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How to Use BoldGrid Page Builder With WordPress

August 20, 2021

7 Min Read
how to use boldgrid

BoldGrid is a lightweight page builder with its own Visual Editor and some specific ways of editing pages and posts. However, BoldGrid doesn’t offer only the page builder, but also WordPress themes and some plugins like Total UpKeep, W3 Total Cache, BoldGrid Easy SEO, Inspirations, etc. So for BoldGrid, we can say it’s not only the page builder but a full solution for anyone building websites in WordPress.

Why Choose BoldGrid Page Builder?

Compared to other WordPress page builders, we can say it’s the most similar to WPBakery, and for anyone who likes backend page builders, BoldGrid might be the right solution. There are a lot of pre-made blocks and page templates to use as a starter and edit. So even for some basic level users, it can be a good solution. However, it’s not very intuitive and visual so I believe the target audience was a bit more skilled web/WordPress developers.

Features of BoldGrid Page Builder

BoldGrid does not have many popular features like WooCommerce builder, header builder, mega menu, etc., which we can see in other page builders. It offers some basic features, which are in the lower industry standard tier.

The drag-and-drop editor is there but not that easy to use and not intuitive in my opinion. Changing the behavior and look of each element and change of the content is quite easy and the interface looks great and easy to use.

boldgrid features

As with most of the page builders, everything is done through Widgets and it is quite easy to add a widget inside the block but the number of different widget types is quite limited again. Besides, there is a library of pre-made blocks that can help in faster results but again all pre-made templates and blocks look a bit outdated and old-fashioned.

Responsive design is useful and it comes as well as an industry-standard, you can control which blocks will appear or be hidden on different screen sizes. And advanced options for advanced users where you have control over CSS and there is some knowledge needed to use it effectively and utilize the tool.

BoldGrid Page Builder: Pros and Cons

Combined with some good multipurpose themes, which have header and footer builders it can be an easy solution to build some nice-looking pages and posts.

However, the lack of widgets and easy control over elements is quite a bit of a problem since other modern page builders are offering much easier interfaces to us, and end results are much better and modern.

There is no drag-and-drop functionality and WooCommerce editor as well as it heavily depends on a theme. BoldGrid also offers a website builder, but it’s not standalone and it needs to be used exclusively on their platform.

Pricing and Plans of BoldGrid Page Builder

Pricing for BoldGrid Website Builder is quite simple, there is only one plan at the price of $30 per year.

boldgrid price

System/Hosting Requirements

Even though I couldn’t find any official information regarding hosting requirements, it is recommended to use the latest version of WordPress, PHP, MySQL, or MariaDB and a bit more resources than it’s usually needed.

For the testing purpose, I’ve used VultrHF with 2GB PHP Memory.

Install and Configure BoldGrid Page Builder

BoldGrid is available on the WordPress repository and you can easily download it from your WordPress Dashboard → Plugins → Add New and search for BoldGrid Page Builder → install and activate it. After activation, it will automatically take over the control over page and post editor in the WordPress Dashboard.

boldgrid settings

It is not much you can do with Free since it’s quite limited compared to other builders even in a Pro version. However, it can be useful for posts since you can build much better-looking posts with BoldGrid. These are the features you get with the Pro version.

  • BoldGrid Blocks
  • BoldGrid Premium Blocks
  • Sliders
  • Blog Widgets
  • Premium Support

After installing the free version, you’ll be asked for the activation key, which might be confusing since you get an impression you cannot use the free version but you need to activate it right away.

boldgrid api key

On the next screen, you’ll be offered to download the pro version of the plugin.

plugin setting

Tap on Settings in the left-hand sidebar and set the Basic Options, which you’ll be asked later as well in the multi-step setup.

boldgrid page builder settings

Creating pages and posts is being done from two different editors; one is the default WordPress Dashboard editor and the other one is Block/Layout editor. From the Block/Layout editor, you’ll be adding and arranging sections and from the default editor, you will be editing the content of blocks/sections added.

boldgrid back-end editor

When you click Add New Page/Post you’ll be offered to set up the Basic settings. If you did it already in the previous step I’ve explained, you can skip this multi-step setup dialog.

