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Is Magetique the Right Theme for Your Magento 2 Store?

May 31, 2019

10 Min Read
Reading Time: 10 minutes

Major multinational companies like Nokia, Nestle, Gucci, Samsung, and even 20th Century Fox are using Magento as their ecommerce platform. And the list doesn’t just end there, Magento is used by over 0.8 million online stores globally.

And the reason isn’t just because Magento is an open source platform that’s available free of charge. It is a highly customizable platform that supports almost every online business model.

The flip side of the huge community is the need to distinguish your store from the many in your niche. This requires a custom store design and a great theme. However, setting up a Magento powered ecommerce store is really a three-step process:

  • Choose the available Magento theme
  • Customize it according to your needs
  • Fill the catalog with the most relevant products

When it comes to store design, the most important challenge you would face is selecting a theme. In this article, I will review Magetique, a great theme for Magento stores.

Why Magetique?

Why Magetique

The TemplateMonster team provides around 21 extensions with the Magetique theme. You can choose from various ready-made layouts for any niche. In fact, Magetique offers everything to start a new online store including AJAX optimization that speeds up the performance of the site.

The parallax scrolling and the video extension help add a little spice to your site and improve the usability of your website. Since the theme is already very optimized right out of the box, it is essentially an install-and-play experience. On top of this,  the theme comes with detailed documentation so that you don’t need to pay extra for minor site customizations.

Magetique provides essential marketing tools including:

  • Newsletter Popup
  • Featured Products
  • Social Buttons
  • Wishlist
  • Countdown Timer
  • Labels for smart products
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • Feedback form
  • AMP compatibility
  • Sorting options
  • Custom slider
  • Contact form

Magetique Theme Pricing

Magetique is a beautiful multipurpose theme. It will look great on every screen thanks to the fully responsive design. Add in the extensions and the integrated tools, and you have a fair idea of the benefits you can extract from the theme.

The theme is available with two licenses:

  • Single License for $179  —  you can use the theme with only one domain.
  • Developer’s License for $269 — you can use the theme with up to five domains.

The Extras

  • Installation by TemplateMonster—  If you don’t want to waste time on installing the theme, TemplateMonster team will do it for you within three hours.
  • Storefront page design — You need to make a good impression on your customers when they come to your shop for the first time. It is an attractive design for those who don’t want to design their own store. The add-on is available in the theme.
  • Quick store setup — Quick installation and configuration of essential tools like currencies, contact form, shipping, taxes are also available when you buy the theme.
  • Set of additional stock photos — You can pick any 15 pictures of your choice.
  • Chatra live chat plugin – Perfect for live chat option for ecommerce stores
  • GDPR Suite — TM team will integrate all necessary and important changes according to the new EU privacy rules.  They promise to provide options such as privacy policy page, newsletter popup module, cookie banner, etc.
  • Premium Store Setup — In addition to Quick store setup, you will get logo upload, creation of five CMS pages, banner, and slides updates.
  •  One Year Positive SSL Certificate — The Comodo SSL certificate gives the best protection to your online shop. Also, you will get more features like easy domain validation.

Let’s Take a Detailed Look

Magetique is distinguished not only by its interesting visual appearance but also by the presence of all the necessary functions for creating a powerful online store. It offers five ready-made layouts designed for popular business niches.

Let’s Take a Detailed Look

Moreover, it comes with 100+ content elements that mix and match for a great individual design. It is easy to customize through an intuitive interface and does not require much code writing skills. When it comes to theme customization, you can:

  • customize theme styles
  • customize module positions
  • create menu items and modules
  • implement other global and point settings
  • choose from five headers and three footers
  • add marketing tools and other essential widgets

Every layout has a fully responsive design, and thanks to high usability, every layout has an intuitive interface. Thus building a storefront that attracts and impresses the visitors is really a piece of cake.

Magetique Theme Layouts

Magetique themes have a bright and attractive appearance, with one, two or three column layout design. The layout is designed for various niches (furniture, clothing, car/bike parts, and medical equipment), although, if you wish, you can sale anything using a Magetique powered store.

Main Layout Features

  1. Responsive design with HTML5 + CSS3 ensures that your store will look good on all devices.
  2. Multiple colors matches with your store color schemes.
  3. Multiple layouts with five home pages with three headers and three footers.
  4. Product Information Page displays data with custom-built tabs.
  5. View reviews on the product pages for improved SEO.
  6. Scrollable thumbnails on the product page.
  7. Optimized, well-structured and commented CSS & HTML.
  8. Compatibility with all major browsers including IE 9 +, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome.

Magetique Furniture Store

Magetique Furniture Store

This store has everything you need to create an effective design for your ecommerce furniture website. In addition to the usual online shopping functionality, there are a couple of other tricks that you can deploy for better success. For example, to highlight a product in your inventory, you just need to add icons to them. If you want to share important or interesting information about your services, this can be done using the attached blog. Moreover, the magnificent Parallax effect adds even more elegance to your project.

Magetique Spare Parts

Magetique Spare Parts

This combination is suitable for an auto parts web store. You have the option to change the color scheme/palette in just a click. The attached blog also allows you to publish useful information not only about the details of the products but also on related topics popular in this niche. Anyone who wants to follow the project updates has the option of subscribing to the newsletter.

Magetique Lingerie Store

Magetique Lingerie Store

Magetique is a great AJAX powered theme for creating a great lingerie store with a minimalist design. It comes with a large number of sliders to help present and promote your products to potential buyers.

Magetique Medical Equipment

Magetique Medical Equipment

This layout includes all the features that make for a reliable solution for any successful medical website. It is 100% adaptive and will look great on the screen with any resolution. Regardless of where, how and when your customers visit the site, they can find the right information and buy your medical equipment quickly and easily.

