Cloudways Introduces Two New Features – Real Time Billing & Revoke Let’s Encrypt Button

by Owais Khan  July 1, 2016

Cloudways has come up with yet another innovative feature, Real-Time Billing. This feature will give the user an indication of their server usage for a specific month. Basically, Real-Time Billing breaks down and categorizes the expenses, which in turn makes it easy to evaluate the server’s performance and the finances. Users can see an estimated amount of expected expenditure based on current spending.

real time billing and revoke let's encrypt

Now that’s a trendsetter!

Located on the Billing tab, you can go to the Real-Time Billing tab to get your billing updates.
Also, you can get hourly updates of your billing amount, get notifications, and keep yourself informed. Cloudways believes in honesty, and for this, Cloudways guarantees a deviation of a maximum 3% from your actual amount, not more than that!

Another essential feature that makes Cloudways one of a kind is that now you can revoke your Let’s Encrypt subscription whenever you want to with a simple click. Isn’t that cool? Don’t you feel the power – the power to control? That’s Cloudways!

The Innovative Goodness never ends!

Oh yeah! Not to forget, both these features are only available on a user’s Admin account. The reason is that the Admin account can control all the options and divide the tasks accordingly, which will make it easier for the admin to organize things.

Furthermore, to facilitate the users, Cloudways forces no Value Added Taxes for these services. Also, these features will be integrated charges as soon as Cloudways makes it public.

Cloudways also comes with free SSL certification, an exciting Team feature, and the power lies with you. What do you need to do? It’s very simple: Just sign up on Cloudways.

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