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Nginx Hosting

Nginx Hosting with fast response time

Accelerate your website with NGINX cloud hosting We are here to handle your hosting burdens

Built-in Accelerator

Want to build the fastest web applications on your Nginx cloud server? Don’t worry, Cloudways Nginx Cloud Hosting Platform comes with a special acceleration formula.


Optimized For Speedy Performance

Yeah! that’s true. All of your Nginx cloud servers are optimized for blazing fast performance. Thanks to the awesome combination of Nginx, Varnish, Apache, and Memcached.


Check Out These Great Features

1-Click Managed Console

Controlling, monitoring, and managing your server has never been so easy. Get hold of 20+ server and application functions in just 1-click

Managed Servers

With Cloudways Nginx Cloud Hosting, you get dedicated servers—and nothing less. All your cloud servers are managed and patched regularly with the latest OS and firmware updates.

Built-in Tools

Want SSH access? It is built inside the Cloud Console. What about MySQL database manager? That’s built-in too. Nobody likes to mess up with code management. The integrated Git mechanism makes code handling quite easy without any hassle.

Server & App Cloning

Cloning your server and application on Cloudways Nginx Cloud Platform is just a click away. Use the powerful Cloud Console and get replicated servers and applications in just a few minutes.

1-Click Scaling

Running out of your server resources? Scale your cloud server easily via the feature-rich Cloud Console in a single click.

Staging Environments

Pre-configured subdomains are available on Cloudways cloud platform to test your applications. You can also map your domain names with ease.

How Cloudways Helped Atheist Berlin Attain Business Success

“Life’s too short, and…” said a very reflective David. “I would much rather spend it thinking about shoe designs. With Cloudways, I’m optimistic they’ll be the last hosting platform we’ll ever need”--- David Bonney, CEO Atheist Berlin