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Cloudways Stop App: Block Access to Applications in 1-Click

Updated on May 26, 2017

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Cloudways time and again proves that it listens to its customers and brings them the features they really want and even need sometimes. A common request was a feature that will stop access to an application over the web, remove SFTP/SSH access and stop any cron jobs for the application.

Cloudways Stop App: Block Access to Applications

Why Block Access to Applications?

There can be many reasons why Cloudways users and developers may need this option. The most common problem that developers face is clients who go AWOL, or in some cases refuse to pay for the applications developed for them. Before this feature was introduced, the only option to stop access to the application was to either delete it, or delete the server it was created on. However, that meant wasting a lot of effort, or in the latter case, having to delete other applications as well.

The Stop App feature, however, solves this problem with the simplest of solutions. Just flick the switch in the App settings and disable access to the application over the web. The deployed code is not public anymore, and except you and the developer(s) with access to your platform, no one would be able to access it.

Use Cases

Here are some Use Cases, suggestions, and feedback from our customers:

As I have many development apps, I would like to active them only when needed. They are an open doors for DOS services or hackers. This on/off is simply incredible.”

Customers want to easily manage their apps, and an on/off switch is essential for them.

“I use Cloudways to host my customer’s website. A lot of times, they miss the payment and I have to change the A records to point it to a blank or suspended website (which is a pain). Having a button to turn On/Off individual application would be an awesome feature.”

This is essential for all developers. Many times, clients delay the payments, and it is crucial that developers revoke their access without troubling their entire operations.

“It would be great if there was option to pause Application to stop any processes inside like Cron, web content etc. currently I need delete cron jobs and other stuff like that also inside php application, a pause can solve it like charm.”

These are some of the comments from our users that prompted us to look into this feature. Once we got into its development, we realized it was really important for developers and many users, and hence, after a lot testing and coding, we have finally announced the feature for you.

Now, if the client delays the payment, makes unfair demands, or you don’t want your application and its code to be public, all you need to do is visit the application settings, and simply flick the switch to disable access to the application.

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Owais Khan

Owais works as Strategic Partnership Manager at Cloudways - A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform.

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