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Customer Service QA Executive

Location: Pakistan

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Job Title:

Customer Service QA Executive Reports To: Team Lead Quality Assurance

Job Overview:

Cloudways is seeking a Full Time Customer Service QA Executive, as part of the Platform Operations support division, to help its international technical support team to interact and maintain everlasting customer interactions through daily audit and feedback sessions. As a QA specialist you should be able to gauge the performance of every technical support team member on a daily basis through daily audit along with routing daily reports individually to the team members. Primarily you should possess a great service mentality mindset in order to be able to observe/evaluate customer service, behaviors and communication of the individuals interacting with the customers to ensure maximum QA score for the entire center along with 100% customer’s satisfaction. This role entails managing performance at both a team and individual level as well as mentoring and coaching each team member in their overall performance.

Responsibilities and Duties:



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