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NOV 21, 2022 15:37:25

The WooCommerce

<Speed Up Challenge’22/>

Think you can optimize a sluggish website so well that it unleashes relentless online growth?
Prove your skills and get rewarded BIG for your efforts.

  • Days

  • Hours

  • Minutes

  • Seconds

Welcoming the Speed Enthusiasts

Get started in minutes; expedite our store & stand out with your optimization skills.

How To Participate?

Enter the contest with four quick steps & unleash your speed prowess to earn our exciting prizes.

< 1 >

Register Yourself

Fill out the registration form, and we’ll email you the link to the Hackathon Slack channel & the speed-up challenge’s live date.

< 2 >

Access Cloudways

We’ll send you another email with the promo code, valid for a 7-day trial, and a submission form. Use that code to sign up on Cloudways & move your website.

< 3 >

Optimize Store

Play around with your optimization skills to boost the site’s performance in the given time frame.

< 4 >


Once you’ve boosted the store, submit your site’s performance results via the submission form sent in the second email & wait for the results.

Rules & Instructions

Here are the rules & instructions to ace the speed up challenge.


While you can play around the store to optimize it your way; you must follow some rules, including:

  • You MUST use a 1GB, 2GB, or 4GB Cloudways server.
  • Only the entries sent from the official sign-up form will be entertained.
  • Send your GTmetrix results in a Word document with the testing link; also include a summary of your optimization steps.
  • We will email the shortlisted participants on the 14th of November, 2022.
  • Changing or altering the theme’s files is restricted.
  • You can remove, add, or deactivate the plugins, ensuring the site’s functionality and UI remain intact.
  • Removing the number of products and product images is also restricted.


Our contest is open to everyone, but for a fair chance of winning, you should have basic knowledge about the following:

  • Web hosting
  • WooCommerce themes and extensions
  • Website speed test tools
  • Updating core files
  • Troubleshooting common WordPress errors
  • Image optimization
  • Use of caching
  • Understanding of site performance
Join Us On Slack
Join Us On Slack
Join Us On Slack
Join Us On Slack
Join Us On Slack
Join Us On Slack

You can join our dedicated Slack channel for prompt communication and to stay
in touch with other participants & us.

Fill up the form to participate in the WooCommerce Speed Up Challenge.

The contest will commence on the 14th of November 2022, and we’ll send you prompt updates regarding the event happenings via email.

Enter Your Details

Refer a Friend

Fancy the prizes but don’t want to participate yourself?
Earn your victory via referrals in two ways.

Referral Leaderboard

Refer as many friends as possible to top our leaderboard and get rewarded. The more people you refer, the stronger your chances become. We’ll reward the top 10 referrals with the following prizes:

  • $50 worth of hosting credits
  • $50 Amazon cards
  • Cloudways T-shirt

Winning Referrals

If any of your referrals manage to make it to the top 3; we’ll also reward you with prizes, including:

  • $100 worth of hosting credits
  • $100 Amazon cards
  • Swag Box

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Our Partners

Presenting our proud partners who have helped us in creating the biggest
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Earn hosting credits, Amazon cards, and Cloudways Swag via referrals, with or without competing in the contest.