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Blazing Fast Singaporean Cloud Hosting

In less than 15 minutes, get managed and speedy Singaporean cloud hosting with:

  • Matchless Uptime
  • One-Click Console
  • Managed Security with Auto Backups
  • Always-Available Support Team

Best Singaporean Cloud Hosting

Based on Industry Average

99,789+ Web Apps Deployed

Cloudways Singapore Hosting comes with the simplicity and sophistication of this city-state. Developers and designers love these great features of Cloudways:

  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Multiple Infrastructure Options
  • Quick Deployment Time
  • Super Fast Hosting Stack

Feature Rich Singaporean Cloud Hosting

Too good to be true? Well, it’s not. The special ThunderStack technology on Cloudways ensures unbeatable page loading times. Web apps have seen 100% improvement when they move to Cloudways Singaporean Hosting.

Six Reasons To Choose Cloudways

User Friendly Console

You’ll be amazed of how simple, effective and elegant our web console is. Even if you are a beginner, you can effectively manage 50+ servers and applications on a single click. On, Off, On, Off. YES! It’s that easy!

Managed Security

The Cloudways Managed Singapore Hosting is ultra-secure and safeguarded with the most advanced encryption technology available. Moreover, our ninjas are always on the lookout for any suspicious activities.

Automatic Backups

We totally understand the hassle and stress caused by data Loss. But don’t you worry! All our Singapore cloud hosting servers have backup copies of your website. So, no more data loss!

1-Click Scaling

Is increased traffic on your website causing bottlenecks? Well, you can summon our life-saving cloud server resources immediately with just a single click.

Unlimited Installations

Like us, you hate limitations too, right? So, we’ve given you endless options to install as many apps and servers as you possibly can on our dedicated Singapore hosting servers.

Total Server Control

Our 1-click feature will enable you to take complete control over SSH, Git Integration and Database Management. You can perform several operations on your Singapore Hosting servers in few clicks.


24x7 "Always On" Human Support

Our expert cloud support team is always there for you, even on Holidays through live chat and ticketing system.

24x7 Live Support Round The Clock Ticket Support

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