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Leveraging YouTube Affiliate Marketing for Promoting Web Hosting

Updated on December 21, 2021

5 Min Read

Are you an Affiliate Marketer Promoting Web Hosting? YouTube Affiliate Marketing Can Help You Earn Trust and Increase Revenue.

With over a billion users, YouTube has become a massive video platform. To put it into perspective, that’s one-third of the total population on the internet.

A whopping 3.25 billion hours of video are watched every month with a reach that is larger than any US cable network.

This makes YouTube an incredibly profitable channel for affiliate marketers. Let’s understand what YouTube affiliate marketing is and then take a look at how you can earn big time by promoting web hosting on YouTube:

A Bit about YouTube Affiliate Marketing

If you are a content creator, you must have heard about YouTube affiliate marketing. YouTube is so huge that it would be simple naive to ignore the platform.

YouTube affiliate marketing is the process of creating YouTube videos and including affiliate links in the videos (through annotations) or in the video’s description at the bottom.

It’s not different from writing a blog post about a product and towards the end, adding a link to that product’s web page in the call-to-action.

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Here’s an example of YouTube affiliate marketing in action:

No matter what method you use, the idea is to redirect visitors to the affiliate landing page.

Why You Should Promote Web Hosting on YouTube

Here are some reasons why affiliate marketers should leverage YouTube for promoting web hosting:

Massive Audience

As you know, YouTube is a massive video platform. People from across the world are watching millions of videos everyday.

YouTube affiliate marketing allows you to reach a wide range of audience. It’s just about finding the audience that is interested in what you have to say.

Great Growth

Video is big and it will continue to get bigger. Research shows that by 2019, 80 percent of the world’s internet traffic will be video.

Surely, you can’t afford to ignore video as an affiliate marketer.

Freedom to Choose what to Promote

When it comes to promoting web hosting on YouTube, you have got a wide variety of choices. Hosting is a diverse topic. From hosting for e-commerce stores to domain name registration, you have got many areas in which you can develop your expertise.


YouTube provides greater stability to marketers. This is because of its subscriber system and search algorithm.

Building an audience on YouTube over time is difficult, but it keeps you in the game for the long-run.

Types of Videos that Can Help Generate Revenue

As an affiliate marketer promoting web hosting on YouTube, you have got many options. Here are some common types of videos that you can create:

Product Reviews

When people are looking to make major purchases, YouTube is one of the first places they go to. Product reviews are quite common on YouTube. In fact, according to Think with Google, 62 percent of consumers watch YouTube reviews before making a purchase.

Generally, these reviews are assessments, critiques or personal feedback on the product. As a web hosting affiliate marketer, you can create a ton of useful content for your audience.

How-to Videos

How-to searches on YouTube have always been a great hit. These types of searches have increased 70 percent year-on-year.

These how-to videos are quite task-specific. This can be an opportunity to market web hosting in the most organic manner possible. Here’s an example:

Best Of Videos

Over time, many YouTubers have become trusted authorities in their niche. This has led to the creation of ‘Best Of’ genre.

You can share, what you think, are the top products in the niche. When it comes to web hosting, it could be ‘Top 10 WordPress Plugins’ or ‘10 Best Magento Themes’.

Getting Traffic to Your YouTube Videos

Now, the big question is: How do you bring traffic to your YouTube videos? Although there is no one rule for success when it comes to attracting traffic, we at Cloudways have outlined some useful tips. Read on:

Leverage Organic Search

Ranking on Google’s search results can be one way you can increase traffic to your YouTube video.

Type your video’s keywords and see what content shows up. You can then come up with different ideas for keywords and video content.

One tool that can come in really handy is Ahrefs Keywords Explorer. Make sure you carry out diligent keyword research. It would not make sense for you to create video on a keyword that is just searched 20 times per month.

Appear on YouTube’s Organic Search

YouTube itself is the second largest search engine. If you can rank on YouTube’s organic video search, you have struck gold.

For starters, carry out similar ‘Keyword Research’ for YouTube as you would for Google. Generate a list of potential keywords to work with. Make sure that it has a high search volume.

After having a keyword to target, create a video script. Use the targeted keyword several times as YouTube now transcribes the video. It will help you optimize better.

Speaking of optimization, add a 5-word long title (ideally, not a rule) with the keyword in it. Also, do not forget to add a video description. The description should at least be 250 words with keywords included 3 to 4 times.

Finally, promote your video on different social media channels including Facebook, Quora, and so on.

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Increase Subscribers

Building a subscriber base is an organic way to increase viewership. The only way to do this is by creating relevant, high-quality content on a consistent basis.

At the end of each video, encourage the viewers to subscribe to your channel.

Once they have subscribed, they will receive a notification each time you release a video. Your channel will be prominently featured on your subscribers YouTube account.

Final Words

Hosting is one service that is incredibly high in demand. Joining a web hosting affiliate program can be a smart move.

YouTube affiliate marketing allows you to promote web hosting in an effective manner. You can create different types of videos on the massive platform and reap amazing rewards. As you continue creating high-quality content, your audiences and subscription base keep increasing. Developing trust would be the key here.

We at Cloudways strive to helping you become better affiliate marketers. Join our web hosting affiliate program and get a ton of tools and resources to create better affiliate campaigns.

Achieved any success in your YouTube affiliate marketing campaigns? Let us know your thoughts in the comments’ section below.

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