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There may be a dozen of questions in your mind related to general queries, payment queries and technical what you need to know then you can write to us at CloudWays.

None. We don’t have a contract for any of our plans. You will always be billed on a monthly basis for the services utilized in the previous month.

Your credit card information is kept safe with a renowned third party payment sytem, Adyen, which is a PCI compliant payment processor based in Netherlands.

Cloudways does not store, record or keep track of your credit card information.

We accept all major Credit Cards (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). Alternatively, you can pay via PayPal upon request. Please contact us for more details.

Cloudways platform catered towards independent bloggers, digital agencies, designers/developers and small businesses. Our easy to use application console helps you deploy and manage your desired application with a few clicks.

It is also a good option for clients who want Cloudways to deploy, manage, monitor and resolve any website/app issues, so they can focus on other aspects of their business.

We use a post-billing process, which means you're geting the invoice for services utilized in the previous month.

You will be charged in the first week of every month for services used in the previous month.


You can contact us through live chat or create a support ticket by sending an email at support (at) .

While authorizing your Credit Card information, please make sure that you are entering the correct information and you have sufficient amount in it.

Else, you may need to contact your bank. If you have any queries, feel free to let us know via 24x7 live chat.

Though, we charge on monthly basis but you can add funds in your account and those funds will be used to charge your invoices.

You can easliy add funds to your account that will be used to pay monthly invoices automatically. For further help, check out the tutorial here.

No. Funds cannot be transferred between accounts. However, feel free to share this idea on our Feedback section.

Our preferred method is by using Credit Card, but you can make a Paypal request for adding funds in your account. Contact our 24x7 live chat or send us an email at join (at)

None. We don’t have a contract for any of our plans. You will always be billed on a monthly basis for the services utilized in the previous month.

Yes, our support engineers are available round the clock to help you. You can reach out to them through live chat and e-ticketing system at any time.

No. With Cloudways, you will be charged by Cloudways only and the pricing which you can see on our pricing page is inclusive of hosting cost. Thus, you don’t have to pay anything to anyone else.

We have designed our platform with an optimized stack. We named it: VMAN (Varnish, Memcached, Apache, and Nginx).

Nginx works as a front-end and it serves static files or content, Varnish is used to cache dynamic content, Apache serves dynamic content (not cached), and finally, Memcached to cache database queries or requests.

Combined in a special configuration, this stack delivers thundering fast page load times with seamless performance.

Whether you choose Amazon, DigitalOcean or Google Compute Engine, Cloudways features will remain same but obviously there might be some limitations or differences that are dependent upon the cloud infrastructure provider that you choose.

Why choose DigitalOcean?

DigitalOcean is the fastest growing cloud provider. It is also one of the cheapest clouds with high performance SSD-based storage. With 5 datacenters in 4 countries, choose DigitalOcean if you need an affordable host with big volumes bandwidth.

Why choose Amazon Web Services?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers you reliable infrastructure. It offers you flexible and configurable disk size and bandwidth with 8 datacenters in 6 countries. Choose Amazon EC2 for your production and mission critical websites.

Why choose Kyup?

Scalable cloud hosting on Linux Containers. Get a secure, fast and flexible cloud server with auto-scaling support!

Why choose Google Compute Engine?

Google Compute Engine (GCE) is an extremely powerful and reliable cloud hosting infrastructure with the efficient performance that comes with Google's brand name. With 3 locations in 3 continents, it is made for hosting large business and resource intensive websites at an attractive price with 99.9% uptime.

Why choose Vultr?

Most Economical Cloud with most locations. Vultr offers SSD storage and almost unlimited bandwidth across 13 locations.


For more information, you can also view this useful KB.

This is currently not possible because we deploy each application and server as per our standards and configuration sets. Additionally, we also implement configuration, monitoring and orchestration tools.

So, in order to maintain the consistent performance of our platform, we don’t support this feature at the moment.

You can also view a detailed post here, to understand the logic behind it.

No. You will simply own a single account at Cloudways and you will also be billed by Cloudways only.

Currently, we only offer a single dedicated IP per server. But, you can share an idea on our feedback page.

