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PHP-FPM Hosting

PHP-FPM Cuts Load Times by 300%

Faster websites provide faster conversions. Power up your web app by hosting it on Cloudways PHP-FPM hosting servers

Optimized For Speed

Hosting with PHP-FPM (FastCGI Process Manager) assures trailblazing loading times for your web app—up to 300% better performance. Use it with Varnish and Redis to get phenomenal results.


Efficient Resource Handling

PHP-FPM hosting is made to provide dynamic performance without being resource-heavy. Websites hosted on PHP-FPM use lesser resources as compared to traditional hosting stack.


Best PHP-FPM Hosting on the Planet

1-Click Managed Console

An easy way to control, monitor, and manage your servers – Cloudways has it all. A simple click gives you the power to get hold of 25+ servers and application functions.

Staging Environments

Cloudways PHP-FPM Hosting offers pre-configured subdomains where you can test your applications. Furthermore, you can map your domain names in a few clicks.

1-Click Scaling

Server resource deficiency? Scared of a sudden influx of web traffic? Don’t be. You can scale your cloud server with our feature-rich Cloud Platform with just a click and drag of your mouse. Yes, it’s that easy.

Integrated SSH and Git

Use SSH straight from your browser. Want to manage your Git code? You don’t have to go anywhere as the built in Git mechanism makes it easier to manage code from within the Platform.

Server & App Cloning

Cloning your server and applications with PHP-FPM Cloud Hosting is just a few clicks away. Use the cloning tools inside Cloudways to create a copy of your server and apps.

99.99% Uptime

Cloudways Platform with PHP-FPM Hosting ensures online visibility of your website 24×7 all year round. No downtime, no losses. Guaranteed uptime of 99.99% awaits you with no compromise on page load times on your websites.

How Cloudways Helped Atheist Berlin Attain Business Success

“Life’s too short, and…” said a very reflective David. “I would much rather spend it thinking about shoe designs. With Cloudways, I’m optimistic they’ll be the last hosting platform we’ll ever need”--- David Bonney, CEO Atheist Berlin