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Cloudways Webinar

How To Create an Educational Course Website in WordPress

Webinar Guests

chris badgett
Chris Badgett
CEO at LifterLMS

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About The Webinar

Discover how to build an online learning website the fast and easy way. Whether you call it an online course, a membership site, a remote school, or employee training platform, you’ll see how to build WordPress based educational courses.

By building an educational course in WordPress you get the customizability and control that comes with choosing WordPress for your educational course.

This innovative approach shows you how to get started fast with a new approach to managed WordPress hosting with Cloudways and rapid implementation of the leading WordPress Learning Management System LifterLMS.

This complimentary training will include a live demo of exactly how to create an educational website in WordPress with no steps skipped.

Things You Will Learn

  • How to start your learning-themed website within 5 minutes
  • How it is easier than ever to create a learning site – whether to upskill your staff, to help students learn more, or to teach important skills to your web visitors
  • Tutorial on how to outline a course
  • Tutorial on how to create memberships
  • Tutorial on how to give free or sell access with any pricing model you can imagine
  • Tutorial on how to increase learner engagement with gamification

Meet The Guest

chris badget

Chris is the cofounder and CEO of LifterLMS, a learning management system for WordPress. He helps education entrepreneurs create, launch, and scale high value online training platforms. He believes in democratizing education in the digital classroom and contributing as much as possible to the WordPress community.

Chris Badgett
CEO at LifterLMS

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