On our platform, we currently support server launching over Amazon, Google Compute Engine, DigitalOcean, Vultr and Kyup. Each server you deploy comes with dedicated cloud environment and a dedicated IP.

Currently, we charge on monthly basis only. However you can add funds in your account which will be used to pay monthly invoices automatically. For further help check out the tutorial here.

If you are running an Amazon or Google server, then you can scale down your server anytime. However, with DigitalOcean, scaling down is not possible due to the limitation from the provider. Alternatively, our cloning feature can be utilized to achieve desired server size.

Yes, you can bring your already purchased SSL certificate on Cloudways. Just install it on your application. Please go over the following Knowledge Base Entry for details on how to achieve that.

You can set up a Cron job easily through SSH terminal. Kindly view this Knowledge Base Entry for more help.

Yes this is doable, please view this Knowledge Base Entry for more help.

Yes. Once the authorization process completes, your account will be fully active and charges will be accured.

If your available funds are equal or more than your invoice amount, then our system will check and give priority to the funds. Otherwise, if you have insufficient amount in your funds, then the invoice will be charged from your credit card.

We charge invoices for the number of active servers and duration (number of hours) utilized by the customer during the previous month. Hence, there can be a difference on account of server usage for fewer days during last month, or you have acquired additional services, i.e. launched multiple servers or premium addons

That's not a problem as we have an exclusive "Team Member" feature that allows you to invite people to collaborate in your projects and have pre-defined levels of access to your account. For further information, check out this tutorial.

You need to ensure that you enter the correct credentials (username and password), with correct port number (#21) while connecting to SFTP client. For further information, check out this support article. If you are still having issues, then your public IP might have been blocked due to multiple wrong attempts (for security reasons). You need to “white-list” your server IP. For more information, check out this KB.

Yes, certainly. You can deploy multiple SSL certificates protecting multiple applications on the same server with one public IP. For more details, check out this tutorial

Yes, certainly. You can deploy multiple SSL certificates protecting multiple applications on the same server with one public IP. For more details, check out this tutorial. Permalink We offer Rackspace Email Add-on at a discounted price as a complementary service to our primary managed hosting services. We just want to make more convenient for you to host your websites with us, offering a very reliable email solution at an extremely attractive price. Unfortunately, we can't offer the Rackspace Email Add-on if you are not using our hosting services.

Cloudways is a leading edge Platform-as-a-Service. It offers ease of use and simplicity to both developers and non-technical people who are seeking instant deployment of pre-configured web applications with a strong focus on performance and security.

This efficient platform is supported by an easy-to-use self-management console that provides a comprehensive set of tools to simplify the deployment and control of your cloud applications and infrastructure.

Cloudways Platform provides an ideal platform for independent bloggers, designers, developers, web agencies and small businesses to host their websites—on the cloud quickly, effectively, and with the best possible performance. Click&Go is extremely easy to use and we strive to make it the most convenient hosting platform.

For the past two years, Cloudways has been working with hundreds of businesses, helping them to deploy and migrate from a variety of environments to the Cloud. We have gained extremely valuable knowledge in this process and this knowledge is the foundation of our Platform.

All your applications are deployed over an exceptionally optimized stack of services (Nginx, Varnish, Memcached, and Apache) and make full use of these caching technologies that are essential for optimal performance in the Cloud.

Cloudways Platform is broadly divided into two tabs: Server Management and Application Management.

In Server Management tab, you can control your server (Start/Stop/Restart, etc.), view a large number of monitoring items, interact with the different services in your server (Start/Stop/Restart/Purge), configure basic settings (upload size, memory limit, error reporting, timezone, etc)  backup the server, and few other server related features.

In the Application Management tab, we have packed all functionalities related to your apps. You can choose from the different apps installed on a server through a drop-down menu, check URLs and credentials for it, domain management, instal SSL certificate, restore backups, and other application related features.

Unfortunately not. Cloudways Platform and we provide our own extremely streamlined console to interact with our service.

The Free Trial account runs on minimum server specifications (i.e., Small instance).