The first thing to do is setting the page template to a BoldGrid Full Width, it will override the active theme’s width of the content part.

back-end editor settings

And after setting up the template, click the orange Add Block button. After that, you’ll be taken to a Block/Layout editor. On the right side of the screen, you can see blocks and templates you can add to your page. On the left side, you can see the current state of the page you are building.

When you add a new section, it will be added on top, so you would need to drag the block you’ve just added from the top to a position where it should be placed. Drag and drop here is easy since you can only move blocks up and down.

boldgrid templates

When you are done adding and arranging, click on the blue tick box in the upper right-hand corner. Clicking on it will save the layout and get you back to a page editor in the WordPress Dashboard.

Adding and editing blocks and components will be fairly easy. Just click on the block you want to edit and you can edit any content inside the block since the whole builder is an extension of the TinyMCE Editor. After clicking on the block, you can also add a block component and you will see the small toolbar at the top of the builder.

adding boldgrid components

The second item in the toolbar is Global Options, where you can either pick the color palette or delete the content.

boldgrid color options

The third one is a question mark where you can pick one of the three options for help, it will either take you to a guide, basic information, or BoldGrid users community.

The fourth one is Background where you’re picking or changing the background for an entire block, row, or column.

adding boldgrid column

And the last item in the Toolbar is a column shape. You can pick the shape of the column so it doesn’t have to be square or rectangular by default, which can be from a designer’s perspective quite a useful tool.

boldgrid custom shape

BoldGrid Page Builder Performance on Cloudways

I have used 3 different tools for testing and every time I’ve used the same testing locations to keep results consistent and fair. I haven’t compressed any images and haven’t used any CDN for these test installations. Also, I have built the same landing page using the same images and a number of elements.

– Results of BoldGrid on GTMetrix

boldgrid gtmetrix results

– Results of BoldGrid on Pingdom Tools

boldgrid Pingdom results

– Results of BoldGrid on WebPageTest

boldgrid WebPageTest result

BoldGrid Website Builder User Reviews

As it’s always important to check reviews and ratings on plugin repository, BoldGrid has great ratings and great reviews, what is also important, it’s being constantly improved and it’s up to date with the latest WordPress version.

boldgrid reviews


Compared to modern page builders it is behind regarding functionalities, UX/UI, and many other aspects. For the more advanced users and people used to WordPress backend and simpler solutions, BoldGrid can be a great choice. The learning curve is not steep and I would say it’s quite easy to understand the basics and start building the site with it.

It can be hard to create some great and beautiful designs as well as building a pixel-perfect site. Regarding performance, it is solid and results are surprisingly great. For building a lightweight presentational site, the BoldGrid Website builder could be a great fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is BoldGrid Page Builder free?

BoldGrid has a free plugin available on the WordPress repository with limited options and blocks.

Q. Does BoldGrid have a theme builder?

BoldGrid does not have a theme builder and it heavily relies on the active theme regarding template pages needed for WordPress to function properly.

Q. Does BoldGrid have pre-built templates?

It does have a pre-built template, premium ones are quite useful. However, designs are a bit outdated and old-fashioned.

Q. Which is the best WordPress theme for BoldGrid?

BoldGrid has its own multi-purpose theme they suggest and it’s the premium CRIO theme. Combined with the page builder, it can be a powerful tool and a great experience for the end-user.

Q. Does BoldGrid work with WooCommerce?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t since there is no single product or shop builder and in this, it will rely on the active theme.

Q. Which BoldGrid version should you get?

If you are thinking of using it, the Pro version is definitely a must. It would be hard to build and get some nice results with the free version.

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