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[Announcement] Introducing Cloudways Startup Program

Updated on May 9, 2018

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Cloudways is pleased to announce the launch of the Cloudways Startup Program to provide comprehensive support to startups at all stages.

Cloudways Startup Program

To give the program the right foundations, we decided to involve both the industry experts and the general startup community. During the discussions, we uncovered several pressing challenges and hurdles that startups face across their life cycle.

A Bit of Background

We understand the pains and trails of a startup because we were once a bootstrapped startup ourselves. We also know that startups require help in specific areas such as mentorship and tools and services that help solve the issues that hinder their progress.

Enter Cloudways Startup Program

Cloudways Startup Program is an attempt to provide startups with the correct mix of tools, technical support, and mentorship so that they get a solid start and continued support that spell success for their business.

The Program comes with three major offerings:

  • Free cloud hosting credit so that the startups don’t have to go through the hassle of establishing themselves online and can reinvest funds in their venture.
  • Personalized Mentorship to provide the perfect blend of inspiration and business advice, so that the startups could avoid the common pitfalls and have a smooth sailing.
  • Essential Startup Toolkit from our partners, so startups can get exclusive deals for tools & services that increase the competency of doing business.

The Founders’ Notes

Bringing all this together, Aaqib Gadit, CEO and Founder of Cloudways commented, “Bootstrapping from a small basement shop to one of the fastest growing Global Managed hosting provider let us experience what it takes to bring an idea to a success, and the importance of THREE aspects i.e  Focus, Agility, and Connecting with “Been There, Done That” mentors. With Cloudways Startup program, we want to give back to the community by enabling these three aspects and much more”.

While speaking about the Cloudways Startup program, Pere Hospital, Co-founder, and Director of Cloudways said, “We have seen a plenty of startups rise and fall, and this has given us profound insights on what it takes to succeed, and more importantly, what needs to be avoided to grow. I will be more than happy if the Cloudways Startup Program can push a good number of entrepreneurs beyond the failure chasm and into a bright future.”

The Experts’ Perspective

It’s amazing that Cloudways is ready to help their users and clients to focus on stuff which matters like product development. I believe that huge program they have can be useful for almost any startup and founders can focus only on North Star metric. Amazing, keep going!” – Ruslan Nazarenko, Mentor at Startup Grind.

We’re excited to see this initiative from Cloudways and see it having an impact on early stage pre-funded founders. It’s initiatives from companies like Cloudways that move the needle in creating an ecosystem where information, resources, and affordable onboarding are abundant and lower the barrier of entry into the emerging middle class of bootstrapped founders. – Juan Felipe Campos, VP of Tech at Manos Accelerator.

Meet Our Partners

We are thankful to our excellent partners who made the startup program possible. The current list of our partners includes Viral Loops, OmniConvert, Skillshare, Wishpond, AllinOne SEO, MouseFlow, Sniply, Yoast, Lumen5, JoomDev, MainWP, UpLead, WisePops, Wave.Video, SaneBox, Quokka, Manos Accelerator, Startup Reef, 6B Labs, and Growth Hackers.

Here’s How to Join In

The eligibility criteria are fairly simple, and it is easy to get accepted into the program. Startups. whether bootstrapped, incubated, or at any stage of the funding series are encouraged to join the program and experience exceptional growth.

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Arsalan Sajid

Arsalan is a business graduate and digital marketer by profession. He works as a Startup Community Manager at Cloudways. He loves to create value for the Startup community. He is a big fan of cricket and does Netflix and chill in his free time.

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