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Scope of Support

Unlike traditional hosting, Cloudways is all about Care, Choice and Innovation. Support therefore is a key element of our Managed Hosting recipe.

Cloudways offers you different levels of support (Standard / Advanced / Premium), so you can choose the level that best suits your requirements. Regardless of the level you opt for, you can access our support via Live Chat and the Ticketing System, that enables you to raise your issues with our team of experts.

Standard By default Advanced $100/mo or 10% of your invoice
(Whichever is Higher)
Premium $500/mo or 10% of your invoice
(Whichever is Higher)
Support channels & Availability      
Live Chat – 24x7x365 (Priority) (Priority)
Ticketing – 24x7x365 (Priority) (Priority)
Private Slack channel with your team members – 24x7x365
Phone Support with Senior Engineers – 24x7x365
Detailed and Searchable Knowledgebase and Community forum
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Standard SLA
  • Live Chat (24x7x365)
    – 15 minutes max chat duration
  • Ticketing System (Instant live chat available 24x7x365)
    – 3 hours (High Priority)
Read here in detail about our
‘Service Level Agreement’
Improved SLA
  • Live Chat (24x7x365)
    – 30 minutes max chat duration
  • Ticketing System (Instant live chat available 24x7x365)
    – 30 minutes (High Priority)
Read here in detail about our
‘Service Level Agreement’
Premium SLA
  • Live Chat (24x7x365)
    – No Limit (Chat offered via private Slack channel)
  • Ticketing System (Instant live chat available 24x7x365)
    – 10 minutes (High Priority)
Read here in detail about our
‘Service Level Agreement’
Coverage (Coverage is explained below in detail)      
Infrastructure Support
Platform Features
Application Support

Support Channels & Availability:

Cloudways offers Support to all the customers, irrespective of the support level they have opted for, through the following two channels:

  • Live Chat- 24x7x365 (Priority for Advanced and Premium support levels)
  • Ticketing System – 24x7x365 (Priority for Advanced and Premium support levels)

Premium Support customers, additionally have access to a 24x7x365 private Slack channel and phone support directly by our Senior Engineers. All this is supported by a detailed and searchable knowledge base and Community forum that you can access any time to resolve commonly occurring issues. Every support level comes with specific SLA that detail the support timelines.


Please refer to this document for a detailed explanation of our “Service Level Agreement”.


Infrastructure Support

In case of issues related to any of our infrastructure partners (including but not limited to servers not starting, servers not launching and servers not scaling), we will use our best efforts to coordinate with the provider until a resolution has been achieved.

Platform Features

We fully support any request related to the Cloudways Platform including but not limited to:

  • Adding servers/applications
  • Cloning servers/applications
  • Server scaling
  • Mapping domains
  • Backups
  • SFTP/SSH connection issues

For all our customers, we additionally support the following extra application related services:

  • Migration of your site to Cloudways (managed migration)
  • Issues about installing/configuring Breeze WordPress plugin
  • Issues about installing/configuring Amasty Magento plugin
  • Problems with Let’s Encrypt certificates
  • Issues about setup/configuring CloudwaysCDN


An important element of the Advanced and Premium support levels is the ability to customize your server (deploy additional PHP packages, Nginx/Varnish specific configurations). You can ask Cloudways to make specific configuration changes to your server that will follow it through the different platform processes (including but not limited to clone, restore, transfer).

Application Support

Application Support is another important element of Advanced and Premium support levels, which mainly includes help/collaboration with application level issues, such as:

  • Troubleshooting of plugins and themes
  • Investigation of server error messages
  • Database related issues
  • Performance optimizations
  • Proactive stack/server monitoring. Soon we’ll extend it to proactive Website (404, 500, 503… ) monitoring.
  • Cloudways API troubleshooting

Out of scope items

No matter which support plan you are on, there are issues/scenarios that are outside the scope of our support. The following are a few items that are out of scope for the Cloudways Support:

  • Changes to your website content/appearance
  • Changes to the functionality of plugins/themes/modules
  • Debugging custom code
  • Application level security issues
  • Auditing your code
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Migrating your site from Cloudways to another service/hosting provider
  • Upgrades of plugins/themes/modules (We can help with troubleshooting the issues)
  • And in general, we will not do anything that implies code editing

To know more about Advanced and Premium addons, please visit here
In case you’ve any query, feel free to contact us

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