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12 Product Description Examples to Follow in 2023

Updated on February 16, 2023

13 Min Read
Product Description Example

In this blog, we will discuss some of the best product description examples, so you can boost your conversion rates in 2023.

Most product descriptions have a terrible copy. This is because most people don’t understand how product descriptions make a huge impact on online sales.

The Nielsen Norman Group conducted an ecommerce study, which made it quite clear that 20% of unsuccessful purchases are because of a lack of product descriptions.

Let’s understand what a product description really means before we get to talk about the best product description examples that you can take inspiration from.

What Is a Product Description?

A product description is a copy on your product page that is used to explain the features and benefits of your product. It successfully answers all the questions your customers might have, including product detail and information not otherwise evident through product images and videos.

The length of the product description varies from product to product. The more information you include in your product description copy, the better the chances your customers would purchase the product.


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What Does a Bad Example of Product Description Look Like?

In this guide, I will cover a number of ecommerce product description examples and ideas that will help you convert your leads into customers.

But before that, it is also important to have an idea about what a bad product description looks like.

Contrary to popular belief, a creative product description has got nothing to do with the length of tech or the fancy words.

The aim is to evoke your audience’s interest and let them know exactly what your product is all about.

A bad product description lacks the following important aspects:

  • An explanation of what the product does
  • Why should the consumer buy it
  • What is the product made of

Take this product description example of “Calvin Klein” sweater on Amazon, for instance:

bad product description examples

How would you know what the product is all about?

The heading “Calvin Klein Men’s 1/4 Zip Sweater” is not enough to tell the customers about the product.

And why would you buy a product without having any idea about its material, dimensions, and more. It is not appropriate when it comes to ecommerce SEO either. People would hardly search for “Calvin Klein Men’s 1/4 Zip Sweater” on Amazon. They are likely to search for something like “men’s grey full-sleeves sweater.” And this product would unlikely to ever come up in Amazon search if you search using these keywords.

Here’s an Effective Product Description Example

Let’s take another example that is likely to perform better and convert more customers.

good product description examples

In the example above, you can see that the product name, as well as the description, perfectly communicates all the important elements of this product.

That fact is that even this product description falls flat when it comes to persuading your customers to hit the “Buy” button.

That’s why I have rounded up some amazing tips below to write winning ecommerce product descriptions.

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12 Best Ecommerce Product Description Examples To Learn From

There are plenty of ways you can improve your ecommerce conversion rate. I’ll be highlighting 11 best ecommerce product description examples that will significantly change your sales numbers.

1. Focus on Your Target Audience

The core idea is to write your blog posts keeping your target audience in focus, writing product descriptions is no different.

If you don’t keep a laser-targeted audience in focus, then your product description will turn out to be wishy-washy. And in the end, you would be addressing no one at all.

A great product description always talks about the buyer first and then articulate the specifications. It also addresses its target audience directly using the pronoun YOU.

Have a look at one of these product description examples below:

Focus on product

Here you can see nothing but the title, product quantity, and its rating.

The website visitor is now intrigued and will definitely skim down to look at the product description.

Here’s its description:

Product description examples

This brand does a great job of piquing their audience’s interest and focusing on their problem. On top of that, they give important details about how to use it and what will be the benefits ensued after using the product. This falls under the ideal examples of product descriptions for your ecommerce store.

Also, as you can see, the product description is not inundated with technical jargon, something that so many companies tend to do.

They are basically targeting men with beards who may have a hard time grooming their beard and propelling their product as the obvious solution. Also, before penning a product description, remember these things:

  • Demographic
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Problem your audience might be facing
  • Income Level
  • Interests

All these insights will help you incorporate words that might compel your target audience to purchase your product.

Ecommerce Product Page SEO: 10 Tips to Follow & 5 Mistakes to Avoid

2. Short Words, Short Sentences, Short Paragraphs

Not many people have the time and inclination to read big paragraphs, which is why it is important to keep everything as concise as possible. People usually read the first few lines and the last few lines while reading your product descriptions.

So, don’t add superfluous and redundant words in your product description. Remember to write in an inverted pyramid by giving important information first.

The key is to “get to the point” as soon as possible without wasting your readers’ time. Look at a few product description examples below to get a better idea.

Firebox has mastered the art of writing best product descriptions. They sum up everything in just a few sentences.

firebox product description example
As you can see in the example above, they perfectly articulate the buyers’ persona (the target audience), features that the product has, and why the prospect should buy the product.

Further skim down the page and you will see an in-depth product description.

Firebox product description example

Again, the description is devoid of any redundant, superfluous words and sentences.

