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The Perfect Recipe for #BFCM Success

Make sure your hosting provider offers the right feature set to grow exponentially this BFCM.


Even a 1s decrease in page load time may lead to a 7% conversion loss. Is your website fast enough to flourish this BFCM?


Last BFCM saw 165M+ online shoppers & sites crashed due to unexpected traffic spikes. Is your host scalable to handle these surges?


Does your host offer constant availability and uptime? Because even little downtimes may result in big losses during BFCM.


Is your host secure enough to prevent security threats from traffic spikes in this BFCM?

Prepare Your Site to Welcome BFCM With Confidence

Your website can’t afford to go down during BFCM. Take the right measures to ensure 24/7 availability with high performance.


Ensure your store is built on a robust platform with strong security protocols, a stable server, and updated versions. Check for any vulnerabilities and issues to resolve them before hitting the BFCM season.

Test for Scalability

You need a scalable platform to handle traffic spikes this BFCM. Check if you have enough server resources, conduct stress tests, and ensure there are no downtimes.

Streamline Operations

Update your pages, stats, inventory levels, and policies. Also, fix & eliminate any bottlenecks to ensure a trouble-free experience for your visitors.


Create an effective communication plan, keep an eye on server consumption, scale before your site crashes, and have support on standby around the clock.

We Fueled Over 60K Online Stores For Phenomenal Results Last BFCM

Join the club to witness unprecedented growth this BFCM. Connect with the Cloudways Experts to help you prepare for the sales season.


Find the Optimal Server Size For Your Store

Use our handy tool to determine the ideal server size for your store. Ensure to scale up for 3x traffic you received last BFCM to enter the sales season with extra strength.

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  • 130K – 250K
  • 250K+

The following are the estimated server requirement based on the data you provided earlier.

  • Your Provider

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  • Number of Visitors

    30k – 60k
  • Server Size

    4GB / 2Core

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Our customers rely on us to achieve their business goals and experience relentless growth.

The reliability and fast loading speeds of Cloudways have played a big part in helping us grow our monthly readership from 3 million to 9 million within just one year.

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Simon Treulle, CEO at Pangolia

Questions That People Ask During BFCM

Cloudways gives you the freedom to opt from any of the leading 5 hosting infrastructures, including DigitalOcean, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Linode, and Vultr. Getting started with these hosts is easy thanks to the intuitive Cloudways Platform, and you get the additional Cloudways benefits with all of these IaaS solutions.

No, Cloudways does not offer email hosting services. However, we offer some addons as email solutions, like the free Gmail SMTP addon that lets you send 99 emails daily through automated SMTP delivery or the Rackspace Email Hosting addon that gives you a 24×7 email hosting solution. Read more.

Yes, Cloudways offers the first migration from any web host for FREE (without any site breakages) to free you from any migration worries. And if you're a WordPress user, you can use the Cloudways WordPress Migration Plugin for unlimited migrations on top of the Cloudways server.

Cloudways allows you to create a fully operational replica of your server, so you may change your cloud provider and region or move onto a new server. For more information, click here.

Cloudways lets you monitor your database connections within the platform and allows you to manage your server and application resources to help you diagnose any server-related issues for timely fixes.

The Cloudways dashboard gives you a dedicated section to monitor the caching services active on your server, so you are well aware of your server and application's health status.

You can improve your website's security by taking the following actions:
  • Scan your application with malware scanners
  • If it's a WordPress website, then use security plugins
  • Ensure your PHP version is updated
  • Use Cloudflare or any other tool for DDoS protection
  • Ensure your site's plugins, themes, and core are updated.

Check the monitoring section of your hosting platform for application-wise details. Identify the application(s) that are consuming the server resources (particularly CPU and memory).

Scale up your server at least a week before BFCM, so you have enough time to observe your server and website's performance. If you're a Cloudways user, here is a simple guide to scaling servers.

Your site is especially vulnerable to bad bots during BFCM, so Cloudways offers its Bot Protection feature to help you protect your site from these bots.

You can use Sucuri and keep your website safe and operational during the BFCM at our platform with discounted rates.

You can analyze your site's traffic via Google Analytics, which helps you identify and segment visitors via several useful reports. Here's a detailed guide to learning more about tracking in Google Analytics.

You can run a load test using loader.io to check if your server can handle the expected traffic and then tune up the servers accordingly.