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Drupal 8 Hosting

Start building your Drupal 8 websites without the worry of cloud server management. No need to map any domains for staging. You get pre-configured subdomains for your use.

Managed Platform For Your Cloud Hosting Needs

Multiple Cloud Infrastructure

Cloudways lets you choose your cloud infrastructure from Amazon, DigitalOcean, Google, and Vultr. Deploy your managed servers in just a few clicks.

Multiple Datacenters

With 25+ major Datacenter locations around the globe, Cloudways ensures that you never have to worry about latency again.

Dedicated IP

Cloudways ensures that your server is truly yours. you are in full control when you deploy your web apps on the managed cloud hosting at Cloudways, thanks to dedicated IPs.

Dedicated Environment

Cloudways gives developers an environment they can call their own. You get dedicated servers at such affordable prices that you will never opt for a shared service again.

SSD Based Hosting

Cloudways Platform offers revolutionary SSD storage that supports blazing fast read-write requests. This cuts your website load-time in half and helps you get high SERP results.

Super-Fast Processors

We ensure your websites load up to 100x faster, thanks to the ultra fast processors on our virtual machines.

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Your Optimized Cloud Hosting Partner

1-Click Cloning

You can now easily play with code on your applications without the fear of losing your website owing to the 1-click application and server cloning feature.

1-Click Backup & Restore

You can set automated hourly to weekly backups instances at an offsite location and restore latest backups with 1-click at the console. Pushed the wrong code? Revert using the 1-click reversal option.

1-Click Scaling

Expecting increased traffic on your website? Scale your servers with 1-Click Scaling that scales both the RAM and storage. Scaling is seamless and does not affect your customization.

Team Collaboration

Teamwork is the essential ingredient of success. You can now easily synergize with your team and scale your growth to the next frontier using Cloudways Team Collaboration feature.

Staging Area & URLs

You do not have to worry about your testing environment ever again, thanks to our built-in staging mechanism. All test environments are hosted on our pre-configured sub-domains.

1-Click Domain Mapping

The ease of domain mapping is simplified inside the Cloudways Platform by giving users the option to map their domain names in 1-click.

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Evolve from Traditional Hosting With Cloudways

Git deployment

You are a developer and you want to control your source code deployment. Right? No worries. We have integrated Git within our system.

Server Settings

You no longer need to contact technical support every time you need to make changes to server parameters. Now do these changes yourself through the simplified Cloud Console.

Platform Level Firewalls

All servers on the Cloudways Platform are protected by highly sophisticated firewalls. With managed security and continuous monitoring of your servers, you could let the security related worries go.

SSH & SFTP Access

Upload your data in full confidence. The SSH and SFTP features ensure that you data remains protected while it is copied to the servers.

Real-time Monitoring

Your server is being monitored in real-time and you get to see all the metrics from the comfort of the console.

1-Click SSL

You can easily manage SSL via the unique built-in tool that allows you to easily configure SSL. Just follow the instructions and you’re good to go.

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Your Server, Your Rules


Your websites are hosted on servers powered by the ThunderStack. This ensures that your sites load 100 times faster than other providers.

Multiple Databases

Choose your database (MySQL or MariaDB) and easily handle the DBs from within the built-in manager.

Multiple Addons

You can install addons for email, monitoring, and other server related management tasks from within the Console in just a few clicks.

Security Patching

At Cloudways, we make security as our top-most priority and that is the reason we keep all our server up-to-date with the latest security patches installed.

Unlimited Domains

You can deploy any number of domains on a single server. Unlike other hosting providers, we do not limit you on the number of websites per server.

Multiple Versions

You can choose between multiple versions of PHP, MariaDB, and MySQL. We love providing choices!

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