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Unified Simplicity: Navigating the New & Improved Cloudways Interface

Updated on July 18, 2023

6 Min Read

The journey of Cloudways’ user interface is a testament to our continuous pursuit of cutting-edge UX practices. Our 2017 UI makeover, inspired by Google’s Material Design principles, was a significant step forward. But in our quest to morph Cloudways into an ecosystem that truly empowers our users to “move their dreams forward,” we knew we needed something more.

Enter Cloudways’ new Unified Interface, which was a decision made with the launch of our new product Autoscale in Beta. Cloudways Autoscale is just the start of the journey to be an ecosystem. And to realize this dream, we needed a design language that was harmonious, scalable, and efficient.

Cloudways Autoscale

That’s where “Atmosphere” comes in – our bespoke design system. Built to ensure flexibility, scalability, and utmost usability. “Atmosphere” brings a coherent design language to our products. It means smoother workflows between products and allows you to access key features without the need to juggle multiple contexts or logins. It’s also setting the stage for exciting future developments. Watch this space!

How did we arrive at this design? Rigorous research was our compass. We dug deep into our customer needs with a comprehensive “Jobs to be Done” (JTBD) study. We also conducted competitive analysis, user interviews, value proposition validation, usability tests, and audits. This wealth of data was instrumental in shaping our product design process, refining our product UX, and ensuring the UI met user expectations at every turn.

Join us as we introduce you to the new, unified, and improved user interface of Cloudways – designed with you at the center and crafted to propel your dreams forward. Let’s step into the future of Cloudways together.

Diving into the Highlights

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at the clean, modern design and the range of the new key features that can transform your day-to-day operations.

Welcome to Your New Dashboard

Step into your new dashboard, a one-stop hub providing a consolidated overview of your Applications & Servers. Keeping track of your Cloudways Autoscale and Cloudways Flexible Applications is now effortless.

The new dashboard now also includes a “Resource Center” where you’ll find the help you need right at your fingertips.



new ui

Improving User Experience With the All-New Cloudways UI

The all-new Cloudways UI makes web hosting easier than ever before. Don’t believe us? Try it out for free.

Introducing Global Side Navigation

Positioned at the side for increased visibility and ease of access to all of Cloudways’ features is the new global navigation menu. It gives quick access to all the Cloudways features. No matter where you are on our platform, you can jump between different products and features without any hassle.

global site navigation

Enhanced Visual and Interactive Experience: Server Management and Projects

Server Management: Welcome to a visually-refreshed Manage Services & Settings and Packages page, now sporting a grid listing accompanied by intuitive logos. This design enhancement ensures superior control and prioritization of core services.

Projects: Say goodbye to clutter with our Projects feature’s refreshed look. Our introduction of interactive accordions paves the way for seamless navigation among different applications within a Project. This uplift not only enhances the visual aspect but also makes navigation a breeze.

Together, these enhancements offer a more streamlined, intuitive experience as you manage your services and projects.


~ Settings & Packages – Before


Settings & Packages

~ Settings & Packages – After


~ Creating a New Project – Before


Creating a New Project

~ Creating a New Project – After

Immediate Access to Server/Application Credentials

Our redesigned interface ensures that you no longer need to wait for the completion of a Server/Application operation to view the credentials. You can now access core and database details at any moment by simply clicking on the “View Credentials” link.

Immediate Access to Server/Application Credentials

Easy Server & Application Management With Our Intuitive Dashboard

Manage all your server and app settings from one place. No confusions or lengthy processes. Just a few clicks.. Easier than ever before.

Relocated Quick Actions

Following valuable feedback from our users, we’ve relocated the Quick Actions from a floating icon to a custom dropdown in the header. This prominent placement guarantees you won’t miss out on these essential features.

Relocated Quick Actions

Customizable Views for Cloudways Autoscale Applications

We’ve integrated a Grid view for Cloudways Autoscale Applications for a simpler overview. Two user-friendly views – List and Grid – are at your disposal, allowing you to switch as per your convenience and preferences.

Applications - Grid View

~ Applications – Grid View

Customizable List View

~ Applications – List View

The Science Behind: Unified UX

The evolution of our UX and UI was a journey, not a spontaneous event. We rigorously benchmarked our product across seven key user journeys on a hosting platform, such as setting up servers and apps, adding a domain, copying the default SFTP username, launching the WordPress Admin for the app, app cloning & staging.

The Sampling Criteria

Participants for our study included individuals who have used Cloudways for 3 years and log in approximately 45 times a month on our platform.

We took into account factors such as task usability, perceived ease of use, and aesthetic appeal. The details of which are below:

The Usability Measure – Task Analysis

We calculated usability scores based on bounce rate, misclick rate, and average time spent on tasks. Our robust usability score of 60 across 7 essential journeys speaks volumes about our commitment to improving user experience.

Usability Score (100 – bounce rate – misclick rate – avg TOT)

We achieved a class-leading usability score of 60 across 7 key journeys

Usability Score – Current Product Usability Score – Cloudways Flexible Redesigned Usability Score – Cloudways Autoscale Usability Score – Competitor 1 Usability Score – Competitor 2
50 60 74 58 46


The Perceived Ease of Use

To gauge users’ perception of usability, we employed the Single Ease Question (SEQ), a single-question, 7-point rating, post-task questionnaire. This approach ensured the tasks were still fresh in the users’ minds, providing a valuable assessment of their experience.

SEQ Rating:
Cloudways – Classic Interface

Min Rating Max Mean Mean % Median Median %
1 7 5.6 79.6 5.6 79.6


Cloudways Unified UX

Min Rating Max Mean Mean % Median Median %
1 7 5.6 80 5.9 84


The Attractiveness Factor

We wanted to understand how our visual redesign resonated with our users. Aesthetic-usability effect is essential since users tend to overlook minor usability issues if they find an interface visually pleasing.

We requested our participants to evaluate our products’ appearance following each test.

Cloudways – Classic Interface

Min Rating Max Mean Mean % Median Median %
1 7 6 85.7 6 85.7


Cloudways Unified UX

Min Rating Max Mean Mean % Median Median %
1 7 6.3 90 7 100


Competitor 1

Min Rating Max Mean Mean % Median Median %
1 7 6.4 91 7 100


Competitor 2

Min Rating Max Mean Mean % Median Median %
1 7 6.3 89.7 6 85.7


Embracing Change: Celebrating a 4.07 User Rating and Looking Forward

Over 20,000 of you have embraced our new interface and generously provided daily feedback. In response, we’ve prioritized and implemented changes to refine the interface even further—and we won’t stop here.

The robust adoption and a glowing average rating of 4.07/5 from you serve as strong support for our efforts to create a seamless, intuitive, and efficient user experience. But this achievement doesn’t just mark a milestone—it fuels our ongoing commitment to improve.

Our aim is to make your Cloudways experience even more productive and effortless.

Remember, this transition is a collaborative journey. Your input is crucial, and we welcome your thoughts on our fresh, new interface. Feel free to submit your feedback here or join the vanguard by switching to the new interface and stepping into the future of Cloudways.

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Hani is a Product Marketing Associate at Cloudways. With a creative flair and a love for introducing people to products tailored just for them, she ensures that her audience is always in the know. In her free time, she indulges in her love for Ferrero Rochers and dystopian movies.


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