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How to Increase WooCommerce Sales

Updated on April 20, 2021

7 Min Read
increase woocommerce sales

Think about where you are in your current WooCommerce adventure. Maybe you just launched a store to sell personalized running shoes or maybe your dropshipping business is already established with a new store in the works.

Wherever you stand, you will soon find that you have progressed to the level where WooCommerce sales have become a real challenge. At this point, how do you take a step back and evaluate your current marketing tactics? How can you be certain that you are doing everything right? Are there other marketing tactics that could breathe new life in your marketing campaigns?

Generally speaking, planning fresh marketing campaigns could be difficult as you couldn’t find good suggestions in one place. To help you guys out, I have done the legwork and compiled the following list of ideas of attracting visitors to your WooCommerce store and then convert them into returning customers.

1. Discount Coupons

discount codes

Coupons are a great way of spreading the word about your WooCommerce store. Since you can completely customize the deal for the store coupons, you can leverage the data from your past promotions to come up with an offer that not many of your customers can refuse. Similarly, you can control the impact (specific products vs. entire inventory), duration of validity, and who gets to use the coupons (all customers vs. new customers).

The best thing about using coupons for promoting your store is the fact that you are in charge of distributing the coupons and thus could target specific segments to attract new customers or reactivate currently passive customers. All you have to do is to select the right distribution channels and the coupon-sharing websites for the promotion campaign.

Onsite-promotion of coupons is a simple matter of how coupons can be marketed with placements at high-visibility paces such as the Hello Bar and sidebars. Remember to create attractive banners to ensure that the coupons are among the first things the visitors see on the store.

2. Start a Loyalty Points Program

loyalty program

A loyalty program is a great idea for retaining existing customers and attracting new ones. By awarding prizes for shopping at your store, you make sure that customers return for more shopping, just to rake up loyalty points.

A good marketing tactic is to offer progressively increasing discounts and exclusive deals to these loyal customers. All you have to do is install a plugin (WooRewards is a good start, but there are other great options available as well), and you have a full-fledged loyalty program that will attract shoppers to your store.  Once the program is live, remember to create and execute a dedicated marketing campaign to get the word out.

3. Organize a Contest

organize contest

Contests have always been a dependable marketing tactic that generates a lot of traffic and brand reach for your store. However, since contests have become commonplace, you need to add a significant WOW factor to your idea.

This is where you can unleash your creativity and use online contest platforms to increase WooCocommerce sales. A good tip is to avoid a single big contest. In addition to being old news, the short duration of a contest fails to do the trick.

Instead, opt for a series of mini-contests that retain the interest of your visitors and allow you to build the hype. Remember that prizes should be of sufficient value to attract the segment of visitors you are aiming to bring to your store.

4. Leverage Commercial Holidays

ecommerce holidays

Commercial holidays are sales events (particularly in the last quarter of the year) that witness huge sales activities. Events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become a staple of WooCommerce store owners. However, other events (a good example is the Singles Day in November) could significant store owners add to your yearly revenue number. However, remember that building creative campaigns and offering exclusive deals is the only way of really cashing in these holidays.

5. Organize a Special Event

special event

In addition to popular events, you should also observe store-level events such as launch birthdays, celebrating a special day for your VIP customers and brand-specific days. People love special events with a touch of glamor. With proper digital marketing, these events are a great way of boosting your WooCommerce sales and bring in fresh visitors.

6. Flash Sales (Today Only)

flash sale

Flash sales are among the most popular techniques for increasing sales and bringing in more traffic to your store. These sales play upon the sense of urgency in which visitors to the store can actually see the number of available stock going down. Coupled with the very visible ticking timer, flash sales result in increased sales. In many cases, stores often promote flash sales through social media that results in increased traffic on the categories included in the flash sales.

7. Offer Free Gifts for Shopping More

free gifts

Everyone likes gifts and the best gifts are those that come as an achievement. When you hand out gifts you offer a powerful incentive for your visitors to shop more. This results in increasing the average cart value, an important operational metric that is essential for the growth of the store revenues. In addition, free gifts are a great promotion idea that brings in new visitors to your store. Another great action tip is to couple free gifts with flash sales for maximum benefit.

8. Offer Customer-Centric Benefits

customer benefits

If sellers often tend to put the features of their products ahead (which is not bad in itself), it is more interesting to show the benefits to the consumer. The advantage that the product will provide to the customer, according to his needs, will encourage him more to the act of purchase than his characteristics themselves. An unstoppable sales technique to integrate into all your product sheets!

9. Cross-Selling and Upselling

cross-selling and up-selling

Among the most popular sales techniques is cross-selling and upselling. They consist of offering complementary products on ecommerce stores. This method is often used to discover a new product or to offer a service necessary for the operation of the main product. Know that cross-selling is an effective strategy to increase your WooCommerce sales.

10. Send Personalized Newsletters

personalized newsletter

Every store sends out promotional newsletters, but few bother to customize the content according to the recipients. This is one of the major reasons of the low open rate and low traffic from the newsletters that the stores send out regularly.

If you wish to bring in traffic from your newsletters, you have to customize it according to the recipients. This means that the newsletters should present products that fit in the purchase history of the customer receiving the email.

While the design and content of the newsletter are essential aspects of the success of email newsletters, the ultimate key to bringing in traffic from the email newsletters is the perfect presentation of offers that tempt the readers to click over to the landing pages.

11. Offer Free Shipping

free shipping

It is a classic yet effective technique. Inherited from the mail order, the free shipping costs stimulates the purchase. You can decide to limit this offer from a certain amount of orders or to open it to any order. My recommendation: offer the shipping costs for each first order. This encourages consumers to discover your store and this increases your base of new customers.

12. Sell in Lots (Bulk Products)

bulk products

This technique is used to increase the average basket, sell products that the user did not buy. For that, propose a lot offer. For example, “for 2 products purchased, the 3rd offered”. This well-known technique is a great way to sell 2 products rather than just one.

Of course, this is to be seen on a case-by-case basis, depending on the margins generated for each product: it is a question of remaining profitable. Last but not least, for a user, it allows him to make a good deal and will incite him surely to return to your WooCommerce store.

13. Send Abandoned Cart Email

abandoned cart

Receiving an email reminding us that we have an abandoned cart. It does not preclude in terms of numbers, the conclusion is formal and has a positive impact. This impact will be even more meaningful if you accompany that email reminder of a small discount. This will tend to trigger the act of purchase.

14. Offer Complementary Products

complimentary products

It is an excellent way to increase the conversion rate of your online store. This sales technique increases the average basket of the buyer. For example, if a user buys a bike, you can offer him a pump, a crutch, a saddle cover, a helmet.

To offer additional products, you can name the heading “Our customers have also purchased these products”.

To boost your sales, you can also offer similar products of a higher range and therefore more expensive than the original product.


These are the WooCommerce sales tips that are worth keeping an eye on if you have an online store. Keeping up-to-date with latest, implementing the best suggestions provided by industry experts, is essential if you want to dominate the market.

Although this is particularly crowded and the competition is fierce, there is room for everyone and opportunities are not lacking. The important thing is to build a sales marketing plan that takes into account emerging trends and technological innovations.

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