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Agency in Spotlight: Squarebird Helping Brands Grow With Their Digital Expertise

February 10, 2020

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What do you get, when you place a digital designer and a strategic marketer in a single room? Well, this may give rise to something unique – a flourishing digital agency – Squarebird that specializes in client nurturing.

Squarebird – a UK based digital agency is set out to do things the right way based on reasoning and subject-expertise. Two brothers – Nick and Jon Bird; started a web digital agency together with no prior experience except for their power in strategic marketing and digital design.

squarebird team

Squarebird’s Humble Beginnings

Squarebird started its journey in 2015 and has grown quickly from a small bedroom office to an amazing team of 12 full-time staff. It delivers high performing, creative, and money churning websites for organizations of all sizes. Squarebird’s story has been a real bedroom to boardroom saga, and they are now working with many international organizations.

squarebird founders

Squarebird’s team has over 200 websites and more than 280 clients in the UK and across the world. They have never spent a single penny on business advertising; every piece of work has come organically via word-of-mouth and reputation. Squarebird prides itself on delivering high-quality results and services to its clients while ensuring the referrals keep rolling in.

Squarebird’s Achievements

“Our biggest achievements to date are being finalists for 3 awards, having a client on BBC’s Dragons’ Den and working for multiple clients around the globe. Furthermore, we are yet to spend a penny on advertising which we believe is a testament to our quality of work.”

Nick and Jon both believe that actions and reputation speak louder than words. This is the reason why they haven’t been aggressively spending on advertising and building on client relationships in order to build on reputation.

Overcoming the Obstacles

In the early stages, every day brought a new challenge for Squarebird, especially when it came to the digital side of the business. Finding the work seemed to come naturally, resulting from word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals, which always attract the best kind of work. Hence, reputation was everything for Nick and Jon, so they worked extremely hard to over-deliver.

Build your reputation and everything else will fall into place.

One of Squarebird’s biggest challenges was finding the best partners to work with, especially with regards to website hosting.

Nick highlights in this interview:

The experience with the previous hosting providers was very poor, and that was hindering our business’ growth; providing poor technical support, poor website load times and an unfriendly management platform. This was until we found Cloudways!

Cloudways has helped streamline our processes and offer fantastic support to boot. We couldn’t be happier!

Searching for the right hosting partner?

Try Cloudways – A Hosting Partner You Can Trust with Your Business

According to Jon and Nick, their holistic and proactive approach to the delivery of digital marketing and website projects is what makes Squarebird unique within the industry.

Digital marketing initiatives require a delicate recipe of expertise for success; clear and refined strategies, compelling written content, inspiring imagery, and video, innovative design and optimized web development. The client is responsible to make the parties understand creative briefs as per the changes that occur frequently during the process. Often the client is responsible to be the glue between these parties, repeating creative briefs time and time, administrating, liaising and organizing with multiple parties. It’s easy to see how cohesion is left desired.

sqquarebird meeting

In most cases, a client looking for a new website will have to find or consult a marketing strategist, copywriter, web developer, graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and more. However, that is not the case with Squarebird. Their clients gain additional value by the fact that each of Squarebird’s services is undertaken and directed by a team that has complete knowledge of the strategy and creative brief that underpins the very purpose of the project.

Jon and Nick further added; It would be easy to assume that the level of quality of each of our services may suffer due to the range of skills required, but thanks to our diverse team of professionals, this is far from being true.

“The results we achieve are deliverables that are clearly aligned with the original strategy, which was achieved in a slick and timely manner, vastly reducing the amount of administration, repetition, and delays that a client would usually experience.”

At Squarebird, each of the services is provided by their in-house team, unlike many other digital agencies. They do not outsource creative work. The brothers believe it’s better to employ and empower teams of talented, growing individuals.

Squarebird’s Success Story

The team at Squarebird was proactive enough to discover that many growing businesses needed ongoing marketing support that their web hosting providers couldn’t offer.

Many of the startups they engaged within the early days (and gave time to where others wouldn’t) began to take off. This practice helped the client businesses grow, thereby generating more client-based work for Squarebrid. Thus, Squarebird’s investment in clients and partners paid off very quickly. Their clients’ success is their success which became part of their philosophy – getting results breeds more work. This not only pertains to clients directly but also in the form of recommendations too.


Finding a family-run business in this industry is extremely rare today. This approach (along with the founder’s reputation for getting results) puts Squarebird above the rest. The Bristol-based agency helps clients with strategic business goals to develop a marketing strategy, and apply this to their branding and marketing operations. This is how Squarebird stands out from its competitors.

The brothers conclude that their team’s potential is much more than that of an independent web developer and that they strive to beat the large, national agencies in pitches.

Clients can see that this team cares on a personal level. Hence, this is what makes Squarebird unique, as there’s no one yet offering the range of skills and expertise at this price, this is what makes Squarebird’s position strong in the market.

Tips from Nick and Jon Bird for New Agency Owners

  • Build a reputation first and everything will fall into place.
  • Deliver in a slick and timely manner while reducing administrative and repetitive delays a client otherwise faces
  • Employ and empower teams of talented individuals
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Arsalan Sajid

Arsalan, a Digital Marketer by profession, works as a Startup Community Manager at Cloudways. He loves all things entrepreneurial and wakes up every day with the desire to enable the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs through his work!

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