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Earn upto $200/sale from DigitalOcean Affiliate Without a Native Affiliate Program

Updated on April 2, 2020

5 Min Read
DigtalOcean Affiliate Program

Before we go into earning as a DigitalOcean’s affiliate, let’s first understand the reason behind cloud server’s popularity. The rise of cloud computing has transformed the way businesses run today. The history of cloud computing goes back to 2011 when American company; DigitalOcean introduced Solid State Drive (SSD) drive storage with IPv6 capability. This is perhaps the reason why the DigitalOcean remains the center of discussion in most forums related to the budget-friendly cloud servers.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) – one of the three types of cloud services – has now become an integral part of business strategy today. Most small and medium-sized businesses hesitate to migrate to the cloud, due to lack of capital and thus, resort to local server hosting providers. To help such businesses, DigitalOcean has everything to offer.

With amazing performance metrics such as server uptime, downtime, customer service, responsiveness, and load time, coupled with the SSD storage, the platform also provides a user-friendly UI through which the customers can transfer applications and databases to and from the cloud.

Earn at your own pace.

Refer customers and set up your passive income stream

DigitalOcean’s Visibility

Excluding the potential in DigitalOcean’s affiliate opportunities, the cloud provider has been promoting itself through the Hacktoberfest. It’s an open-source meetup that commences in October every year. This event is held in partnership with GitHub and Twilio. Competitors register on the platform and submit pull requests on GitHub’s shared repository. This event provides an opportunity for developers to engage with open source applications that are open to peer review by the original developers.

Hacktoberfest is a global annual event that GitHub and DigitalOcean have joined forces to create a success story. Here, participants contribute by making pull requests to popular repositories on GitHub. During the Hackoberfest, if a participant is able to contribute four pull requests, they are eligible to win merchandise.

So that leads us to the next question i.e why is DigitalOcean preferred amongst developers?

There are a number of reasons why developers enjoy working with DigitalOcean’s user interface. Not only is it minimalistic and functional, but the console also has links and buttons that give you access to the necessary and available functionality. This goes without saying that the platform continuously builds on its feature-rich functionality.

DigitalOcean’s UI comprises almost every function to meet the needs of deployment and scalability management of web applications. Although there is a popular opinion about this platform not being enterprise-ready, DigitalOcean’s still is a robust platform for running mainstream open source workloads. Features like VPN and peer to peer sharing are still some aspects the platform needs to work on but additional offerings have capabilities that developers expect. This is why digital agencies recommend DigitalOcean for hosting public websites to their clients.

Why is DigitalOcean Popular?

Besides being budget-friendly with a $5/month basic package, DigitalOcean gives SMBs a number of reasons to choose it. The organization provides droplets that boot in about 55 seconds. It also hosts data centers in 12 key global locations including Toronto, Singapore, San Francisco, New York, London, Frankfurt, Bangalore, and Amsterdam

One of the biggest factors in choosing DigitalOcean is its droplets feature that help organizations and developers to reduce the chances of data loss. Additionally, they also have a live scaling feature that helps users scale from 1GB to 16TB of block storage volume. The fact is that all data is encrypted as it’s transferred to the user’s droplets over the isolated networks. Now, imagine the possible earnings one can generate through DigitalOcean’s Affiliate program.

Earning through DigitalOcean

With such an amazing product out there, it’s unfortunate that DigitalOcean doesn’t have an affiliate program. Just like the industry giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) that has an expensive price tag, wouldn’t it be great if promoting DigitalOcean cashed in some revenue?

All hope is not lost, because there’s still a way to cash in this opportunity.

With the Cloudways Affiliate Program, you can earn up to $250 by helping five visitors convert into Cloudways customers. With that, one also has the opportunity to earn through our platform by promoting DigitalOcean.

Promoting DigitalOcean – Cloudways duo offers a great number of opportunities as well. Its partnership with Cloudways gives it a more innovative UI, which makes it easier for developers and SMBs to configure their servers.

What’s more is that within the Cloudways platform, the users can view their affiliate links and monitor their progress. Monitoring campaigns, ad banner links, and referral links make it easier to target potential customers.

Features like SubID tracking in the Cloudways affiliate panel help identify the origin of journey of the conversions in a specific campaign. Conversion tracking becomes easy with tracking the to know the users clicked funnel. Furthermore, Cloudways also provides three different payout structures to cater to the type of marketeer/agency you are.

So it’s safe to say that marketers can optimize their marketing strategy with the help of this panel. With many other tools packed in this panel, a Cloudways – managed DigitalOcean Affiliate can view the analytics of their campaign holistically.

Earn upto $200/sale!

With Cloudways Affiliate Program for Managed DigitalOcean

Payout Slabs

Within the Cloudways Affiliate Program for Managed DigitalOcean, users can choose between three different types of payouts. They can opt for standard slabs, where they need to bring in a set number of affiliate referrals per month and cash out accordingly.

Cloudways Affiliate Slab Model

Earning through Slab Model

Another payout strategy for Cloudways Affiliate Program for Managed DigitalOcean is to choose the hybrid slab that allows a $30 upfront bonus per referral, and a 7% lifetime recurring commission. This way there’s no such deadline to bring in a select number of referrals per month.

Cloudways Affiliate Hybrid Model

Earning through Hybrid Model

The third type of payout offered by the Cloudways Managed DigitalOcean Affiliate Program is the custom slab. Here, the affiliates can opt for higher payouts as they wish to bring in a high number of referrals. This caters to agencies and highly influential bloggers who have a great following.

Cloudways Affiliate Custom Model

Custom Payout Structure

So, all is not lost. If you’re looking to promote DigitalOcean’s products and make a good earning, you can join the Cloudways Managed DigitalOcean affiliate program and start your work.

Signing up and orienting yourself with the Cloudways Affiliate Program is quite simple. You’re required to sign up, set up your profile and start using the affiliate panel from the Cloudways platform.

Disclaimer: DigitalOcean does not offer a native affiliate program. This article contain information for DigitalOcean promoters who wish to leverage the popularity of DigitalOcean for passive earning/affiliate marketing earnings.

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Muhammad Rehan

Muhamad Rehan is as Digital Marketer at Cloudways, where he uses his SEO skills to improve the visibility of Cloudways. He's been deeply involved with cloud computing technologies such as IaaS & PaaS. Apart from work, Rehan has a nag for staying updated with the latest technological trends and spends time exploring innovative and effective ways of digital marketing.


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