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How Click Active Internet and Media Ditched Thick Rate Execution Issues with Cloudways


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About Click Active Internet and Media

Click Active Internet and Media is an eCommerce and web development agency in the Netherlands. It works around strategy & concept creation, web design, and web building. They design logos and also formulate supporting media. Moreover, they have been able to achieve success using creativity, enthusiasm and short communication lines. Let’s learn more about how they overcame their challenges as they rose towards success.

Cloudways: What’s your agency name, and where is your agency’s headquarters situated?

Rob Willemse: My agency is called Click Active Internet and Media, and the headquarter is in Krimpen aan den IJssel, Netherlands.

Cloudways: Tell us about yourself. What is your designation at the agency? What are your core responsibilities?

Rob Willemse: My name is Rob Willemse, and I’m the owner of Click Active Internet and Media. Since we are a small company of 3 people I take care of a wide range of activities within the company. Because the amount of work and the type of work is quickly growing I need to deal with increasing various activities. I really like the varied activities.

Cloudways: What services does your agency provide and how many clients do you currently have? Please tell us a bit about your agency here, like what do you guys do? Your team size, which market do you serve? Your USP, etc.

Rob Willemse: We are growing pretty quickly. I started as a single WordPress developer, but since delivering websites to clients comes with so many aspects, we have grown to have services like SEO, Online Marketing, Media Design, Product Photography, Help with Google Services, etc. The activities are still growing, which makes the work more challenging and diverse, which I like.

Cloudways: How did you first hear about Cloudways? Name one major problem that you were facing that made you switch to Cloudways. Something that was the tipping point, and how Cloudways fixed that for you.

Rob Willemse: Before Cloudways, most of our websites were hosted by a large hosting company where we rented multiple Cloud VPS servers. Although we did have pretty good specs for our servers we always ran into the issue of thick rate executions exceeding what the server CPU could handle. Even though one of the servers didn’t have that much traffic, we constantly ran into this issue. Also, a big reason for us to switch to another host was the support quality, and how easy it is to receive support with Cloudways. With our previous hosting company, we weren’t receiving quality support. When we found out about Cloudways, we were suggested by Cloudways Account Managers that we should give it a try with a few websites first. We did and we were immediately sold. We didn’t have the thick rate executions issue anymore, and we found out that the 24/7 live support of Cloudways is a truly no-nonsense available live support, which was a game-changer for us. The servers were much more stable with far fewer issues. After this, we migrated all of our websites over to Cloudways. And until today, for over a few years now, we are still very happy we made this decision.

Cloudways: Before Cloudways, which hosting solution did you use? Are you using any other hosting service currently? If “Yes” Why?

Rob Willemse: We don’t use any other hosting services. We are happy we can handle all our websites from one place. We do have multiple servers at Cloudways. It depends on how much the client pays on what kind of server they are hosted on.

Cloudways: What was your experience like with Cloudways when you first signed up? Please tell us about first impressions.

Rob Willemse: As stated above, when we found out about Cloudways and their easy-to-manage dashboard, great stable hosting servers, and truly 24/7 live support we didn’t hesitate to fully merge to Cloudways. As of today, we are still 100% satisfied with the service. We see no reason to switch to any other provider.

Cloudways: In your opinion, what sets us apart from other hosting providers? How has our in-built support for PHP-based apps such as WordPress, Laravel, and Magento made matters easier for you?

Rob Willemse: The simplicity but power of the dashboard, quality of server hardware, and truly 24/7 live support sets Cloudways apart from the others Also, the price for the type of hardware and support counts. The total package of Cloudways I haven’t found anywhere else yet.

Cloudways: How do you use Cloudways to solve your client’s problem(s)?

Rob Willemse: A lot of clients start out with some budget hosting company. After a while, if they run a successful website, demand increases, and they run into inevitable server issues. I always suggest they switch from their budget hosting over to a quality host like Cloudways. All the execution issues and other issues that come with a budget host are mostly solved when switching to one of the CloudWays servers. Any remaining issues are mostly solved within the website itself and have nothing to do with the server.

Cloudways: How has Cloudways contributed to the success of your agency? Tell us about how Cloudways’ features align with your needs.

Rob Willemse: The reason we chose and stayed with Cloudways is that it has increased our workflow. The easy-to-manage dashboard, awesome to handle server hardware, and the truly 24/7 live support is something we can’t afford to lose. Sometimes you just need to rely on support for specific server issues or other website-related issues. In some cases, we just can’t wait for support for several hours. If a client website is down, which almost never has anything to do with the server itself, an immediate response from live support is very important to us. I never had a situation where I had to wait longer than 1 minute for a response. Can you imagine? Less than one minute.

Cloudways: Out of five cloud providers available on Cloudways which one(s) do you prefer to use and why?

Rob Willemse: I think that must be the VULTR High-Frequency server. The value for money is really good for this type of server. High quality and ultra fast server hardware for a really good price make it my favorite. On top of that, it can handle many websites without running into execution issues. Just awesome!

Cloudways: How do you resell Cloudways to your clients?

Rob Willemse: Most of the time we charge our clients a total package for their newly created website: Hosting, Email, ongoing support, and security updates. We believe a satisfied and successful client is a happy client, we believe in giving quality is our growth. Cloudways fits in our view of the company.

Cloudways: If you could briefly describe the values you perceive from Cloudways?

Rob Willemse: As stated above, Cloudways fits in the way we look at our company. Giving our clients the quality they are looking for ensures happy clients. The service of Cloudways certainly fits in this philosophy.

Cloudways: How do you feel about being a part of the Cloudways Agency Partnership Program? What additional value does the program provides to you? Do you think this program is going to help your agency grow in the long run?

Rob Willemse: The Agency Partnership ensures even better and closer communication with Cloudways in the form of Premium Support, a personal account manager, and special online training sessions geared towards agency partners. This even further eases our workflow. Closer lines equal better support and a smoother workflow. The better the workflow the more time we have for our clients.

Cloudways: Do you think that by switching to Cloudways, you were able to free up resources at your end? If yes, how were you able to utilize those?

Rob Willemse: Absolutely true, the easy-to-handle Cloudways Dashboard to manage the servers, and the truly 24/7 live support has freed up much more time for what we are good at, helping our clients with their online services.

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