Almost every big brand is following this approach, be it for their product description or for putting forth a killer sales pitch. In 2011, Travis Kalanick described Uber (at the 21:15 mark) as a mobile app where:

“You push a button and in five minutes a Mercedes picks you up and takes you where you want to go.”

Here’s how Dave Bailey from Inc. describes Uber’s product description

Dave Bailey from Inc. describes Uber’s product description

This is not to say that you have to boil down your product description in two crisp sentences every time. But try to be as simple as possible with it, without confusing your customer. Clarity and being concise is the essence of writing creative product descriptions. Services like Grab My Essay can help you with writing catchy product descriptions that will save your precious time. Writing and editing experts will ensure that your site content is unique, neat, and proofread.

3. Focus on Benefits to Compel Readers to Make the Purchase

No matter what tactics you use, your end goal is to get the reader to buy your product. For this, you must write about the benefits that will motivate your prospects to make the final decision. And hopefully, the one that works in your favor.

Check out this footwear product description example of Nike sandals:

Product description of Nike

For one, they have followed the “Short Words, Short Sentences, Short Paragraphs” pattern quite well. On top of that, they not only describe the specifications of the product, but also the benefits that the customers will get if they buy it.

You are not just getting quick drying synthetic upper. You are quick drying synthetic upper for comfort to splash around.

You are not just getting Hook-and-loop closure. You are getting hook-and-loop closure for a secure fit and easy on and off.

The company could have simply jotted down the features just like so many other product  descriptions on the internet. But they wouldn’t have been nearly as effective and motivating to the audience.

I am not the only shoe company in the market. But I have to become one of the few who is selling benefits and solution, not the product. That’s the whole point of writing a product description that focuses on the benefits that will compel your readers to make the final purchase.

But don’t feel pressured.

Just keep the following things in focus:

  • You don’t have to point out the benefits of each and every feature. Just pick three top-notch features.
  • Demonstrate what your product brings to the table
  • Point out how your product will help out and solve customers’ problems

Just keep the above three aspects in focus and you will be able to pen a winning product description.

4. Your Product Description Should Reflect Your Brand’s Tone

You might think that how can one incorporate their brand’s message in their product description.


But, it is simpler than you think. There are countless product description examples where companies stick to their branding tone.

Just analyze the keywords that you would like to associate with your brand or something that your brand reflects the most. Is your brand focused on teens? Do you think it will be more suited to tongue-in-cheek humor rather than sophisticated verbiage?

Let’s see how other famous brands are doing it. Have a look at this clothing brand description example from Missguided:

product description from Missguided

It is written in the manner we talk generally. It’s very casual. They have mentioned some specs as well, which are also very mentioned very casually. You might have also noticed that all the letters are in lowercase. Again, all this is a part of their branding.

This clothing product description resonates with the brand. Their products are accessible, can be bought by common folks, even broke teenagers. On the other hand, Hermes’ product description is completely in contrast.

Hermes’ product description

The verbiage used in Hermes’ product description is more focused on quality, legacy, and sophistication. That’s why you can see usage of words like “exceptional craftsmanship.”

They have earned the right to use such words because their products are indeed made with exceptional craftsmanship. This tone is more elusive and articulates the fact that these products are for a different section of people altogether. In the end, whatever tone you choose, considering that it reflects your brands’ ethos, make sure to remain consistent with it. Make it a part of your branding at every point.

5. Incorporate Motivational & Persuasive Words

Do you think a couple of words are enough to change the way you think? Well, experts say so. And in my experience, it is indeed true. Influential words have the power to change people’s minds and persuade them to do things that you want.

According to the legendary advertising tycoon David Ogilvy, there are certain words that can trigger activity and compel people to think in the direction you want. Here are the 20 most influential words, according to David Ogilvy:

  • Suddenly
  • Now
  • Announcing
  • Introducing
  • Improvement
  • Amazing
  • Sensational
  • Remarkable
  • Revolutionary
  • Startling
  • Miracle
  • Magic
  • Offer
  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Wanted
  • Challenge
  • Compare
  • Bargain
  • Hurry

You might also want to look at Jon Morrow’s list of power words:

Jon Morrow’s list of power words

Incorporating these words in your product description will compel your customers to take notice and change their mind about your product, for the best.

Here’s a look at an ecommerce product description example:

Product description example

Before you even see what the product is, words like “sensational” and “elegant” are enough to make you want to purchase the product. They make you curious about the actual product.

Certain words have the power to do that.

