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Actionable Ways to Improve Ecommerce Customer Engagement

Updated on  23rd October

4 Min Read
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Ecommerce store owners spend thousands of dollars on hiring experts to help them boost their business and grow their revenues by increasing their customer engagement ratio. One familiar problem for most of the ecommerce stores is the alarmingly increasing bounce rate of 34%.


This itself reiterates the importance of having actionable ways to engage with the customers. Here I am going to share some important ways which you can use to engage with your customers.

1. Engage with Community Marketing

If your ecommerce site still does not have a blog, then it this is high time to start one. Have a look here to know why your online commerce business needs to have a blog. Being the owner of an ecommerce store your need to have at least three things to engage more audience on your site:

  • Targeted traffic
  • Authority
  • A Medium that depicts your authority (a blog/forum)

If you have a blog, and you are getting tons of targeted traffic towards it, then you need to use it as a medium. If this is not the case, then you need to start searching for popular forums in your industry (niche) that can play the role of a launch pad for you. One major example of community marketing can be LinkedIn, as it hosts niche communities where you can showcase your expertise and use the experience to get more engagement on your ecommerce site.

2. Speak in Customer’s Tone

The most hardest thing to do it know the behavior of your consumers. You need to be on your fingertips to understand how a certain consumer is going to behave.

When a customer comes to your site, he or she would expect to see pages with personalized messages for them. One example, you can easily personalize your transactional emails or the final checkout page. If you are going to care for the person who just spent money on your site, by adding some personal touch to the shown page. You don’t need to do much. You just need to be sure that the customer know what just happened or is going to happen next. Even if you go for automation, make sure you are customizing the automation process. Do not be afraid of adding a little bit of humor to your pages. 😉

3. Let the customers talk with you

Your main purpose of engagement with your customers should be to help them find the right product at your ecommerce site. Talk to your customers and try to solve their small issues. Customers might be coming to your site to look for an update on your order status or look for a new product.

Having a Live Chat is going to help you to connect with your customers and solve their problems. Convenience to your customers should be your first priority. One of major advantage of having a live chat is that you are actually engaging with your customers in real-time and they do not have to wait for return emails or calls from online retailers.

4. Engage your customers with financial incentives

Let’s admit: We all love giveaways!

We all wait for the holiday season sales, the Black Friday sale and other seasonal sales that help us get real kick-ass deals on our favorite products.

This reminds me: One such giveaway is also taking place at Cloudways, where you get 30% discount on your cloud hosting for 2 Months on any cloud infrastructure! This giveaway got a good response with emails that were sent out, hence, reiterating the importance of nurturing customers through emails and giving them incentives to come shopping at your ecommerce site. You can easily put a copy of your giveaway in your newsletter, or on your website or through your mobile applications.

Campaigns like “Buy One, Get One at 50%”, “Avail Free Shipping”, and even use coupon codes for offering purchase discounts.

5. Get real reviews from your customers

There is nothing better than having customers who are brand ambassadors for your store. Make sure you have an exceptional ecommerce site which the customers simply love. Customer reviews are the most powerful engagement tool for your ecommerce site. You can use multiple forms of reviews on an ecommerce site. For e.g., you can use the Product Ratings (number of stars), Open-end Reviews (testimonials), or reviews on the forums or blogs of your site. All these forms of reviews, when posted with pictures of your customers will help you increase your revenue and your search engine ranking as well because the almost each reviewer is going to write non-duplicated content. A bonus indeed!

Ecommerce is evolving rapidly as more and more people are now moving to this form of shopping. There is no one way to succeed in the ecommerce wars, but the best bet is to have an effective strategy that involves long-term planning and short-term tactics as well. You can use these actionable tips to ensure the your customers keep on engaging with your ecommerce website. I know I have missed plenty of features. Let me know in the comments about any obvious tips that I have missed.

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Immad Uddin Khan

Immad is a Digital Content Producer for Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He is mostly busy in creating all sorts of informative and innovative content types. As a hobby, he loves to travel with his camera to picturesque destinations.

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