Magetique Bike & Spare Parts

Magetique Bike & Spare Parts

It is an excellent and stylish layout for an online store for sporting goods and accessories. In this case, it is styled as an online store for bicycles and related products. But if you wish, you can change this theme and adapt the pattern for selling any sports equipment.

It has everything you need for a perfect online shop: categories, product cards, a cart, a wishlist. Also, new models and categories are presented on the main page. There are convenient sort and filters in the sidebar and search option. Thanks to the blog you can bring new customers to your online shop organically.

Magetique Offers Demo Content

With Magetique, you can import beautifully designed website layouts in a click and start setting up your own website. Many new websites don’t have content available, so Magetique offers demo content so that they can see their website in all its glory.

Magetique Configuration

After installing and activating the theme, you can start the configuration process. To get there, you will need to

Step 1 — Click the Stores > Settings > Configuration.

Step 2 — In the left side menu, find TEMPLATEMONSTER > Theme Options.


Step 3 — Choose a desirable layout in the Store View and press OK in the popup window.

desirable layout

Next, I will make changes in the categories.

changes in the categories

At this point, the store might look like when you get the theme color settings in the lingerie layout. You can change any color and background image very easily.

theme color


With the theme, you get lots of premium extensions like AJAX Products Filter, AJAX Search, Blog, Social Login, Brands, Layout Switcher, Grid View and more for free. For instance, AJAX allows your customers to search for products, filter search results, and create wish lists without reloading the pages.

Now let’s take a closer look at popular theme features.

Magetique Newsletter Popup and Form

Magetique Newsletter Popup and Form

Popup forms are a powerful data collection tool that you can embed in blogs, store pages, and landing pages.

For example, you read articles in the usual form, or you place an order in the online store. So, site-users can fill forms for emails and newsletters directly through the theme-based forms.

AJAX Catalog Filter

AJAX Catalog Filter

AJAX Catalog Filter allows the users to filter store products on all available parameters. Filtering is performed on the pages of lists of products such as a general list of all the goods in the catalog, the list of products of the manufacturer, supplier, etc. Filters are the parameters that narrow down the list of products to make it easier for the users to pick the right products. This list can be found in the left column on the category pages where users can toggle checkboxes to apply filters on the product list.

AJAX allows the users to apply their desired filters without reloading the pages. The URL of the page does not change and the set of products that are displayed in the catalog changes in accordance with the filtering conditions. This saves a lot of time for the user who doesn’t have to wait for the page to reload.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

The open source AMP is built to improve the web based user experience. The idea is to create eate pages that load almost instantly. Today, more than 50% of search referrals come from mobile sources, AMP will become an essential component of web development. Developed by independent developers, Google has taken the initiative of promoting it. To date, AMP has been implemented on more than 1.5 billion pages.

Advantages of AMP:

  • A number of visitors abandon the websites that fail to load in under three seconds. AMP speeds up the user experience, adding to the store’s revenue.
  • The search carousel is displayed before the main search results that present additional store links to the users.

Parallax Scrolling Effect and Background Video

The parallax effect can be used on landing pages, sales pages or the home page. In fact, it can be used on any page where you need to highlight different sections.

Background video has become a popular trend for ecommerce stores. Note that this requires a highly optimized video that takes full advantage of browser support for HTML5 video. Background video adds a new layer of design to the site.

Mega Menu

Mega Menu

Menus on the site facilitate the movement of visitors through the site. Websites with a lot of content need something more than the conventional Magento menus. This is why Magetique comes with MegaMenu that simplifies the creation of custom navigation through pages.

User Support and Updates

User Support and Updates

Every Magetique update introduced to enhanced features, ready-made skins and layout variations, minor bug fixes, and other solutions. The final product is truly a powerful and highly-functional Magento themes.

Magetique is SEO-friendly

Sometimes when developing a website, developers forget about SEO and do not integrate onpage optimization and promotional components within the website’s structure. A common point here is the fact that many websites have missing meta tags (an essential SEO requirement) when they go live.

Magentique is developed with a clean and tested code that search engines love. It fully supports all the features of Magento SEO.

Magetique is Fast and Lightweight

Magetique is Fast

The theme is built with minimal and clean code that ensures fast page load speed and smooth performance on all devices.

Other Prominent Features of Magetique

Other prominent features of the theme include Countdown Timer, Social Sharing, Smart Product Labels, Google Map, AJAX Compare, AJAX Wishlist, Sample Data Installer, and much more.

Pros and Cons

Advantages of Magetique:

  • Advanced and long-term Tech Support — There are different ways to reach the support team (live chat, a phone call or a ticket);
  • Five Niche-Specific Layouts — Created by wonderful designers, these layouts can adapt to any business.
  • Tons of useful marketing tools — Magetique offers several important tools to speed up your marketing efforts.

The Disadvantages of Magetique:

  • Limited Number of Layouts — There are only five layouts: car spare parts, lingerie, furniture, bikes (and spare parts for bikes), and the medical equipment.
  • Maybe be some difficulties at installation — Some users have had problems with theme installation.


Magento is one of the most stable and high-performing platforms for ecommerce. Of course, it may be somewhat difficult to use for the average user, but TemplateMonster provides installation instructions in the documentation folder and 24/7 support. Also, the wide selection of additional modules ensures smooth store set up and operations.

Magetique is a great choice for beginners, and in my opinion, it has more pluses than minuses. Thanks to premium niche layouts and well-structured pages, your online store will look very professional. This theme is fast, very manageable and SEO-friendly.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask any questions or just leave a comment below.


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