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6. Optimize for Search Engines

The power words mentioned above are not only great to sway your audience, but also important from the SEO point of view. According to salesbacker at Amazon, placing important keywords do great wonders for your search rankings. On top of that, adding bullet points along with influencing keywords is even better when it comes to SEO and search engine rankings.

Have a look at this example of product description below that perfectly depicts the power of keywords. Upon searching for “black belts for women,” this is the top search I came across on Google:

google results for belts

When I clicked on the first Amazon option, I got redirected to the product page below:

Optimize product description for Search Engines

As you can see, the description is not great. However, they have made appropriate use of perfect semantic keywords and that too in bullet points. This leads to better scalability and better search rankings. So whether you’re writing product descriptions for bags, belts or anything else, use appropriate keywords to become visible on the first page of SERPs.

However, it doesn’t mean that it is always going to work in your favor. But keywords sure to have some impact on your overall performance.

You must add keywords to the following places to improve the search engine optimization (SEO) for your online store:

  • Page titles
  • Meta descriptions
  • ALT tags
  • A page’s body content

But don’t try to stuff keywords without any rhyme or reason. Keywords that you add in your product description or blog should resonate with your brand and product.

7. Talk Like a Friend

One good tip for writing product descriptions is to write as if you are talking to a friend, instead of coming across as an impersonal business. It’s important to approach customers with the intent of engaging them. If you are using the same old rigid writing methods, you won’t get much of a response. This is how your product description should read:

Talk Like a Friend

They use terms like “seriously strawberry”, which isn’t the typical business jargon you’d expect from a company talking about their product. Instead, it reads like a friend excitedly telling you about the smoothies. These things matter, so try adopting a friendlier approach when writing and look for other similar product description examples for inspiration.

8. Describe the Little Things

An effective ecommerce product description involves describing the little things that matter. The nitty-gritty makes all the difference, and while they may seem useless or even trivial to a certain extent, look at it from a potential customer’s point of view. These tiny features or details could prove to be the deciding factor for a customer.


Take a look at this for instance. It’s just an ordinary chicken broth, but the company says it is “velvety-smooth” and “perfect for sipping as an afternoon pick-me-up.” The description under “Why You’ll Love It” is quite subtle, but one that many people on the keto diet are interested in.

9. Incorporate Humor in Your Writing

Humor is of paramount importance when writing content, even product descriptions. Funny product descriptions are more memorable than ones that just recount dry details. Here is another one of the many product description examples to follow:

Source: ASOS

ASOS describes one of its standard T-shirts as being a “little bit slouchy.” It’s a simple description, but it rubs off the right way on the reader, who’ll understand just how the fit is going to be. It’s fun, it’s simple, and best of all, it does the job.

10. Keep it Simple

Have you heard of Occam’s Razor? According to this theory, the best solution is often the most obvious. If your product doesn’t require extra wording or description of tiny features, there’s no need to indulge. Here’s an example of product descriptions for inspiration:

Source: Amazon

Within a few sentences, the company has described all of the most popular features of its prime products; Amazon Alexa. It’s a product that’s running off the shelves anyway, so why do more?

Minimalism is the new standard. Most companies have changed their marketing standards, and so should you.

11. Add a Bit of Sass

Sometimes, the best way to make a product description memorable is to add a bit of sass to it. Sarcasm should be used with a pinch of salt, but if you can pull it off, it’s going to make your product description shine. It not only adds a bit of ingenuity, but it also makes the product description more memorable, and a reader who enjoys the joke might end up buying it. For instance, from the many product description examples you might have read, this one will stand apart:

Source: Palace Skateboards

The company adds a bit of sass to their products and doesn’t pull any punches with their product descriptions. They link the words in bullet points, which makes it even funnier. No reader is going to forget this!

12. Break Information in Chunks

Sometimes, a product needs more detail and information. When that happens, you add more information, but in smaller chunks. This way, your information becomes more readable. You can do it by breaking information in separate sections. Look at how it is done below.

add large information in chunks

In the above product description example, look at how product information is broken into three sections. One with basic information, the second with technical specs, and the third with extended information. This becomes easy for the user as they can now get to “choose” to read the information they want to consume regarding the product in order to make a purchase decision.

Summing It All Up

With the aforementioned product description examples, it’s a no brainer that you have to share apt knowledge about your product with your customers. But while explaining your product’s specifications, your goal is to compel your audience to click on the “Purchase now” button.

There are certain exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, make sure that your product description is concise, up to the point, and interesting at the same time. Try to incorporate influencing keywords in the product description as well as in the title.

All in all, follow through all the points mentioned above and you will be able to craft a winning product description. Ultimately, your end goal is to educate your customers about your product and get them to know about its benefits.

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