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PHP 7.2 Powered Hosting Now Available On Cloudways

Updated on December 22, 2021

2 Min Read

Cloudways is pleased to announce the availability of PHP 7.2 for all its users.

This integration comes after numerous request from all customers who wanted to leverage the power of PHP 7.2 for their apps. In fact, all major PHP frameworks including Symfony, Laravel, Codeigniter, and Yii have released new versions that take full advantage of the features offered by PHP 7.2 hosting.

After extensive testing to ensure complete compatibility of the integration with the Cloudways PHP Hosting, our engineers successfully integrated PHP 7.2. Once the integration was over, the team embarked on an extensive test program to ensure everything works perfectly.

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What About Existing Servers?

At the moment, you could launch PHP servers with one of the three versions, 5.6,7.0, and 7.1, with 7.0 being the default offering. All existing servers will continue to function with the currently selected PHP version. You can easily switch between PHP versions by going to Server > Access detail > Settings & Packages tab and select the required PHP version from the drop-down.

We highly recommend you check the compatibility of your application/website before upgrading or downgrading PHP versions. In case of issues, you could discuss the problem with our support

Upgrade To PHP 7.2

Upgrading your Cloudways server to PHP 7.2 is pretty easy. Just go to the Settings & Packages and go to the Packages tab. From the drop-down, select PHP 7.2 and hit Save button. Now, wait for few minutes as PHP 7.2 is being set up on your server.

As soon as you see the success notification, go to the SSH terminal, login with your master credentials and run the command to verify that the PHP version has been upgraded: `php -v`

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Wrapping it Up

PHP 7.2 is a major step forward for PHP community. We hope that our users will be able to utilize this integration to add more power to their apps. We invite all users to try out PHP 7.2 and share their experiences at the Cloudways Community Forum.

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Shahroze Nawaz

Shahroze is a PHP Community Manager at Cloudways - A Managed PHP Hosting Platform. Besides his work life, he loves movies and travelling.


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