Cloudways Launches 3 Email Addons For All Email-Related Uses

by Saad Durrani  July 11, 2014

Ever since the launch of our Cloud Platform, interest in Cloudways and its services has grown manifolds. Hundreds of customers have launched thousands of cloud servers. We are amazed by the web applications our clients are creating.

However, most of our clients actively demanded various type of email capabilities. We earlier deployed Gmail SMTP for email delivery—and that just a start. We want to give our customers the best cloud hosting experience. Therefore, we prepared, planned, and implemented the best e-mail solutions that are available in the market.



For some, Gmail SMTP is not enough. This is why people prefer SendGrid for automated SMTP usage. Through this account, you can bring in your own account or you can setup one through us where you can get 1,000 emails for each dollar. (If you setup SendGrid with us, you get it billed with the Cloudways invoice. So, there will be no hassle of two bills.)

You can find out more about this in the Knowledgebase entry for the addon.

Gmail SMTP

Yes, Gmail SMTP is still there. However, its functionality is now more streamlined. It is quite useful if you have a small requirement as Gmail SMTP has a limit of 99 emails per day. The good thing is that it won’t cost you a dime.

Further details are available in this renewed version of the Knowledgebase entry.

Rackspace Email Hosting

Business and individual users like to have email addresses associated with their domain names. Having their own email system was a popular demand by our esteemed clients and prospects. This is why we have implemented the Rackspace Email Hosting addon which allows you to buy email inboxes for your web projects. Through this addon, you can also assign email space to each inbox and create email aliases for your required needs.

See the Knowledgebase entry for this addon here.

We hope these three email addons will be of good use to our users. If you want more addons or features on the Cloudways Cloud Platform, feel free to suggest them in the Comments section below. We love to hear from you.

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  • I see you’ve negotiated a special deal with Rackspace, correct? I’ve got a few clients that didn’t need 5 accounts, just 3 but going directly to Rackspace requires a 5-email minimum. Plus your pricing is better.