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Cloudways Launches Its Revamped Affiliate Program

May 14, 2018

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We officially launched our affiliate program back in 2016. Since then, we have seen remarkable growth in thousands of affiliates, with whom we have built long-term relationships as we matured into an industry-leading managed cloud hosting platform.

revamped affiliate program

However, we realized that it was in need of a makeover.

We decided to get in touch with some of our affiliates to understand their pain points and challenges. After taking their feedbacks, we decided to roll out a revamped program that offers bigger, better, and flexible commission structures to give our affiliates an edge over the competition and help them earn more commissions for their efforts.

So if you have been eyeing to earn more through affiliate marketing, here’s how our program can work for you.

Freedom to Earn at Your Pace

Instead of just one, Cloudways Affiliate Program gives you three different commission structures to help you earn the way you want:

  1. Slab
  2. Hybrid
  3. Custom

1. Slab

slab affiliate model

Do you wish for bigger incentives for your hard work?

If yes, then Slab commissions structure is what you’re looking for. It allows you to earn commissions based on the number of customers you refer on a month-to-month basis. The more you refer, the higher would be your slab and thus, the higher would be your commission.  

How It Works

There are four performance-based slabs, each one corresponding to a fixed range of monthly referrals and commissions. The total commission you earn by the end of the month depends on the number of customers you refer.

For instance, you refer 45 customers in a month. That would put you in Slab #3, and your total commissions for the month will add up to $4,500 (45 x $100). However, if you refer 46 referrals during the same month, you will move up to Slab # 4, and your commission per referral increases from $100 to $125, resulting in a total commission of $5,750 (46 x $125).

In other words, as you progress to a higher Slab before the month ends, your total commissions are calculated based on your new slab CPA.

Once the month ends, your position resets. So if in Month 1, you were in Slab # 3, you will start over in Month 2 at Slab #1. Your position in Month 2 will be dependent upon the number of referrals you bring in during the month.

Who Is It For?

This performance-based model is perfect for affiliates who are up for the challenge of referring as many customers as possible.  

With 4 different slabs and varying CPAs, you are constantly motivated to refer more customers and multiply your total earnings. Entrepreneurs, performance marketers, large media publishers, and the like, can reap the most from this commission structure.

2. Hybrid

hybrid affiliate model

If you want to earn recurring commissions, choose our Hybrid commission structure for a lifetime passive income!

How It Works

The Hybrid model consists of an upfront bonus of $30 for every referral along with 7% lifelong recurring commissions. Through monthly payouts, you get to enjoy the comfort of making a commission for several years through a 7% share of your referral’s total invoice.

Who Is It For?

The Hybrid commission model is ideal for affiliates who are more inclined towards passive income. For this reason, our Hybrid model works out best for bloggers, developers, freelancers, and digital agencies, who are into the affiliate business for the long run.

3. Custom

custom affiliate model

If you’re an affiliate superstar who can refer dozens of customers, then we have something even better for you!

You can shift to our Custom affiliate tier, a combination of both Slab and Hybrid structures that is a win-win scenario for everyone!

How It Works

Since this model is customized as per your performance, the details vary from affiliate to affiliate. To opt for a Custom commission structure, get in touch with me.

Who Is It For?

The Custom commission structure is for affiliate marketing veterans and gurus who can refer a sizeable number of customers every month, without breaking a sweat.

Start Earning Now

Cloudways’ revamped high paying affiliate program offers plenty of earning freedom to everyone from beginners to experts. Are you new to our affiliate program? Join now to start with the default Slab commission structure.

If you are already a Cloudways affiliate and want to switch to Hybrid or Custom model, feel free to contact me at

So what are you waiting for? Join our program to refer and earn higher commissions!

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Umair Qureshi

Umair Qureshi works as Assistant Digital Marketing Manager for Cloudways- A Managed Cloud Hosting Platform. He loves combining creativity with skills and marketing with technology.

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