Skip Cart Page Go Straight to Checkout Page in WooCommerce

by Owais Alam  August 22, 2017

WooCommerce developers often complain of the long process of going through several screens to see the result of their work. A common workflow is bypassing the cart pages and go straight to the checkout page. This greatly shorten the development process and allows developers and users to immediately see the result of the dev processes .

Skip Cart Page

The process of skipping cart pages and going straight to checkout page in Woocommerce start with the following step:

Go To WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Display

Skipt cart page

On this screen, uncheck the two options in the Add to cart behaviour section.

The next step of the process is to add a code snippet to the functions.php (located in the theme folder). This code snippet adds a filter that redirects straight to the checkout pages:

Once the code has been added, the click action would redirect to the checkout page. As a result the label of the button in the WooCOmmerce product should be changed from “Add to Cart” to “Go to Checkout”. For this, I will add the following filter to the functions.php:

Checkout page


The basic problem I discussed in this tutorial was the rather long series of screens that developers and often users too, wish to skip and go straight to the checkout page. The solution is very simple and involves adding code snippets to functions.php. If you need help with the solution, do leave a comment.

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