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9 Strategies To Build Recurring Revenue


Brent Weaver
Cloudways Maverick and CEO at UGURUS

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Unlock the Path to Recurring Revenue Success.

Do you find yourself trapped in the daily grind, where peace of mind seems like a distant dream, and the ebb and flow of inconsistent revenue keeps you on edge? It’s not uncommon to struggle with landing recurring revenue and doubt whether your clients will commit or pay. It doesn’t have to be this way.

Join us for an exclusive webinar featuring industry-famous Brent Weaver, the visionary behind UGURUS, who has unlocked the secrets to financial stability and client satisfaction. Brent’s insights are a game-changer for agencies like yours.

You don’t have to settle for support that doesn’t understand your needs… Sites that take too long to launch… And servers that crash for no reason (leaving YOU and your team to figure out what went wrong).

Harness the power of our transformative program, and you’ll emerge with more than just peace of mind. You’ll experience the comfort of monthly auto-deposits and the thrill of winning recurring revenue with ease. Watch as your clients eagerly sign up and pay, and proudly present concise packages with clear, client-focused outcomes.

Let us show you the way to lasting success.

Discover the steps to transform your revenue streams.

    Here are the 9 HOT PRINCIPLES that you’ll learn in this live training

  • Start Offering Recurring Today
  • Build Passive Momentum
  • Find And Solve The Chronic
  • Ascend And Anchor Packages
  • Value-Priced
  • Irresistible Value-Packed
  • Price Your Avatars
  • Activate Your Relationships
  • Make an Offer Compelling

From recurring revenue to refined packages, agencies like yours have harnessed these strategies for sustainable growth. Now, it’s your agency’s turn to unlock the formula for recurring revenue that can elevate you to unprecedented heights of prosperity.


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Brent Weaver is a digital agency industry veteran who started his first agency at the tender age of 17. Initially, he subscribed to the ‘anyone can be my client’ philosophy but soon became overwhelmed with project-to-project work, inconsistent leads, and financial hardship.

After successfully transforming his agency into an 85% recurring revenue powerhouse and eventually selling it, Brent’s mission expanded. Using his frameworks and processes, he helped several other agencies reach 6 and 7 figures. Over a decade ago, he established UGURUS to teach agency owners how to attract leads, close high-value deals, and delight clients using frameworks and processes.

Today, Brent Weaver is on a mission to empower 10,000 digital agency owners to go from amateurs to PROs.

Brent Weaver
Cloudways Maverick and CEO at UGURUS

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