because I was annoyed about how long it took to update a product.

Thankfully, I’m a woman of action, so that didn’t last long. Cloudways came to the rescue! 🙂

Mansoor: How did you come across Cloudways and what was your first impression about it?

Anna: I was really disappointed to realize that a lot of bloggers recommend hosting companies not based on their personal experience but based on referral commissions they are offered. I found a lot of blog posts recommending the previous hosting company that made me roll my eyes! This is how I got caught up in this mess last time.

This time, I decided to do my research the other way around. I figured I’m not the first person to have these hosting issues, so I started looking for people who were in the same situation. I looked for people who switched from my previous hosting company to a different one and were happy with their decision.

Mansoor: Why did you switch from your previous hosting solution? Was it because you wanted dedicated WooCommerce hosting?

Anna: I’m not a stranger to coding and I wouldn’t mind doing my own WooCommerce installation manually, so didn’t limit myself to dedicated WooCommerce hosting. I considered all options. Though of course, I preferred to work with a hosting provider that can optimize my performance for WordPress and Woocommerce.

Mansoor: What other possible solutions were you considering?

Anna: Over the time I used my previous hosting provider, I upgraded my hosting plan several times. Each time, they promised that the new upgrade would fix all of my issues. When that upgrade didn’t help, they kept promising that the next upgrade would definitely do the trick and of course, it didn’t.

Shared hosting is shared hosting and no matter how many shiny upgrades I purchased. It was still shared hosting, except it was getting more and more expensive.

So by the time I was ready to switch, I knew I didn’t want to use shared hosting ever again. I was open to other ideas and even considered dedicated hosting, but nothing seemed quite as right as cloud hosting.

Mansoor: Why did you choose Cloudways? Would you like to tell us about your selection criteria? What made our solution stand out over others that you researched?

Anna: I read a lot of stories about other website owners who left my previous hosting company. A lot of them switched to a shared hosting from other providers and though they were happy – their improvements didn’t seem spectacular. It seemed like they were stuck in this box of shared hosting and were afraid to look for something else.

There were also a few people who switched to cloud hosting and their experience seemed much better. I knew I wanted the “WOW” effect, so I focused on the recommendations where I could see measurable results and huge improvements. I was done with a slow website. I was ready for a big change.

A lot of the very positive recommendations mentioned Cloudways, so I checked it out! I loved the idea of cloud hosting made incredibly easy and intuitive. Finally, a solution, where I don’t have to worry about technicalities! I saw some amazing comments on social media about how easy the move to Cloudways was, so I decided to give it a try. (Get noticed on social media, visit the Cloudways webinar)

Mansoor: What exactly did Cloudways do to contribute to the outcome you wanted? Did “faster website, more conversions” work with Cloudways?

Anna: Yes! Faster website for sure. I was surprised by how fun it is to edit products and posts again.

I also noticed that some of my email subscribers, who previously abandoned their carts, are now successfully checking out! Imagine how many sales I missed out on with the previous hosting company!

Mansoor: What are the key features that you really like about Cloudways hosting for WooCommerce?

Anna: I have one favorite feature: Elastic billing. How genius is that? I don’t have to pay for a year of incredibly expensive hosting if one of my promotions creates a short-term spike in traffic. I don’t have to worry that my website will crash if my traffic increases. Genius!

Mansoor: What would have happened if you had not switched to Cloudways?

Anna: I would be stuck with an underperforming website and I would definitely lose customers.

Mansoor: What business processes does Cloudways enhance and how much does it reduce the cost and time to complete these particular processes?

Anna: I’m saving so much time on editing the website contents and I can focus on what I do best: illustrating. 🙂

Mansoor: What would you tell others who might be considering Cloudways? Why would you recommend the services we offer?

Anna: Firstly, I know moving to a different hosting seems like a headache, but with Cloudways, it’s not! The team helped me migrate the website in no time, there were no downtimes, no problems, everything was done for me. The communication with the Support Team was also wonderful. They kept me updated throughout the whole process.

Secondly, a fast website is everything! It’s not just comfort for your customers, it’s a comfort for you too!

Finally, Cloudways really takes the guesswork out of optimizing your server. The navigation is so intuitive that anyone can become a hosting mastermind.

Mansoor: It would be great if you can share any exclusive pictures for our readers. Thank you!


anna grunduls designing

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