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Here Are The Top Digital Agencies In Australia

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Every organization wants its product to be consumer’s top priority, and in this race of being number one, organizations hire different dedicated agencies according to their product genre. Agencies are perception developers, and every organization seeking for prime recognition hire these agencies to help scale a product to a brand.

Keeping all these aspects in mind, I researched on some of the top performing agencies in Australia. To saturate common interests, I have divided these agencies accordingly with categories. A thing worth noting here is that these agencies are not the only players in the arena of product handling. Moreover, neither are these agencies ranked in any order.

If you people know any relevant agency, feel free to let me know via your comments below.

Magento Agencies

Magento is an ecommerce application which currently holds a high market share. Let’s have a look at some of the top performing Magento agencies in Australia.


Magento Gold Partner, Netstarter started operating in 2004, and as per their claim, it is Australia’s largest ecommerce agency with a workforce of 140 creative people. The agency won Magento Partner of Excellence award consecutively for three years from 2014 to 2016. The list of awards does not end here because Netstarter also bagged Imagine’s Magento Spirit of Excellence Award for the year of 2016.

With their offices in Sydney and Melbourne, the agency is clearly a hub of achievers. Magento websites of the year 2015, 2016 were made by Netstarter, and many of their websites were among the finalist too. This list of honor and achievements shows how much of dedication is poured by their team when working on a project and with Magento 2 launched, this agency may be seen again at the top spot.

Balance Internet

Balance internet is a Magento agency with powerful clientele. The agency claims to be the spark behind Australia’s top retailers, and with an Award of Imagine 2016 Magento Spirit of Excellence, this agency knows how to roll in the industry. Balance Internet received the prestigious award of Magento Partner of Excellence in 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2016.

Their mantra for success is based on three elements: a defined vision, a scalable platform architecture and an engaging user experience. Minds behind this agency are immensely experienced, and with their office network spread across Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane, Balance Internet is aiming for a bigger 2017.

Drupal Agencies

Drupal is one of the most secure content management systems in the world. A lot of the top-notch websites from around the globe use Drupal as their choice of CMS. The Agencies working on it would need to be highly skilled and reliable. Let’s have a look at some of them working in Australia.


Spoon is a Drupal-centric agency run by a couple namely Alex Coachrane and Terri. The agency started off with their operations in 2003. Spoon took an active part in Drupal’s community in Australia. Hence, people working at Spoon are organizational members of the Drupal Association. Spoon helped to excel various individuals, businesses, government and private projects by making a safe and secure Drupal website for them. This agency works dedicatedly for Drupal and when they say “We love Drupal,” you gotta believe it.


Being among the top 5 code contributors in Drupal Community is not an easy feat to achieve. You can ask PreviousNext about that. This agency claims to be Australia’s premium Drupal strategy, design, and development expert. User experience expert Owen Lansbury and technical director Mr. Kim Pepper who previously lead award winning web companies of Australia and USA for 15 years, founded PreviousNext in 2009. With hundreds of Large-scale Drupal success stories, this agency is certified to provide Drupal services to Australian government agencies.

WordPress Agencies

WordPress is the leading content management system around the globe. The current market share of WordPress is more than 55% of the overall internet. No doubt, the agencies working on WordPress have their hands full. Let’s explore some of the top agencies for WordPress in Australia.


TheDMA like to call themselves as the Australian WordPress Experts. This agency was founded in 2008 and since then, it is working closely with WordPress development, marketing and WordPress managed hosting. Apart from working on WordPress projects, the team at TheDMA also created some free WordPress plugins. As they say “We love WordPress,” their clientele surely shows they are very much in love with their work.

WP Agency

Their name is their interest. WP Agency is among one of the best WordPress Agencies of Australia fully focused on providing WordPress development and designing solutions. Their client list shows some of the most prominent businesses in Australia, and with an eye-catching website, they are surely prepared to be on top of this WordPress development game.

Digital Marketing Agencies

No business can excel without reaching out their consumers, and this is why marketing is essential for every business. As every brand is gearing up to increase its online presence, digital marketing is becoming the need of every business. Let us explore how some prominent digital marketing agencies of Australia are performing.


Digital Media Group is Australia’s top-notch digital marketing agency residing in the heart of Australia, Sydney. This award winning agency defines its creativity through their website that is is a story of how creative people of DMG are. This agency covers every tiny aspect of digital marketing such as user experience, the web, app development and design, every type of graphical work, campaign designing, etc. DMG’s client list includes industry giants like Google, Virgin, Vodafone, etc.

With Collective

This agency hails from Australia and is a full-fledged digital marketing agency with a strong portfolio. With Collective worked for some of the world’s leading brands like Google Food, Cisco, Lenovo, Symantec, Airbnb, etc. People at With Collective are immensely passionate about their work, and this passion made them gain awards like AC&E Awards 2016, 22nd AMY Awards, etc. This agency helps brands grow with their services like idea and concept development, social media management, optimization, and analytics, etc.

Design Agencies

Creativity, marketing, product development and all other brand extension essentials need one thing to be perfect, and that is design. Our last but the most important category is Australia’s excelling design agencies.

Made Agency

“Branding is our business,” this is what this agency’s tagline is. This award winning agency is located in Sydney and won awards like Twentieth and twenty-first National Print Awards, Australian Catalogue Awards, Mohawk Awards of Excellence, etc. Made Agency specializes in everything included in digital marketing including web design, content creation, photography, video production, etc. Scroll on their portfolio list, and you will find one of the most reputable businesses there.

Mo Works

Mo Works wants you to get ready for your future. That is what their homepage says and seeing their work, I can relate with this tagline. This Melbourne based creative agency aims to deliver sparkling designs integrated with amazing experiences. Mo Works website is an absolute treat to one’s eyes which shows how amazing they are in branding, web, and digital designing. With growing clientele, this agency is surely aimed to reach the top.

Final Thoughts

These were the agencies that I found to be creative, unique, exotic and persistent in their work. Now that you know some of the top performing WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Design, and Digital agencies of Australia, you may get your work done by any of the agencies mentioned above, or you may share some of the agencies you have worked with in the comments section below.

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