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How to Market Your Business in Under $3000



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About This Ebook

As a bootstrapped startup founder, you surely want to increase your customers, cut costs, and double your revenue in a short period of time. But with a tight budget and limited resources, how much of this can you actually achieve?

It is a fact that most startups fail because of lack of funding. Since most bootstrapped startups have a limited budget, marketing them to the right audience is hard.

This book will help you streamline your marketing process. It offers concrete advice about how you should plan your marketing for the first year by setting proper goals. Once you achieve them, take your startup to the next level with better planning and a clear vision.

Moreover, you will learn about various digital marketing channels and their effective use for successful business launch.

Key Takeaways:

  • Setting a budget for your marketing activities.
  • Creating an actionable yet realistic marketing plan according to budget.
  • Finding your first customers and using them to your advantage.
  • Breakdown of your marketing budget down to each marketing channel.
  • Managing & optimizing budget for various marketing activities.
  • Best use of the overall marketing budget.

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