DigitalOcean Trial:

•    One server with 3 Days Free Trial.
•    1 GB or 2GB Server size. 
    All regions available.

Please note that for optimal performance of your production websites, we recommend you go with a 2GB or greater sized server.

Amazon Trial:

•    One server with 3 Day Free Trial.
•    Small Plan ( Dedicated server with 1.7 GB RAM ) with 100GB Max Disk size for Web files and Databases.
•    All regions available.

Google Compute Engine:

•    One server with 3 days Free Trial.
•    Small Plan ( Dedicated server with 1.7 GB RAM, 1.38 GCEU ) with 100GB Max Disk size for Web files and Databases.
•    All regions available.


•    One server with 3 days Free Trial.
•    1 GB or 2GB Server size 
    All regions available.


•    One server with 3 days Free Trial.
•    1 GB Server size 
    All regions available.


•    One server with 3 days Free Trial.
•    1 GB or 2GB Server size 
    All regions available.


There is no limit, but you need to consider how busy these applications are (number of visitors/users) to decide how many you can safely host on the same server. We advise you to closely monitor the server performance parameters and metrics in the console to know when you are reaching the limits of a server.

If your desired application is based on PHP, then that is certainly possible via PHP stack but you can also vote for a pre-installed version on our feedback page here.


Currently, we support WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, Drupal, Joomla, Prestashop, and PHP Stack. However, we will continue to add more applications from time to time, and you can vote for your preferred application on our feedback page here.

We currently support Amazon Web Services (AWS), DigitalOcean, Linode, Google Compute Engine (GCE), Vultr and Kyup but we are planning to add more cloud providers in the near future. You may tell us your preference on our feedback page here.

We support all the datacenters that Amazon, DigitalOcean, Google, Vultr and Kyup provides.

You can choose any of the available regions :

•    USA : Virginia, Oregon, North Carolina, San Francisco, New York
•    Europe : Ireland, Amsterdam, London
•    Asia Pacific : Sydney, Singapore, Tokyo
•    South America : Brazil

We have embedded several features in our Cloudways Platform that provide a layer of management for your servers and applications. Your servers will be automatically patched on a regular basis; backups can also be scheduled from the console; and we monitor servers, round-the-clock to detect failures or other kind of events that render them unusable and react automatically to them. We will continue to add more features that will make your life easier and are open to any additional suggestions that you may have. Click here to suggest your desired feature.

We DO NOT provide any application level support. We support, though, all the functionalities available through our Cloudways Platform (for e.g., server launch, application deployment, etc.

All your applications are behind a firewall with tight controls. Additionally, we regularly patch the servers that host your applications and we minimize the number of services open to the Internet.

Moreover, the infrastructure supporting our Cloudways Platform has been carefully designed to offer the minimal chances of attack. All the critical services are properly distributed to ensure that vulnerabilities can be contained.

Please visit our pricing page to get an idea of your costs.

No, Cloudways is a Platform and we need to ensure that our server park remains in as consistent state as possible. This is done to ensure that all processes and tools built into the platform work properly. This would not be possible if we allow customers to change anything they want in their servers via root access.

You can view a detailed article here, to understand the logic behind the restriction on root access.

We understand that there are things that you want to do on your server and you can’t because of this limitation. Having said that, we remain highly committed to serve our customers. We strive to add new features to our Cloudways Platform to solve your problems. Feel free to post your suggestions on our feedback page here.

Yes, you can scale the size of your server from Cloudways Platform at any time.

We backup all your application data and related databases.

The default backup frequency is 24 hours; however, you can change backup frequency between 1 to 7 days from the Platform.

SSL installation and management is available in our Cloudways Platform. You will find a dedicated section for SSL inside the Application Management tab.

Please go over the following Knowledge Base entry for details on how to achieve that.

First managed migration of your website is absolutely free and if you want us to perform additional migrations, then there is a per migration fee depending upon the type of your application(s). For further information, check out the details here.

We have also created a series of Knowledge Base Articles that can guide you in the process.

We offer email services as a separate add-on. For email accounts (mailboxes), you can use our RackSpace Email add-on and for outgoing/transactional emails, you can use the custom SMTP add-on.